Agent installed items

File tree


Hosts service configurations


Temporary, discardable files


Executables like svcmon, svcmgr


Executables to create package and optional, site-specific, release scripts (none shipped in the opensvc-provided packages)


Where the production nodes of a cluster back up their configuration. These backups are used in case of disaster recovery activation to restore some specific configurations of the production nodes.


Where executables create the lock-files used to ensure two actions can not run simultaneously on the same service.


Embedded documentation. Most importantly the service resources and node configuration reference files, documenting all possible parameters.


Python source code for the core and resource drivers.


Per-service, local, size-rotated, delay-rotated log files. All logs are also multiplexed to stdout and to the collector via xmlrpc, and optionally multiplexed to syslog.

Cron jobs

* * * * * [ -x /usr/bin/nodemgr ] && /usr/bin/nodemgr schedulers >/dev/null 2>&1

Run the node and each service schedulers. See the output of sudo nodemgr print schedule and sudo svcmgr print schedule for the list of scheduled tasks.

  • push the service status and configuration to the collector
  • push the node configuration to the collector
  • collect performance metrics
  • trigger services' internal and user-configured inter-nodes synchronizations