Service tasks

Each service embeds its own scheduling table. Some scheduled tasks are automatically configured:

  • data synchronization
  • resource information push to the collector
  • service configuration push to the collector
  • service and resource status push to the collector
  • compliance run

Other tasks can be defined by the users.

Tasks Features

  • tasks don't need to be added to the system's scheduler, thus can be provisioned along with the service
  • tasks follow the service relocations
  • tasks can can be disabled, scoped, unscheduled
  • tasks runs can be conditionned by a specific service state. Only run on the active instance of a failover for example.
  • tasks can be run manually
  • tasks can run impersonated as a specified user
  • tasks can have cron-style schedule, anacron-style, networker-style schedule definition

Typical Use-Cases

  • embed scheduled tasks in a failover service to not have to swith-over the cronjobs
  • embed complex commands as scheduled or unschedule tasks to ease and secure their use (ex: backups of dockerized databases, run a dockerized mysql client with predefinited args)

Tasks Operations

Manually run a task

All service tasks

$ sudo svcmgr -s testmd run

One specific task

$ sudo svcmgr -s testmd run --rid task#0

All tasks with the backup tag

$ sudo svcmgr -s testmd run --rid task --tags backup

Task Configuration

command = id
user = admin

The complete reference is available here.