Searching the collector

The top-right input is a search tool.

This input can be focused using the s shortcut key.

Only the first 10 matches are returned for each object type, with a count of the total number of matches.

Search Syntax

The multiple character wildcard is %.

The single character wildcard is _.

The search pattern is implicitely encased in %.

Object Type Filtering

If the searched word start with <object type>:, and the object type is supported, only candidates of the specified object type are displayed.

Example: The svc:erp search pattern only displays services matching %erp%.

Supported object types:

app:            application codes
disk:           disks
docker:         docker registries or images
chart:          report charts
form:           form
fset:           filtersets
group:          groups
ip:             ip addresses
metric:         report metrics
modset:         compliance modulesets
node:           nodes
prov:           provisioning templates
report:         reports
rset:           compliance rulesets
safe:           files in the safe store
svc:            services
user:           users
var:            compliance variable
vm:             virtual machine and container hostnames

Drill down from the search resultset

Clicking a candidate opens the object details tabs in a layered panel. From there, clicking on a tag-like object opens its details tabs. The two opened tabs are shown in a barel allowing nagivation between recently opened details tabs.

When the drill down session is over, the <esc> closes the layered panel, returning the search resulset visibility.