Agent installed items

File tree

Path Description
<OSVCETC> Hosts service configurations
<OSVCTMP> Temporary, discardable files
<OSVCBIN> Executables like svcmon, svcmgr
<OSVCBIN>/pkg Executables to create package and optional, site-specific, release scripts (none shipped in the opensvc-provided packages)
<OSVCVAR>/sync Where the production nodes of a cluster back up their configuration. These backups are used in case of disaster recovery activation to restore some specific configurations of the production nodes.
<OSVCVAR>/lock Where executables create the lock-files used to ensure two actions can not run simultaneously on the same service.
<OSVCDOC> Embedded documentation. Most importantly the service resources and node configuration reference files, documenting all possible parameters.
<OSVCLIB> Python source code for the core and resource drivers.
<OSVCLOG> Per-service, local, size-rotated, delay-rotated log files. All logs are also multiplexed to stdout and to the collector via xmlrpc, and optionally multiplexed to syslog.

Cron job

* * * * * /usr/bin/nodemgr schedulers >/dev/null 2>&1

Run the node and each service schedulers. See the output of sudo nodemgr print schedule and sudo svcmgr print schedule for the list of scheduled tasks.

  • push the service status and configuration to the collector
  • push the node configuration to the collector
  • collect performance metrics
  • trigger services' internal and user-configured inter-nodes synchronizations