2.1-1732-g05e967932 Merge pull request #649 from cgalibern/dev
2.1-1731-gc7d26c2d8 [collector] Customize collector default timers with keywords: node.db_
2.1-1730-g6708755e0 Merge pull request #648 from cvaroqui/20240417-kvm-nvram
2.1-1729-g0ba8e0aa8 Better nvram support for container.kvm
2.1-1728-g3b37c61ad Merge pull request #645 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-1725-g2ccf642f9 Allow sync.zfs to disable intermediary snapshot sending
2.1-1724-gd8aa69b72 Merge pull request #646 from cvaroqui/kvm-efi-undefine
2.1-1724-g147ff29b5 Fix use of foreign.six.text_type where foreign.six is imported as six
2.1-1723-g8c618313a Remove the lower casing of section and keywords in extconfig
2.1-1723-g3b1111518 Use “visrh undefine –nvram” to undefine a kvm with os firmware=”efi”
2.1-1722-g1f20f49cf Merge pull request #644 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-1721-g0f50d9726 Switch symconfigure array commands to symdev commands
2.1-1720-g0008a49d4 Merge pull request #643 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-1719-g1d62f9ab8 Fix a missing import in daemon/
2.1-1718-gc03a58c5e Report ordered nodes and drpnodes to the collector
2.1-1717-gf0d603dd7 Don’t call the collector “update_service” rpc for sec, cfg, ccfg, usr
2.1-1716-g8c62c0845 Merge pull request #642 from cgalibern/fix_cache_missed_unlock
2.1-1715-g7dca4ec50 [utilities/cache] Fix lock leak when called func raises
2.1-1714-g0e899b2b9 Merge pull request #641 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-1713-gca939b3a8 Fix the “ip maddr” parser used by “om node pushasset”
2.1-1712-gbe87ec50a Merge pull request #640 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-1711-ga3ad2ca69 Remove the obsoleted podman –namespace option usage
2.1-1710-g6a43f1d0b Merge pull request #639 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-1709-gb2d3ef13a Fix the os release info reported by “node pushasset” on el < 8
2.1-1708-g8cb7e7ae2 Merge pull request #638 from cgalibern/detect_nfs_stale_with_read_check
2.1-1707-gc3f3b8063 [fs] Support prov/unprov on fs resource using the “loop” option
2.1-1706-g0d8092dc1 [fs.Linux] Allow dev without /dev/loop… when loop in mnt_options
2.1-1705-g5c2c71a92 [fs] warn status log if resource has both check_read and ‘nointr’ mount option
2.1-1704-g787413ec5 [fs] Improve stale nfs detection with new kw: ‘check_read’
2.1-1703-ge309d54c8 Merge pull request #637 from cgalibern/fix_test
2.1-1702-g6036e9e37 [test] fix test_short_wait_for_app_up_when_no_checker
2.1-1701-g4456fbf44 Merge pull request #636 from cgalibern/fix_schedule_test
2.1-1700-geabdbad0d [test] fix test_ensure_delay_when_tilde_in_custom_schedule
2.1-1699-g6fc89b0ff Merge pull request #635 from cvaroqui/arbitrator-ping-conn-timeout
2.1-1698-g407276ab1 Better support lossy networks for arbitrator pings
2.1-1697-gf83b6b0c8 Merge pull request #634 from cgalibern/regression_feature_log_om_command_solaris
2.1-1696-ga88b67a2a [Solaris] drop ‘node command logger’ feature when gnu grep (ggrep) is absent
2.1-1695-gdfb2b942f [Solaris10] unexpected ‘om command’ stderr since feature: ‘node command logger’
2.1-1694-g6391b3665 Merge pull request #633 from cvaroqui/dblogcron
2.1-1687-g3b1bfdbe1 Fix agent the log line coalescing
2.1-1686-g79ef507ec Fix the rid reported to the collector svcactions
2.1-1686-g55bcc0455 Merge pull request #632 from cvaroqui/kvm
2.1-1685-g9e1696bf8 Report the rid and subset in their own svcactions columns
2.1-1684-g6d02a9f2d Obfuscate –value value in wrap-up action log
2.1-1683-g3262ae263 Fix report of daemon sid instead of the action sid
2.1-1682-g70ab5d0d6 Report the sid in action logs send to the collector
2.1-1681-gc50d4d3ad Merge pull request #631 from cvaroqui/dblogcron
2.1-1681-ga8820a606 Report to collector a wrap-up status based on the exitcode
2.1-1680-g19ff38b1a Add a dblogcron kw
2.1-1679-g20866ec21 Merge pull request #630 from arnaudveron/fix-fs-flag-doc
2.1-1678-gf0b91e5e1 Fix resource fs.flag documentation
2.1-1677-gcdfb010d5 Merge pull request #629 from arnaudveron/add-command-logger
2.1-1676-gf72943135 Add node command logger
2.1-1675-ge8ab2afbc Merge pull request #627 from cvaroqui/fix-comp-import-utilities-uri
2.1-1674-gad090000a Fix import of utilities.uri
2.1-1673-g3bec2e5d7 Merge pull request #626 from arnaudveron/fix-changed-podman-error-message
2.1-1672-gedcb0dbb7 Fix changed podman error message
2.1-1671-gc7703de5d Merge pull request #625 from cgalibern/fix-817b97660894971e18689393c6090d1a57a901c6
2.1-1670-g1b535d7ca Regression fix: not purged object is not purged after ‘purge –local’
2.1-1669-g11917cf53 Merge pull request #624 from cgalibern/fix-om-log-broken-pipe-error
2.1-1668-gaf3f97b6e Fix some BrokenPipeError during ‘om <xx> log’, ‘om node event’
2.1-1667-gf1c39635b Merge pull request #623 from cgalibern/fix_kv_store_sec
2.1-1667-g95e0a2da7 Fix a ex.Error message format in container.kvm
2.1-1666-gf5ff161c4 Rename the container kw “virtio” to “qga”
2.1-1666-g7a0b513a4 [utilities/kv_store] Don’t automatically delete expired keys
2.1-1665-gead10ec62 Add “rcp” and “rcmd” method base on qemu guest agent exec
2.1-1665-g8d264000a [utilities/kv_store] Don’t cache KvSec sec object (fix)
2.1-1664-gf04341762 Add a virtio boolean kw to container.kvm
2.1-1664-g2e67a4152 Merge pull request #622 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-1663-gb70a4be7b Don’t stop parsing mount output on first line with more than 8 fields
2.1-1662-ge4c316912 Merge pull request #621 from cvaroqui/20230626-scsipr-ack-fix
2.1-1661-gf0d8205ea Remove py 2.7 from the pytest and pylint gh workflow matrix
2.1-1660-gc1b57195a Retry clear scsi pr command on every path until one works
2.1-1659-g8fb4b4a5c Unregister each multipath path on disk_unregister()
2.1-1658-gf530bb88c Unregister the paths on stop when there is no reservation
2.1-1657-g327481aef Add missing unit attention ack and retry
2.1-1656-g35969d0d4 Merge pull request #620 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-1655-g89c7975f5 Actually implement the –verbose flag in “collector tag show”
2.1-1654-g6f3f5ec3e Fix a stack in the table render
2.1-1653-gb1e0d8a27 Rename the collector tag commandset options
2.1-1652-g78c3bc240 Collector tag management commandset enhancements
2.1-1651-gbc6776854 Merge pull request #619 from arnaudveron/add-docker-user-keyword
2.1-1650-g2b534172f Add user keyword to docker container resource
2.1-1649-gbee354c31 Merge pull request #618 from cvaroqui/enh-collector-tag
2.1-1648-g5f5afa4a1 Add information to the “collector untag” commands
2.1-1647-gde86d7f05 Add the –tag-attach-data to the “om … collector tag” commands
2.1-1646-g37254cc5c Add the dns_janitor_version reference
2.1-1645-g1e34ada45 Merge pull request #617 from cvaroqui/dns
2.1-1644-g0495879eb Fix a pylint false positive due to the queue imports
2.1-1643-gfadb532b5 Fix dns remote backend send()ing the wrong data and restore dns thread stats
2.1-1642-g95c3cc9d9 Fix a py2 compat issue with import queue
2.1-1641-g8a71ee7bf Better select()-based implementation for the pdns remote backend
2.1-1640-g3bb0e89e8 Merge branch ‘b2.1’ of into dns
2.1-1637-gddf3f8877 Fix expectional never reached in the dns ux socket server
2.1-1636-gc57cce266 Add the missing dns_sock_[gu]id definitions
2.1-1635-gdb3c47da1 Implement dns ux socket uid/gid setting via new listener.dns_sock_[gu]id kws
2.1-1635-g210b7b45b Merge pull request #616 from cgalibern/fix-om-pool-status-vg-0k
2.1-1634-g22812850f [pool/vg] Fix ‘om pool status’ compute size when free size is 0k
2.1-1634-g59fd7ddf4 Implement non-blocking pdns remote backend unix socket listener
2.1-1633-gc758e29c1 Merge pull request #615 from arnaudveron/add-http-host-header
2.1-1632-ged5599ada Add http Host header
2.1-1631-g3488ad7ac Merge pull request #613 from cgalibern/fix-merge-frozen-after-daemon-shutdown
2.1-1630-g572b52494 [daemon] Undue frozen peer instance merging on daemon startup (fix regression)
2.1-1629-gbbf73b951 Merge pull request #611 from cvaroqui/daemon-api-sec
2.1-1628-gb012864eb Remove codecov from the github workflow
2.1-1627-g9b1a399c3 Apply some obfuscation to the daemon listener responses
2.1-1626-g5ec09c698 Merge pull request #610 from cvaroqui/fix-deref-cache-key-collision
2.1-1625-gd4a2c2334 Fix node.oci evaluating as “None” instead of either docker or podman
2.1-1624-g71d392abb Merge pull request #608 from cvaroqui/btrfs
2.1-1621-g7911f21e6 Fix a wrong var name in a error code path of the sync.btrfs drv
2.1-1620-g5000901c9 Fix a string format in the btrfs utility mod
2.1-1619-ge05a85478 Delete btrfs snapshots in 20-subvol batches
2.1-1618-g3ccc9fe55 sync.btrfs resource log format tweak
2.1-1617-g698e436da Evaluate a n/a status for sync.btrfssnap on unprovisioned fs
2.1-1616-g6815b843c Fix multiple sync.btrfs resources mixing src snap dirs
2.1-1615-gc391bd4ee sync.btrfs and sync.btrfssnap fixes
2.1-1614-g06e38fb73 Fix the btrfssnap status algo for recursive=true
2.1-1613-g6dfac6edf Fix sync.btrfs snaps in .osnap/last/next instead of .osnap/last
2.1-1612-gc86d08a32 Delete all dst subvols before rm
2.1-1611-g9caf96754 Support whitespace in subvol and paths managed by sync.btrfs drvs
2.1-1610-g40696694f Implement sync.btrfssnap recursive=true
2.1-1609-g6f03dd1d0 sync.btrfs do not accumulate subvols on dst removed from src
2.1-1608-gdb2e95d36 Remove unused code from utilities.subsystems.btrfs
2.1-1607-gc109f86c8 Reorder sync.btrs commands for better readability
2.1-1607-g122087e42 Merge pull request #609 from cvaroqui/lxc-start-fix
2.1-1606-g68578c07e Implement sync.btrfs subvolumes recursion
2.1-1606-g47c122641 Fix the lxc driver start issue
2.1-1605-gff603ad53 Merge pull request #607 from sghf/b2.1
2.1-1604-g8d212ef67 Add MUS, POC, PPR and RCT to allowed env values
2.1-1603-gaf095899f Merge pull request #606 from cvaroqui/lxc-config-path-fix
2.1-1601-ga98109865 Merge pull request #604 from sghf/b2.1
2.1-1600-gf1e91d072 Fix missing variable in error message
2.1-1599-g762d665ff Merge pull request #603 from cvaroqui/drbd-on-backend-network
2.1-1597-g22b8f4b04 Merge pull request #602 from cvaroqui/20221110-hcs-selection-by-id
2.1-1594-g6d262e3d1 Merge pull request #601 from agrimal/b2.1
2.1-1593-gd14b3a4bc add support for Hitachi VSP 5000 series arrays
2.1-1593-g4b4003973 Fix the array selection kw of the pool.hcs driver
2.1-1592-gde96e8b9e add driver ip.rule
2.1-1592-gbf078bdbc Fix the hcs driver –array <id> selection
2.1-1592-g911fa5a71 Add a network kw to pool.drbd and disk.drbd
2.1-1592-g414c5dee2 Fix a case of lxc config file location set to None
2.1-1591-g7fa145988 Merge pull request #600 from cvaroqui/20221102-factorize-ssl-context
2.1-1590-g95e733c41 Set allow_none in collector/rpc, not in uri.ssl_context_kwargs()
2.1-1589-g706b01f6a Fix the utilities.uri module call of ss_context_kwargs
2.1-1588-g52f1304af Fix a pylint-detected error in the previous patch
2.1-1587-g1f46e558f Factorize the ssl kwargs (context, allow, cipher) in utilities.uri
2.1-1586-g3b02d2038 Merge pull request #599 from cvaroqui/20221025-fix-collector-rpc
2.1-1584-g84187d611 Merge pull request #598 from cvaroqui/20221024-fix-svcmon-lingering-deleted-objects
2.1-1583-gd632949d7 Fix deleted object not deleted in the svcmon watcher
2.1-1583-ga41c8a515 Fix collector rpc ssl errors
2.1-1582-g22fd8c778 Merge pull request #597 from cvaroqui/20221020-fix-ip-cni-provisioned-status
2.1-1581-g6f6725007 Fix a stack introduced by the previous patch
2.1-1580-g79da5bcfd Fix the ip.cni provisioned status
2.1-1579-g81a389027 Merge pull request #595 from cvaroqui/20221013-fix-asset-model-and-del-sym-dev
2.1-1576-gb7318f6eb Merge pull request #596 from cvaroqui/20221019-fix-pure-disk-id-mixed-case
2.1-1575-g2173c63e9 Fix the disk_id produced by the pure array storage driver on add and del
2.1-1574-g08b067aca Make sure we don’t enter an infinite retry loop on sym dev delete
2.1-1574-g5b028a5fc Merge pull request #594 from cvaroqui/20221004-fix-ha-column-on-collector
2.1-1573-gf6ebf935a Fix the model reported by pushasset
2.1-1572-gb88c125ab Merge pull request #593 from cvaroqui/20221004-fix-ha-column-on-collector
2.1-1572-g83668fd8c Fix the mpathpersist capability scanner
2.1-1571-g3aa7bd528 Fix the value of the “ha” column pushed to the collector on “push config”
2.1-1570-g9b4881f21 Merge pull request #592 from cvaroqui/20220929-fix-trigger-env
2.1-1568-g817b97660 Fix the missing OPENSVC_ env vars in task.command execs
2.1-1568-g9f89af1ab Merge pull request #591 from cvaroqui/20220929-fix-trigger-env
2.1-1567-g642bfb814 Fix OPENSVC_ env var exposed to resource triggers following a volume resource
2.1-1566-g282b6c5ba Merge pull request #589 from cvaroqui/enh-pure-drivers
2.1-1558-g213229153 Fix a py2 pylint error in the pure array driver
2.1-1557-gf1b0fcdd7 Fix pylint errors in the pure array driver
2.1-1556-gca173ea23 Make “om node pushdisks” not report devs not present in /dev
2.1-1555-gfc748d48d Add the scheduler table entry for pushhcs
2.1-1554-g788b3522f Add a serialization lock around the linux scsi scan in the disk.disk drv
2.1-1553-ga3ccb444a Don’t error a unprovision action if a pure disk fails to notifying the
2.1-1552-ga90a21053 Silence pylint error on cryptography imports in the pure array driver
2.1-1551-g96cff5121 Bump the pure api items per page to 100
2.1-1550-ga1af47de0 Fix pure array driver pylint errors
2.1-1550-g67d78d1db Merge pull request #590 from arnaudveron/fix-btrfs-snap-pattern
2.1-1549-gf4083fd38 Fix pure pool driver pylint errors
2.1-1549-gd1d2af2eb Fix btrfs snapshot matching pattern
2.1-1548-g750de4a3f Add the pure pool driver and array driver
2.1-1548-g81d10b4d3 Merge pull request #588 from cvaroqui/20220831-py-3-10-compat
2.1-1547-ge20359537 [pylint2] Ignore no-member on _create_unverified_context
2.1-1547-g9bf59f518 Add a 2s sleep after scanscsi in the disk.disk provision codepath
2.1-1546-g999b005e0 Prepare for a future py >3.10 ssl deprecation
2.1-1546-g336d37121 Add a 500ms sleep in the linux scanscsi function
2.1-1545-g94bc17db4 Allow the hcs array section name to be different than the array option value
2.1-1545-g1bb69e528 Fix the set_npn_protocols() not-implemented error on py 3.10
2.1-1544-gbcdeae248 Fix a daemon collector thread stack gathering some lxc container info
2.1-1544-g5e1403587 Fix hcs array driver stack on parallel close_session()
2.1-1543-gfe2b307d7 Merge pull request #587 from cgalibern/fix-possible-om_node_drain_failure
2.1-1542-gb7f9ee3d5 [monitor] ‘om node drain’ may fail to shutdown objects (fix)
2.1-1541-g759805b1d Merge pull request #586 from cgalibern/fix-some-corrupted-config-after-crash
2.1-1540-g74fa16f02 [extconfig] Fix ‘om <obj> set –kw …’ lost updates after os crash
2.1-1539-g85be01e04 [object,node] Fix edit config lost updates after os crash
2.1-1538-ge19f9034a [monitor] Fix fetched config lost after os crash
2.1-1537-g55f15641c Implement move_config_file: shutil.move, fsync (os crash issue)
2.1-1536-g6f5a53373 [monitor] Fix possible object config deletion while remote node is booting opensvc
2.1-1535-g9d16a49da [test] Fix false positive on test_is_exe
2.1-1534-g8da48c0d7 Merge pull request #585 from cgalibern/fix-pkg-with-pyc
2.1-1533-g8a4a15a93 [pkg] Fix undue .pyc files added to opensvc pkg
2.1-1532-g12fdd2a17 Merge pull request #581 from cgalibern/fix_cfg_sec_directories_created_out_of_place
2.1-1530-gd51c82789 Merge pull request #582 from cgalibern/diag-btrf-sync
2.1-1529-g2b9a168c8 [object builder] Fix ‘SyncBtrfssnap’ object has no attribute ‘src_subvol’
2.1-1528-g882ce1ddf [cfg-sec] Fix directories created out of place
2.1-1528-g6d94b878a [btrfs] get_subvols update log with remote node when not local command
2.1-1527-g4583b791d Merge pull request #580 from cgalibern/upstream-b2.1-sync-btrfs
2.1-1525-g2856d07ba Merge pull request #577 from cvaroqui/20220803-fix-undue-dirs-in-volumes
2.1-1523-g2e6fcecac [sync.btrfs] Fix invalid keyword converter
2.1-1522-g243e18c5c Merge pull request #574 from cvaroqui/fix-podman-network-choice
2.1-1520-gf547a9114 Merge pull request #576 from cvaroqui/20220727-rm-docker-container-by-id
2.1-1518-gb526f8c51 Merge pull request #579 from cvaroqui/20220805-enh-symm-array-drv-logs
2.1-1516-g672a0dd58 Merge pull request #578 from cvaroqui/20220805-fix-py2-lcall-logging
2.1-1516-g72dc9f0ff Prevent stack during install cfg or sec object
2.1-1515-gbe164ef9a Better symmetrix array driver logs
2.1-1515-gb896790ec Fix py2 lcall logging with non utf-8 characters
2.1-1515-g6ba00239b Delete docker container by id
2.1-1515-g0c20282aa Fix directories created out of place in the volumes from cfg and sec objs
2.1-1514-g1e87f1961 Merge pull request #573 from arnaudveron/fix-cgroup-stack
2.1-1513-gb4018d37d Fix cgroup stack
2.1-1512-gdb1baa213 Merge pull request #572 from arnaudveron/improve-mpathpersist-detection
2.1-1508-gcd720fe46 Improve mpathpersist configuration pattern detection
2.1-1508-g0e6eb7937 Merge pull request #571 from cvaroqui/fix-dequeue-actions-when-no-collector-set
2.1-1507-gcc2a22aac [pytest] Fix possible failure in assertion due to rid order on SunOS
2.1-1507-g887713fee Fix regexp to match strings without quotes
2.1-1506-gdfd41b7d1 Fix a stack in “node dequeue action” when dbopensvc is not set
2.1-1506-g966d93eb7 Improve mpathpersist configuration pattern detection
2.1-1505-g492bf557b Merge pull request #568 from cgalibern/fix-lsnr-on-ipv6-disabled-linux-host
2.1-1501-gbcad14045 Merge pull request #570 from cgalibern/fix-sg_persist_possible-register-failure
2.1-1500-g678a3bd92 [scsi reservation] Reduce ack unit attention maximum duration on a device (from 10s to 1s)
2.1-1499-gf94cec039 [scsireservation] Fix start/restart possible failures (sg_persist register-ignore)
2.1-1499-g62d15f43d [hb.unicast] Fallback hb.rx listener addr from ‘::’ to ‘’ no IPV6 support
2.1-1498-gf9ddd635c Merge pull request #569 from cgalibern/fix-regression-2.1-1491-g1d330a188-need-force
2.1-1498-gbf3786e38 Fix comm error in the –node=<node> remote action codepath
2.1-1497-g0867b49aa Fix the listener socket bind on ipv6-disabled hosts
2.1-1497-g2c97f2946 [scsireservation] fix scsi reservation regression (undue –force need) since 2.1-1491
2.1-1496-gf96cd4e22 Merge pull request #565 from cvaroqui/20220606-install-safety-net-earlier-in-prstart
2.1-1493-g7ed76c572 Merge pull request #566 from cvaroqui/fix-wait-shutdown-exiting-too-early
2.1-1492-ge65b23b93 Fix “daemon shutdown” and “node drain” (daemon stopped too early)
2.1-1492-g0639abbed Fix the misnamed var in disk.scsireserv safety() func log message
2.1-1491-g24781c4aa Fix “daemon shutdown” and “node drain” considering the svc shutdown is done
2.1-1491-g5ea3b080e Don’t choose “lo” network by default in container.podman start codepath
2.1-1491-g1d330a188 Install the prstart safety net earlier
2.1-1490-g4164f29b1 Merge pull request #562 from cvaroqui/20220601-sym-mv-error-when-no-pg
2.1-1488-gdb4cfbc2c Merge pull request #564 from opensvc/add-license-1
2.1-1487-g9fdc541b4 Report an error when no PG was specified in a masking view create command
2.1-1487-g6c25fbf69 Create LICENSE
2.1-1486-g59e02085a Merge pull request #561 from cvaroqui/20220524-deprecated-keywords
2.1-1485-g9c84ee176 Fix h2 collections import moved to circa py3.10
2.1-1484-g52b0d8155 Fix a stack on encapnodes evaluation
2.1-1483-g201c0c632 Fix “print config –eval” error on unknown DEFAULT.start_timeout keyword
2.1-1482-gef6a88dbc Remove duplicate tests from the scheduler tests file
2.1-1481-gac0f36ef3 Merge pull request #560 from cvaroqui/20220520-scheduler-doc-enhancement
2.1-1480-ga5f770ac1 Update the schedule documentation
2.1-1479-gb6501cd24 Merge pull request #559 from cgalibern/schedule-allow-dec-jan_53-2
2.1-1478-g1217f8325 [scheduler] Allow non-ordered month and week interval
2.1-1477-g8ea421c36 Merge pull request #558 from cgalibern/fix-sync#i0_warn
2.1-1476-gd9ab1a62d [test] Disable color in TestFormatCluster.test_can_be_called_without_nodes
2.1-1475-gac17a7ddd [monitor] Update agg provisioned value on freshly created services (fix sync#i0 warn status)
2.1-1474-gc9fe7e94b Merge pull request #556 from cgalibern/fix-get-confirmations
2.1-1472-g3176b67c2 Merge pull request #557 from cgalibern/fix-schedule-long-day-value
2.1-1471-gfa7ce4e5d [scheduler] Allow day interval ‘sun-fri’ for ‘sun,mon-fri’
2.1-1470-g27ae31532 [scheduler] fix invalid schedule day (when day is non abbreviated)
2.1-1470-g3b46f50ca [api] Fix possible errors during GET /object/confirmations
2.1-1469-g5d8ef3d8e Merge pull request #555 from arnaudveron/add-kvm-unprovisioner
2.1-1468-g5737a14fc Add kvm unprovisioner
2.1-1467-g192eb6109 Merge pull request #554 from cvaroqui/fix-prstart-on-slave-linux-vg
2.1-1466-g6985e443b Merge branch ‘b2.1’ of into fix-prstart-on-slave-linux-vg
2.1-1464-gbd938887a Merge pull request #553 from arnaudveron/fix-pvscan-cache
2.1-1463-g37d87b185 Fix prstart not registering pvs of new vgs on linux
2.1-1462-g846367a82 Merge pull request #552 from cvaroqui/fix-disk-crypt-subdevs
2.1-1461-gd26b0d2ae Fix doubled print of capability labels on scan
2.1-1460-g4fafae251 Merge branch ‘b2.1’ of into fix-disk-crypt-subdevs
2.1-1457-gdf1219191 Fix scsi_id capability
2.1-1457-gd041c2973 Merge pull request #551 from arnaudveron/fix-pvscan-cache
2.1-1457-g7fe5e88d0 Add pvscan fallback
2.1-1456-gf62a3f614 Fix a stack in “om node pushdisks”
2.1-1456-g37c2cea8f Remove lvmetad condition for pvscan –cache
2.1-1455-g248d35a41 Merge pull request #550 from cvaroqui/fix-sol-11-4-zoneadm-list
2.1-1454-g29b538cc5 Support sol 11.4 11th field in zoneadm list output
2.1-1453-g9feedece6 Merge pull request #549 from cvaroqui/fix-caps-logging
2.1-1452-g9e4b7df2c Remove the node.x.lvs cap label trailing whitespaces
2.1-1451-g781e3458c Fix the capabilities logging at daemon startup
2.1-1450-g1231cde49 Merge pull request #548 from arnaudveron/remove-ssh-fixed-key-size
2.1-1449-gef945611a Remove hardcoded ssh key size
2.1-1448-g8f20dbbb2 Merge pull request #547 from cvaroqui/fix-key-change-policies
2.1-1447-g1e8b98e02 [test] Add checks on cfg, sec change without value or from kw
2.1-1446-gf31f07472 Don’t return the changes list from Extconfig::set()
2.1-1445-g13c92319c Refuse to change a non existing key
2.1-1444-ge1052c1b9 Don’t error on add existing key if no –value or –from was specified
2.1-1443-gb933b194a Better key add/change logging
2.1-1442-gc363e5d61 Make extconfig set_multi() and set_mono() return the commited changes
2.1-1441-gefc72fd97 Merge pull request #546 from cvaroqui/fix-restart-with-encap-task
2.1-1440-gc5c29ddd9 Fix a stack building object with encap tasks and DEFAULT.restart set
2.1-1439-ga3cc06900 Merge pull request #542 from cvaroqui/fix-switch-with-parents
2.1-1436-gcb2a3e148 Merge pull request #544 from cvaroqui/prevent-task-restart
2.1-1435-g216b8cc5d Add sync drv family to startable drivers
2.1-1434-g9c765e360 Prevent task resource restart
2.1-1433-g5239c91d0 Merge pull request #543 from cvaroqui/no-action-error-if-dblogger-fails
2.1-1432-g94d903ec6 Don’t try end_action if the begin_action call failed
2.1-1432-g7b83dfa5d Switch orchestration enhancements
2.1-1431-gd6d9c5ee2 Don’t error an action if the end_action rpc call fails
2.1-1431-g5a25cca71 Add implicit same namespace to services in the “parents” list
2.1-1430-g715161863 Merge pull request #540 from cvaroqui/fix-parallel-set-unset-delete
2.1-1428-gbf961425d Merge pull request #539 from cvaroqui/fix-remove-key-with-uppercase
2.1-1427-g0f47baee7 Fix 2 more pylint “unbound var” warnings in extconfig
2.1-1426-g9354013be Fix a pylint false-positive case of “unbound var” in extconfig
2.1-1425-gc1eafed7a Fix the unbound var error introduced by the previous patch
2.1-1424-ga1c041d11 [test] Remove cfg or sec key with uppercases
2.1-1423-gf54b366e3 Fix remove key with uppercase
2.1-1423-g0746d5850 Fix parallel set/unset/delete keywords
2.1-1422-gb8b663cd0 Merge pull request #538 from cvaroqui/fix-double-eval-of-encap-monitored-resources
2.1-1421-g500a8eda8 Fix double eval of encap monitored resources
2.1-1420-g7ba44bdf5 Merge pull request #537 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-1418-gbcbb1ea44 Merge pull request #536 from cgalibern/site-drivers-syncable
2.1-1417-gd5fb8fa0d [sync actions] Allow drivers to implement sync_ methods for “om <svc> sync …”
2.1-1416-gf1f45707b Fix a “symdg export” error on already existing dump file
2.1-1416-g519d5f1e5 [drivers] Implement rtypes_with_attr to retrieve rtypes of loaded drivers that implement function
2.1-1415-g9a8112189 Merge pull request #535 from arnaudveron/add-opensuse-leap-support
2.1-1413-g6c6066632 Merge pull request #534 from cvaroqui/object-create-no-local
2.1-1412-g60e0c3416 Add openSUSE Leap support
2.1-1411-g7878a00e9 Merge pull request #533 from cvaroqui/allow-localtime-mount
2.1-1410-gf83ce7377 Don’t set –local on the “create” action
2.1-1410-g096cc8dcc Allow non-root cluster user to use /etc/localtime and /etc/timezone
2.1-1409-g9c45157da Merge pull request #531 from cvaroqui/luks-drv
2.1-1405-g5ae1e3afa Remove characters that would prevent a disk.crypt passphrase copy/paste
2.1-1404-g8fd5a05e3 Tweak disk.crypt keywords settings and docstrings
2.1-1403-g2bae74d62 Make loop file mod 600 for root:root on provision
2.1-1402-g7b4be1e17 Add the “manage_passphrase” disk.crypt keyword
2.1-1401-g614ce8686 Merge pull request #532 from cvaroqui/s18-fixes
2.1-1401-g0c1ceeb7e Fix linesep detection in sec and cfg key content
2.1-1400-gb59b22e0f Fix a possible stack on GET /node
2.1-1400-g65bd1de9d Add a “label” keyword to disk.crypt
2.1-1399-ga7bd2d7ab Fix the POST /object_create
2.1-1399-g5a39bf203 Add the disk.crypt driver
2.1-1398-g7dccb1e29 Merge pull request #530 from cgalibern/fix-om-node-print-caps
2.1-1397-g4da19e395 [test] Add ‘om node scan capabilities’ checks
2.1-1396-g8910b7d45 Merge pull request #529 from cgalibern/fix-om-node-print-caps
2.1-1395-g725f6e8aa Reorder node.x. capabilities declaration
2.1-1394-g1b15dba6e [Linux] Fix stack when lvs is not installed
2.1-1393-g5f9004b29 Fix regressions from ‘Support labels in capabilities’
2.1-1392-g1bf4b4f0e Merge pull request #527 from cvaroqui/fix-drvgroup-barrier-2
2.1-1390-gdb2bb1f70 Merge pull request #525 from cvaroqui/extended-caps
2.1-1389-g55bb9f4c4 Merge remote-tracking branch ‘upstream/b2.1’ into extended-caps
2.1-1386-gfe5b5fb41 Merge pull request #528 from cvaroqui/drbd-max-peers
2.1-1385-gd0c8fe15a [test] Add checks on max_peers value
2.1-1384-g57b860985 Add the max_peers kw to the drbd pool driver.
2.1-1383-gec68c9410 Change the min max_peers value from n_instances+1 to n_instances
2.1-1383-g1098b864a fix missed merge resolution
2.1-1382-g71ce1b455 Add a max_peers provisioning keyword to disk.drbd
2.1-1382-g2e2743955 Support labels in capabilities
2.1-1381-g559b5b6bb Merge pull request #524 from sghf/b2.1
2.1-1380-g1fde0c1e5 [Linux] Reduce which calls during DiskInfo.scsi_id()
2.1-1379-gdd358ab22 Add /usr/lib/udev/ in searched pathes for scsi_id
2.1-1379-ga18e60638 Fix “start –upto fs” not enforcing barrier
2.1-1378-g6eea109f7 Merge pull request #522 from cvaroqui/fix-mon-compat-19
2.1-1377-g857087a82 [test] Increase test repeat items
2.1-1376-ga68c4a15e Fix wrong recursion limit accounting (continue)
2.1-1375-g67c022856 Replace deprecated xmltree getiterator() by iter()
2.1-1374-g067703346 Fix wrong recursion limit accounting
2.1-1373-g756170ed6 Fix “om mon” renderer to handle missing flex_target information
2.1-1372-g3f215d9b8 Merge pull request #521 from cgalibern/fix-possible-lost-toc
2.1-1371-g0587bde5c [monitor] Fix possible lost toc actions
2.1-1370-g294465984 [monitor] Refactor transition_count() to reduce its cpu usage
2.1-1369-g98cb3f447 [monitor] Replace last remaining call to set_smon from outside monitor by defer_set_smon
2.1-1368-gb9617bf91 [monitor] Fix possible error when local instance is deleted
2.1-1367-gd0277da49 Merge pull request #520 from cvaroqui/fix-parallel-subset-resource-status
2.1-1365-g0735c0c8c Merge pull request #519 from cgalibern/_increase-listener-accept-queue
2.1-1364-g7a8c36d48 [scheduler] Fix possible failure during first object task launch
2.1-1363-g279ee9410 Typo on log message during push_encap_config
2.1-1362-g2271e7a24 [listener] Increase unix socket listener queue from 1 to 128
2.1-1362-g34c95b0e3 Fix wrong resource status after start for resource in a // subset
2.1-1361-gd20d00fb1 Merge pull request #518 from cvaroqui/fix-vol-wait-children-lingering-after-node-drain
2.1-1360-gbcde803e5 Fix vol “wait children” state lingering after a node drain
2.1-1359-gdd59c0091 Merge pull request #517 from cgalibern/log-scheduler-cleanup
2.1-1358-g5eab7b247 [scheduler] Log lost task exit code
2.1-1357-ge24da272c [scheduler] Cleanup tracedir on scheduler start/stop
2.1-1356-g6f96354e9 Merge pull request #516 from cgalibern/log-failed-scheduler-launch
2.1-1355-g4db60d4fd [scheduler] Detect action that have been lost (use dedicated log)
2.1-1354-g0c3f7113f [scheduler] Detect action that have been lost
2.1-1353-g0a53625c5 Merge pull request #515 from cvaroqui/scheduler-logging
2.1-1352-ge5c93bfa1 Move the scheduler logs in their own node.scheduler.log file
2.1-1351-g16cb16f50 Merge pull request #514 from arnaudveron/fix-hp3par-driver
2.1-1350-g0e1d98737 Fix HP 3PAR driver
2.1-1349-g49245985b Merge pull request #513 from cvaroqui/scheduler-fast-reconf
2.1-1347-g2ddbe03ae Merge pull request #512 from cgalibern/fix-possible-listener-error-during-reconf
2.1-1346-ge078516c9 [listener] Fix possible corruption of listener sockmap
2.1-1345-ge446017f9 Merge pull request #511 from cgalibern/cleanup
2.1-1344-g9d24792cf [push_disks] Remove used variable
2.1-1343-g07e828036 Merge pull request #510 from cgalibern/fix-remaining-test-side-effects
2.1-1342-gf56b6db12 Wake up the scheduler thread for a run_scheduler() upon obj config file change
2.1-1342-gf37cc604e [test] Cleanup some remaining tests files
2.1-1341-g226b97975 Merge pull request #509 from cvaroqui/fix-pg-regression
2.1-1340-gb1a065841 Fix a pg regression introduced by 91221a45aee9f68d45d4516c0d19eec82f405e05
2.1-1339-g30302f9ec Merge pull request #506 from cgalibern/fix-invalid-priority-value
2.1-1338-g77c7e892e [priority] Don’t detect invalid ‘DEFAULT.priority’ settings
2.1-1337-g50a2473c1 Validate config detect invalid ‘DEFAULT.priority’ settings
2.1-1336-g9f9b17359 Merge pull request #508 from cgalibern/fix-Solaris-stats_meminfo-when-no-swap
2.1-1335-g8b8d61b07 [test] Only run TestDriverShareNfsInstances when on HP-UX, Linux, SunOS
2.1-1334-gd4b49404f [lint] fix opensvc/core/node/
2.1-1333-g4ad713a5a [SunOS] Fix daemon monitor crash loop when no swap configured and invalid swap_avail value
2.1-1332-g33446a93e [lint] Fix get_tid signature
2.1-1331-g50ecb4b06 Merge pull request #505 from cgalibern/mpathpersist-vs-multipath-config-reservation-key
2.1-1330-gfd2e85d71 [capabilities] Solaris can detect disk.scsireserv.sg_persist
2.1-1329-gfe604edd5 Merge pull request #504 from cgalibern/mpathpersist-vs-multipath-config-reservation-key
2.1-1328-gd3e788c8a [lint] fix drivers/resources/disk/scsireserv/
2.1-1327-g72a01c911 [capabilities] Enable mpathpersist only when ‘reservation_key file’ in multipath config
2.1-1326-g37532c145 Merge pull request #503 from cgalibern/postinstall-cleanup-rpc-methods-cache
2.1-1325-gb9acddb79 [postinstall] Cleanup collector rpc methods cache during post install
2.1-1324-gc3ac94228 Merge pull request #502 from cgalibern/fixes
2.1-1323-g313ae82e2 [log] Improve logging during dequeue actions retries
2.1-1322-gdb6873938 Merge pull request #497 from arnaudveron/fix-base64-encodestring
2.1-1321-g17855000c [lint] utilities.string
2.1-1320-ge67130f5f Fix base64 encodestring error during register
2.1-1319-g83b500403 Merge pull request #501 from cgalibern/fix-regression-on-2.1-1285
2.1-1317-g06193a203 Merge pull request #499 from cvaroqui/abort-or-force-unmet-hard-affinity
2.1-1313-g8aa504dc3 Merge pull request #498 from cvaroqui/deb11-fixes
2.1-1312-gf90cfb6cb Fix soft-[anti-]affinity orchestration
2.1-1312-g7f870e816 [monitor] fix regression in ‘om <svc> clear’ since ‘2.1-1285-gd33fee0cb’
2.1-1311-g3094614dd Merge pull request #500 from cgalibern/use-collector_update_action_queue_v2
2.1-1311-g15ca87866 Fix hard_anti_affinity orchestration in the daemon
2.1-1310-gd6176b647 Add retries during fetch list of queued actions (fix lost action from action queue)
2.1-1310-g065749627 Abort CRM start actions on svc with unmet hard affinities
2.1-1310-g91221a45a Support cgroup fs head path on distros where unified is default
2.1-1309-gcb1c03a81 Merge pull request #496 from cgalibern/add-logs
2.1-1308-g9d98a1f1e [listener] Log ‘om dequeue actions’ calls
2.1-1307-gbceb75f61 [log] Fix Solaris addr log during Handlers set smon changes
2.1-1306-g8745c00d4 ‘om node dequeue actions’ log warning when unable to fetch actions scheduled by the collector
2.1-1305-g1336cc45e ‘om node dequeue actions’ log dequeue action calls
2.1-1304-gd9753b46c Handlers add details about user origin when they ask for set smon changes
2.1-1303-gcd78593af Merge pull request #495 from cvaroqui/fix-edit-config-py2
2.1-1302-g5fbcfb398 Fix edit config on py2
2.1-1301-ge982ebfaa Merge pull request #494 from cgalibern/fix-om-format-compact
2.1-1300-gc11f9ff11 ‘om mon’ shows 2 daemon Threads entries (fix)
2.1-1299-g034525a72 Fix ‘om mon –format compact’ stack
2.1-1298-g1d1d09868 Merge pull request #493
2.1-1297-g98a2c509e Fix resources presync not executed on “sync –rid <sync rids>” actions
2.1-1296-gc2a7bfe14 Merge pull request #490 from cgalibern/fixes-2021-11-10
2.1-1295-g7e9082931 Fix a pylint false-positive error in the container.docker driver
2.1-1294-gcc67dbc1d Adjust the rpc proxy socket timeout for large pushdisks datasets
2.1-1293-g73bedc240 Fix the hcs array driver retry loop for async requests
2.1-1292-g6da53227d Fix the sync#i0 default values for the schedule and sync_max_delay keywords
2.1-1291-g0ab71e966 Fix the ip.netns “mode” keyword example in docs
2.1-1290-g56a7cafca Fix docker daemon alive test for recent docker versions
2.1-1289-g128bdc065 Merge pull request #491 from arnaudveron/fix-collector-purge
2.1-1287-g004c46dbe Merge pull request #489 from cgalibern/b2.1-fixes-2
2.1-1286-g38218eea3 [env] Pep8 and lint
2.1-1285-gd33fee0cb [api] Serialize listener handlers set_smon changes
2.1-1284-g86684c020 [SunOS] Change /var/tmp/opensvc to /var/lib/opensvc/tmp (conflict with /system/filesystem/minimal)
2.1-1283-gf2060f0ef Fix om <svc> push config
2.1-1283-g5c7cf41c8 Ensure purge tag is present when daemon_status is updated
2.1-1282-gf5adfbdf8 Merge pull request #487 from cgalibern/fix-invalid-purge-global-expect-during-collector-call
2.1-1281-gde2f6b9d7 Fix unattended loose of global expect during send config or containerinfo
2.1-1280-g42c8e425e [collector.rpc] Lint PEP8
2.1-1279-g2c1173f50 [collector.rpc] Lint variable before assignment
2.1-1278-g7f1f46a7f [collector.rpc] Lint
2.1-1277-g1ae0ca6f8 [collector.rpc] Cleanup dup ‘import json’
2.1-1276-g687557e54 [collector.rpc] Skip push config and push status when object is encap
2.1-1275-g505168f2b [drivers.sync] Fix false possible alerts (increase default sync_max_delay to 1d3h)
2.1-1274-g5c8634a91 [monitor] Accept to forget peer data from stale nodes in init state
2.1-1273-gb0ef45844 [scheduler] Allow run_scheduler when no cluster.conf exists
2.1-1272-g138ce3445 Merge pull request #483 from cgalibern/regression-hb-disk-2.1-1235-g6bba973b7
2.1-1271-g3e09c6be1 [hb.disk] Linux hb.disk may be incorrectly disabled (regression in 2.1-1235-g6bba973b7)
2.1-1270-ga1e7eb251 Merge pull request #481 from cgalibern/log-wich-object-does-not-exist-during-post-object-monitor
2.1-1269-gb777f26ea [scheduler] Log when run_scheduler is suspended because of absent /etc/opensvc/cluster.conf
2.1-1268-g53e764bf6 [podman] Fix possible container invalid status, stop failure
2.1-1267-g3fd32c953 POST object_monitor tels which object does not exist (if any)
2.1-1266-gccd488370 Merge pull request #480 from cgalibern/fix-share-nfs-sunos
2.1-1265-gba0733bee [share.nfs] Fix share.nfs status on Solaris
2.1-1264-g6a14a3ec5 Merge pull request #476 from cgalibern/monitor-status-change-idle-ready-idle-loop-when-avail-is-warn
2.1-1263-g430a1077b [monitor] Avoid monitor status idle->ready->idle loop when deploy up everywhere object
2.1-1262-gabcdeff57 Merge pull request #479 from cgalibern/fix-regression-in-2.1-1258
2.1-1261-ged8835415 [Linux] oom_score_adj ignore OSError when decrease value
2.1-1260-gf61136e5d Merge pull request #478 from cgalibern/fix-regression-in-2.1-1258
2.1-1259-ga9bfc0850 [Linux] oom_score_adj fail when user=, or group= is used
2.1-1258-g40bd10e95 Merge pull request #477 from cgalibern/hcs-KART30008-E
2.1-1257-gafeb1de48 Increase timeout during –wait (from 11 to 20)
2.1-1256-gd1e390740 [Linux] Fix oom_score_adj value for forked daemon forked processes
2.1-1255-g59ad993ee [test] Fix invalid os sysname mock
2.1-1254-gc3f609e10 [array.hcs] Update RETRYABLE_LOCK_ERROR_MSG_IDS with KART30008-E
2.1-1253-g8c395af43 Merge pull request #475 from cgalibern/global_expect_unset_after_conf_consensus
2.1-1252-g07d2f638a [monitor] Move log “has not yet config consensus” to debug level
2.1-1251-gfb03f773c [monitor] Fix possible provision failure on freshly created services
2.1-1250-g010ecb74a Merge pull request #472 from cgalibern/b2.1
2.1-1249-g56f6f6647 [log] Change log level message from debug to info when delete daemon status info during update_node_data
2.1-1248-gfb2a08fbe Merge pull request #470 from cgalibern/Fix_undue_retry_counts_reset_for_all_instances_expect_the_one_updating_its_count
2.1-1247-g32b23dd8b [test] Ensure no undue retry counts reset for all instances expect the one updating its count
2.1-1246-g5cc6af86b Fix undue retry counts reset for all instances expect the one updating its count
2.1-1245-g22ca72ba2 Merge pull request #468 from cgalibern/disable-collector-xmlrpc-when-no-collector-config
2.1-1244-g98cab496f [daemon] Improve daemon stop time duration (collector thread will exit earlier) Now when collector thread has been marked for stop,
2.1-1243-gd7d48c778 Merge pull request #467 from cgalibern/disable-collector-xmlrpc-when-no-collector-config
2.1-1242-g31b4e2fbf Align default timeout for daemon_collector_xmlrpc to DEFAULT_DAEMON_TIMEOUT
2.1-1241-g575bc2f3d Don’t try to log action in collector when collector config is absent set
2.1-1240-g4c16ef371 Merge pull request #466 from cgalibern/fix-node-update-ssh-when-no-keys
2.1-1238-g2034bc29b Merge pull request #465 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-1237-g1e5ffd063 Fix a log message in the daemon split handler
2.1-1236-g4add1911e Fix “pg update” on lxc
2.1-1235-g6bba973b7 Refuse to configure a hb.disk with dev=/dev/dm-
2.1-1234-gd55ce635a Don’t use duplog() for the split handler logs
2.1-1234-g8cf72efd8 Fix ‘om node update ssh authorized keys’ message when no keys
2.1-1233-g393a7da81 Merge pull request #464 from cgalibern/fix-sync-symsrdf-for-se-8
2.1-1230-ge53195673 [syncsrdf] Fix possible failure during promote_devs_rw (various sym dev_name length)
2.1-1230-g8866c0779 Merge pull request #461 from cgalibern/fix-opensvc-daemon-status-key
2.1-1229-gc6fb6d138 [test] Add assertion tests for SyncSymsrdfs.list_pd() results
2.1-1229-ga70e6f532 Update daemon status json with {“daemon”: {“status”: “running”}}
2.1-1228-gd00855750 Merge pull request #462 from cgalibern/fix-provision-mon-output
2.1-1227-g21bc5f2ca ‘om mon’ now highlight ‘mixed’ provisioned state in yellow
2.1-1226-g6277a18d0 ‘om <path> print status’ now highlight ‘mixed’ provisioned state
2.1-1225-gf124e75e6 Merge pull request #463 from cgalibern/fix-pytest-timeout
2.1-1224-g7216510fe [test] Use pytest-timeout==1.4.2 for python2
2.1-1223-gc3f0cf3eb Merge pull request #459 from cgalibern/need-stop-collector-when-missing-settings
2.1-1222-g24401ccae [collector] Don’t start collector thread if no node.uuid
2.1-1221-gcff414ceb Merge pull request #458 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-1220-g8ff74caa3 Avoid repeating push-to-collector errlogs
2.1-1219-g18c8bcc96 Merge pull request #457 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-1218-g6453c09ba Fix the drbd over vg usage algo
2.1-1217-g2d999a32a Merge pull request #454 from cgalibern/b2.1
2.1-1210-g4af59a28a Revert “Fix some six lint warning on”
2.1-1209-gebd3ef3fa Revert “[test] Assert Traceback during daemon restart checks”
2.1-1209-gb862d3ee7 Merge pull request #455 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-1208-g953a6bd69 Fix some six lint warning on
2.1-1207-ge657f6d5b Refactor node imports
2.1-1206-g431bd9a92 Improve log when errors during ‘om daemon stats’
2.1-1206-g0144a5116 Revert the bogus fragment of the support patch
2.1-1205-gc32f39eee Merge pull request #456 from cgalibern/fix-md-provision-confirmation
2.1-1205-g63d9b8765 [test] Add ‘om daemon stats’ check
2.1-1205-g9bca540c2 Support network#<id>.network=none to disable a backend network
2.1-1204-g92d2af09c [md] Provisioner update mdadm create command with ‘–run’
2.1-1204-g9a97df921 [test] Assert Traceback during daemon restart checks
2.1-1204-g0c00b87b9 Fix a stack on disk.scsireserv stop when a mpath has no paths
2.1-1203-gc85ab9eac Merge pull request #453 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-1202-g7ead7e5cf Support Cryptodome as pycrypto alternative
2.1-1201-gb28903521 Merge pull request #451 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-1199-gc2c4786cf Merge pull request #452 from cgalibern/b2.1
2.1-1198-g419254602 Fix the completion file make program
2.1-1198-g3d6ab95b6 [monitor] Ignore absent nodes when trying to ‘unset’ global expect thawed/frozen
2.1-1197-gac9eddf78 Merge pull request #449 from cgalibern/b2.1
2.1-1196-g6aa922248 [monitor] Thread may crash during set_nmon_g_expect_from_status (fix)
2.1-1195-gf7776dca4 [lock] Create lockdir may fail
2.1-1194-gd69180a9f [daemon] Monitor may crash during merge after node deleted
2.1-1193-gefb69a266 Merge pull request #450 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-1192-g6efe3debc Fix a stack in the “om mon –section nodes” codepath
2.1-1191-g9f85e3d10 Merge pull request #448 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-1188-gc7226f4c9 Merge pull request #446 from cgalibern/b2.1
2.1-1187-g457463157 [api] Bump api version to 7 for .restart.rid data
2.1-1186-g61fd00059 [monitor] Allow “restart_delay” keyword on standby resources
2.1-1185-gadae0fe7f Propagate “restart_delay” encap resource
2.1-1184-gd8ddec343 Propagate “restart_delay” to ‘pr’ scsireserv co-resource
2.1-1183-g0ae483604 Update resource info with “restart_delay”
2.1-1182-g7dfc15951 Update service renderer for new “restart” daemon data
2.1-1181-gd39c80f3d Implement kw ‘restart_delay’ (minimum delay between 2 restarts of a resource)
2.1-1181-g930dfb4ba Add a hcs array driver retry condition for ldev add request
2.1-1180-gf843965e4 [test] Ensure monitor restart failed rid when rid define restart kw
2.1-1180-g28444adb6 Implement a “multipath -f” retry loop
2.1-1179-gb21d23983 Merge pull request #445 from cgalibern/b2.1
2.1-1178-g1da22f60f GET /daemon_status may fail during join/init (fix)
2.1-1177-g54f2b3a4c Merge pull request #444 from cgalibern/b2.1-alternate
2.1-1176-g7c1d4363d [monitor] Use most recent node global_expect value (fix unreachable consensus)
2.1-1175-g3aeb8a032 Update log message when thawed or frozen global_expect is reached
2.1-1174-ga2b042f78 set_nmon don’t need to update global_expect_updated when no global_expect changes
2.1-1173-g4ba74c7dd Merge pull request #440 from cgalibern/fix-daemon-shutdown-duration
2.1-1171-g285c9680c Merge pull request #441 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-1168-ge24706964 Don’t break the hcs request retry loop on retryable errors
2.1-1167-gcde327598 Fix hb.disk behaviour when the device node disappears
2.1-1166-ga48dfc506 Merge pull request #442 from arnaudveron/update-systemd-unit
2.1-1166-g14ed335fe Avoid setting the lxc custom cappings before the cgroups hierarchy cleanup-reset
2.1-1165-g69644562e Improve duration of daemon stop
2.1-1165-g3c072ad69 Update systemd unit file
2.1-1165-g0a96b8ec1 Add logging to the clone_children setting
2.1-1164-gcc08b748f Merge pull request #438 from cgalibern/b2.1
2.1-1163-gb99c89a2d [GET /events] Don’t log traceback on OSError (for python2)
2.1-1162-g3881f786f Listener client high cpu usage on invalid tls, or early closed connection (fix)
2.1-1161-gf8b9288d3 Revert “Add delay after listener client ECONNRESET”
2.1-1160-ga22639c3e [GET /events] Don’t log traceback on BrokenPipeError and BlockingIOError
2.1-1159-gb4c7279de [listener_local] Log progress during sendall errors
2.1-1158-g0703431d1 Merge pull request #437 from cgalibern/b2.1
2.1-1157-gff97295d4 [test] Fix mutex test !
2.1-1156-g7837fe260 Daemon hb may stay in full message mode after node removed from cluster (fix)
2.1-1155-ga85b4e339 Delay retry sock_recv when SSL_ERROR_WANT_READ
2.1-1154-g86fe4d47b [test] Increase delay for slow CI
2.1-1153-g90565d397 Add delay after listener client ECONNRESET
2.1-1152-gbc64940d7 Only define daemon.ident when threading.get_ident is available
2.1-1151-gd8afb49b0 [test] Fix mutex test
2.1-1150-gdfed3d435 Fix ‘om daemon mutex status’ log view for Solaris
2.1-1149-g518695dbd [cli] Allow stop listener client session (‘om daemon stop –session-id xxx’)
2.1-1148-gcfedc7866 [API] POST /daemon_stop can now use ‘session_id’ option to stop a listener client
2.1-1147-g9811011fa define ClientHandler sid attribute during __init__
2.1-1146-g03bbb54e2 Add listener.stats.sessions.alive.<session>.ident.<thread-ident> key
2.1-1145-g8a3658e03 Add thread ident key to thread status
2.1-1144-gc73c61a89 Implement ‘om daemon mutex status’ to retrieve daemon thread mutex
2.1-1143-gbf23ce038 Implement GET /daemon_mutex to retrieve thread mutexes
2.1-1142-g595baef64 Implement daemon_mutex_status(log=None)
2.1-1141-g75de85143 [h2_router] Update stats sessions alive progress when not served by handlers
2.1-1140-g83f729c0e Merge pull request #435 from cgalibern/b2.1
2.1-1139-ge98796413 Update validate name to accept foo.1bar RFC952 & RFC1123
2.1-1138-gb9d8852d8 Merge pull request #436 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-1137-g2bdf72c37 Support the lxc path=zfs:tank/ds1 notation (no leading /)
2.1-1136-ga56070864 Merge branch ‘b2.1’ of into b2.1
2.1-1133-g5c0ff81e2 Add the “name” parameter to GET /pools
2.1-1132-ge7f98b3c1 Save an api call in the GET /pools handler
2.1-1132-g1197f0cc4 Merge pull request #434 from cgalibern/b2.1
2.1-1131-gf2a362e5d Don’t preserve instance status if deleted (daemon init stage)
2.1-1131-g81d0bcab2 Use a thread pool executor instead of multiprocessing in pool_status_data()
2.1-1130-g241529b2a Merge pull request #433 from cgalibern/b2.1
2.1-1129-gb22e26738 [cache] Add ttl to cache decorator
2.1-1128-g0b9d34169 Merge pull request #432 from cgalibern/b2.1
2.1-1127-g97e11eb0f [test] Check start app exit code is 0 when start cmd succeed
2.1-1126-g16885ed7b [test] Add non regression check on app resource start when no checker
2.1-1125-g6c01c6c9f Merge pull request #431 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-1124-gec2ce5e0b Fix a scheduler stack
2.1-1123-g0ffbe2e5f Merge branch ‘b2.1’ of into b2.1
2.1-1121-g51d9aa25e Merge pull request #430 from cgalibern/b2.1
2.1-1120-g20f3f1966 fix use of the start_timeout keyword in the app resource drivers (when no checker)
2.1-1120-g5d5ca20d0 Fix a stack in the line device() codepath
2.1-1119-g359949f4c Merge pull request #429 from cgalibern/b2.1
2.1-1118-g7db1fd971 Allow wait_for_fn calls with small delay
2.1-1117-g4a91ad4a4 Merge pull request #427 from cgalibern/b2.1
2.1-1115-g5bfab64ce [cache] Extend cache decorator for named cache
2.1-1115-g4fb3a40e9 Merge pull request #426 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-1114-gf70898edd print schedule show ‘-‘ for None [next|last]_run values (fix)
2.1-1113-g2ad9f7421 Remove an undue status log warning in the driver
2.1-1112-gbd5eb6c30 Fix a scheduler last cache file user expecting a datetime
2.1-1111-gac7a28521 Add the GET /schedules api handler
2.1-1110-ga83c3b30c Merge pull request #425 from cgalibern/b2.1
2.1-1109-gfc439af50 [monitor] Fix monitor crash (after hb::delete_peer_data]
2.1-1108-gdac5cd550 [api] fix ‘GET /sync’ stack during hb::delete_peer_data
2.1-1107-gc8b3e74f6 [hb] Fix hb stack during get_message() “dictionary changed size during iteration”
2.1-1106-g00aee5f74 [daemon] Fix infinite full<->patch heartbeat message after monitor thread crashed
2.1-1105-g72e478ba8 Refactor naming of LOCAL_GEN_MERGED_ON_PEER & PEER_GEN_MERGED
2.1-1104-g323aae225 Merge pull request #422 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-1103-gf786c8dab Fix a stack on daemon shutdown when updating the state of a thread dropped data branch
2.1-1102-g46de96be4 Merge pull request #421 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-1101-g0145b8702 Fix a postinstall stack on older python
2.1-1100-g82837f68c Merge pull request #420 from arnaudveron/fix-relay-timeout
2.1-1099-g31ea15687 Fix send/receive timeout on hb relay socket
2.1-1098-gcae0eb3c7 Merge pull request #418 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-1097-gb8bbf6de9 Update daemon thread_data state to “terminated” or “stopped” during exit
2.1-1096-g6c6809204 Merge branch ‘b2.1’ of into b2.1
2.1-1094-gde8929e7a Merge pull request #417 from sghf/b2.1
2.1-1093-gb0c09262b HP DL380 G10 serial detection
2.1-1092-gf586c7336 Merge pull request #416 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-1092-gc887192c2 Fix a pylint error in the rpc method cache dump codepath
2.1-1091-g458299eef Merge branch ‘b2.1’ of into b2.1
2.1-1089-g12c35f56b Avoid doing on listMethods call per rpc call
2.1-1088-ga2630beea Set a randomized default schedule to node “compliance auto” task
2.1-1087-g85989fc03 Fix the “node updatecomp” command
2.1-1087-g519c488d8 Merge pull request #415 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-1086-g9bbdab594 Merge branch ‘b2.1’ of into b2.1
2.1-1084-gc6808cf75 Merge pull request #414 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-1084-g6937a8f8b Fix postinstall stack when duplicate section are found on node.conf read
2.1-1083-g7ef428aa9 Fix the “tar” compliance object on py3
2.1-1082-gf064ea97a Merge pull request #413 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-1081-g47b9afaec [test] Update scheduler test (drop invalid schedule definitions from data)
2.1-1080-gf53857879 Fix a sanity check in comm parse_result()
2.1-1079-ged323774c Restore the exception raised on invalid schedule
2.1-1078-g9cd698584 Restore command options unduly removed
2.1-1077-g916cfb317 Fix the b64 encoding of the user/pwd in the comp lib
2.1-1076-g0a76f9314 Merge branch ‘b2.1’ of into b2.1
2.1-1070-ge40cd5058 Avoid breaking all scheduler data build on error on a single schedule
2.1-1070-gc2f6d07e1 [test] Use –local on print schedule delay related checks
2.1-1069-g3eadde0ec Fix a stack on sync action when no fs resource is found to handle the snap
2.1-1069-g1c8123591 [test] Verify delay on some node default action schedule
2.1-1068-gebe452153 Merge branch ‘b2.1’ of into b2.1
2.1-1068-gcc1b05fdc [test] Verify next_run is fixed when not a ~ schedule
2.1-1067-g9743bac9c [test] Verify next_run is random when ~ schedule
2.1-1066-gd8a0b3902 [test] Add probabilistic schedule
2.1-1065-ge7616130f Merge pull request #412 from arnaudveron/fix-container-img-resolution
2.1-1065-gc924c4c70 Fix the probabilistic schedules behaviour
2.1-1064-gcb1bae565 Fix a stack in logging when multiple [syslog] sections are defined
2.1-1064-ga13a49dd2 Fix container image resolution function
2.1-1063-g92951ff20 Merge pull request #411
2.1-1062-g43561c4be Fix object config not sent by the collector thread on create
2.1-1061-ga0807bf0e Merge pull request #409 from cgalibern/b2.1
2.1-1060-g39fdada95 Fix stack during shutdown daemon (#fabd94581b415c382dbf2a8b30142ddf58bf7e5a)
2.1-1059-ge5a4ec517 Fix some app ‘text’
2.1-1058-g58bbd98f8 Merge pull request #408 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-1057-g8092b2f86 Fix disk.raw driver reporting a undue warnlog when devs is a glob pattern
2.1-1056-gfb0e2b6c8 Merge branch ‘b2.1’ of into b2.1
2.1-1054-g27cec604e Merge pull request #410 from arnaudveron/fix-lvm-lv-autoactivation
2.1-1053-ga05ce17d6 Take care of the lxc.payload. cgroup when setting caps
2.1-1053-g35f0a655c Add boot method for linux lv
2.1-1052-g86769de40 Merge pull request #407 from cgalibern/b2.1
2.1-1051-g3007ed9f2 Automatically refresh status on local node during non ‘svc’ kind object creation
2.1-1050-g76f1f2044 Merge pull request #404 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-1049-g118dbcc6f Fix miss named fonction since add ipv6 support to the drbd driver provisioner
2.1-1048-g87d3e4a77 Fix port format since add ipv6 support to the drbd driver provisioner
2.1-1047-g3b051430f [test] Update test since add ipv6 support to the drbd driver provisioner
2.1-1046-g1106bb456 Add ipv6 support to the drbd driver provisioner
2.1-1045-g71cb0facb Fix a stack in “om net setup” in the new conflicting tunnel detection code
2.1-1044-gfc0c5a3c9 Merge branch ‘b2.1’ of into b2.1
2.1-1039-g65f2469e2 Fix the provisioned aggregation algo wrt instances in provisioned=None state
2.1-1038-g42c2271f5 Use the EBADF var name instead of its numeric value in the listener code
2.1-1037-g91ba7d4ae Fix a stack in the app resource driver when the start_timeout is not set
2.1-1036-ga589a14ae Add routed_bridge tunnel support for ipv6
2.1-1035-g4056e6447 Use the start_timeout keyword in the app resource drivers
2.1-1034-g34d7206b7 Use getres[ug]id() instead of set[ug]id() in the app resource driver demotion
2.1-1033-g3549cdecb Fix the max_parallel pytest failure
2.1-1032-gb1404c7f9 Merge pull request #405 from cgalibern/b2.1
2.1-1032-g7a8e1bcb0 Fix misleading error message when using “enter” on a svc with no container
2.1-1031-gcc7de66c5 [pool freenas] protect delete_disk with lock
2.1-1031-g81eeafe8c Catch another sock.connect() error requiring cleaning up the sock
2.1-1030-gf56d3fc7a Fix provisioning unresolved reference on defer volume exposed_devs
2.1-1030-g40f7ee08c Fix the monitor thread max_parallel off-by-one enforcement
2.1-1029-gd54472ee5 Update freenas pool driver capabilities with ‘rox’ and ‘rwx’
2.1-1029-g786354ff2 Add the rwx, rox capabilities to the hcs pool driver
2.1-1028-g40ed2fe7e Merge pull request #403 from arnaudveron/fix-tunnel-routing
2.1-1027-g4ed30f5a2 Fix ip route command used in tunnel setup
2.1-1026-gf502e2ebb Merge pull request #389
2.1-1025-gc340afea5 Merge remote-tracking branch ‘upstream/b2.1’ into journaled_data
2.1-1018-gdd3e94c8e Merge remote-tracking branch ‘upstream/b2.1’ into journaled_data
2.1-1015-gb0b332819 Merge remote-tracking branch ‘upstream/b2.1’ into journaled_data
2.1-1012-ga1085e3f0 Fix stop error on service fs resource when zone is not present
2.1-1011-g65fb6d9c3 Merge remote-tracking branch ‘upstream/b2.1’ into journaled_data
2.1-1005-g6be7b4ad8 Merge remote-tracking branch ‘upstream/b2.1’ into journaled_data
2.1-1002-g34f88b74d Get daemon_status now remove non updated gens from its result
2.1-1001-ge83e4986e Merge remote-tracking branch ‘upstream/b2.1’ into journaled_data
2.1-997-g6808da80c Hb only update peers beating value when value is changed
2.1-996-g8a5e3628b Disable pg during crm command inside docker or podman
2.1-995-gd240f3b24 Merge remote-tracking branch ‘upstream/b2.1’ into journaled_data
2.1-992-gfabd94581 Fix om daemon restart infinite loop
2.1-991-gc5e030597 [lint] remove function-redefined
2.1-990-ge690f2c57 Remove re-computed svc value during do_svcs_action_parallel()
2.1-989-g2fa56598e Fix invalid function name during abort_start
2.1-988-gc2176ce71 Merge remote-tracking branch ‘upstream/b2.1’ into journaled_data
2.1-980-g627af3a2b Rollback use concurrent_futures in parallel execution of pool_status() methods
2.1-979-g549ba8a11 Revert use concurrent.futures for subset action parallelization
2.1-978-gdb52084d6 Revert use concurrent.futures for abort_start() methods parallelization
2.1-977-gc13ff62dd Revert use of concurrent.futures for –parallel CRM action
2.1-976-g065ada060 Add helper to set process title
2.1-975-g6adf48033 Update proctitle during service_action_worker
2.1-974-gf1e4280d0 Remove remaining multiprocessing
2.1-973-g53e1f04d3 [test] Fix orchestrator test
2.1-972-g6942ee3dc Revert use of multiprocess on scheduler tasks
2.1-971-gcc66714fd Revert tests since Revert “Make the monitor thread use the same forkserver as the scheduler to post actions”
2.1-970-gb7d4a18bd Revert “Make the monitor thread use the same forkserver as the scheduler to post actions”
2.1-969-g87660523b Fix om command when ‘export VAR=’ is not possible
2.1-968-gf16321bbd Rollback use of forkserver on scheduler and monitor
2.1-967-gfdc6652be Merge remote-tracking branch ‘upstream/b2.1’ into journaled_data
2.1-961-g1efd52da9 Merge pull request #29 from cgalibern/journaled_data
2.1-960-g211641c83 Fix invalid exception on python2 during forkserver
2.1-959-gde8125a70 Merge pull request #28 from cgalibern/journaled_data
2.1-958-g1e3122a4b Merge remote-tracking branch ‘upstream/b2.1’ into journaled_data
2.1-955-gdee5c4bfe Lost log on Solaris after: “om daemon restart –node ‘’”
2.1-954-gfcdebc8ec Daemon started during Solaris pkgadd postinstall can’t use forkserver (fix)
2.1-953-g924bfc382 Remove unused import during postinstall
2.1-952-gf53432ade Fix error on encap commands launched from forkserver_action
2.1-951-gac5f1829d Fix collect error on Solaris
2.1-950-g18bae3d3d Merge branch ‘b2.1’ into journaled_data
2.1-887-g14c2f6a64 Merge pull request #27 from cgalibern/journaled_data
2.1-886-g5e1d7d990 Fix possible failure during POST object_create with provision
2.1-885-g016c69afa PEP8 POST object_create
2.1-884-g9ed73fb2c POST object_monitor now reports errors when it does nothing
2.1-883-g44583b510 Create new service may not respect ‘–provision’ (fix)
2.1-882-g4869bffa5 janitor proc treat failed forkserver start() as cmd errors (fix)
2.1-881-g09041b05a Ensure forkserver_action ends with sys.exit
2.1-880-g7a6fbb2a4 [test] improve test_orchestrator_start duration
2.1-879-g16ff6d67e Ensure monitor does not stay in init state during boot
2.1-878-gb2a2cc393 Fix stack during ‘om system/usr/username keys’
2.1-877-g0789084d5 [test] Use container type oci instead of docker
2.1-876-gb5d6280d6 Update message during container_rm when docker executable is not found
2.1-875-g39c58342b Fix print dev & exposed_devs on Solaris loop
2.1-874-g50fba4366 [test] Ensure zfs on volume exposed_devs succeed
2.1-873-g1b61ca16c Fix provision failure (when volume#xx.exposed_devs refer a pending volume#xx)
2.1-872-g6b4084187 Fix a stack on non-leader provision in ip.route resource
2.1-871-g4aa8e4dfa Fix the “restart –rid ip” stopping but not starting ip.netns resources
2.1-870-g98797c24d Fix an uncatched exception in ip.route status evaluation
2.1-869-gb8f7faaed Rollback the static route implementation via a DataResource, add a ip.route drv
2.1-868-g91bea1966 [test] Check ip host linux (stop)
2.1-867-gfc35d6b7a [test] Check ip host linux (alias=true or false)
2.1-866-ga577a823d [test] Check monitor render add “#” to instance flags on “drp instances
2.1-865-gadc902f46 [test] Add checks on non for macvtap on ip host linux
2.1-864-g392225f94 [test] Add checks on for macvtap on ip host linux (when ipdev = name@dev)
2.1-863-gcb39cc524 Avoid dropping object configs on nodes having a drp instance
2.1-862-gca7f4c5e8 Render the drp instances using a “#” in the instance flags area of “om mon”
2.1-861-gf4ea51f34 Add support for static routes installation in the ip.netns driver
2.1-860-g9c3acdb5b Use the “mode bridge” for macvtap
2.1-859-g419be37d1 [test] fix missed readouterr().err
2.1-858-g2ff145e2a Fix error during validate_env_references
2.1-857-ge26b847da [test] Ensure create, or set service with invalid keyword is refused
2.1-856-gac9a55e15 Avoid reporting “interface not found” on macvtap ip resources
2.1-855-g331286742 Fixes for macvtap ip resources
2.1-854-g218986dc6 Fix the ipdev spliting in ip resources init
2.1-853-g5b10a3aef Fix validate config missed errors, when recursion is detected, add tests
2.1-852-g8ebbfd197 Fix the reference recursion detection method
2.1-851-g914c17075 Add support for fixed ip interface names on linux
2.1-850-gc894c07b6 Support ipdev=eth0:my_forced_alias in resources with alias=true
2.1-849-ge725397e9 Fix a the recursion detection breaking the{unresoled} return value
2.1-848-gbb048caf5 Implement recursion protection in extconfig
2.1-847-g8fe51d4d9 Remove a debug traceback stack print on obj config syntax errors
2.1-846-g2b0523f23 During daemon join, node.env may be removed from node.conf (fix)
2.1-845-gab9672128 Fix a “zfs destroy” failed on “busy” zvol just after drbd unprov
2.1-844-gc9e38e3bb Fix a “provisioning failed” on vol declared by multiple svc
2.1-843-g930568064 Fix pg_mem_limit not set if pg_vmem_limit is set but swappaccount is not set
2.1-842-gdd4c024b1 Remove unused imports from
2.1-841-g5bda5f67f [PEP8]
2.1-840-g836576b7a [monitor] Fix invalid cmd string in push_proc
2.1-839-g55221c322 [test] update orchestrator tests since monitor thread use forkserver
2.1-838-gd429b78b3 [test] Update test helper with ANY and call imports
2.1-837-g7c8861281 Merge pull request #26 from cgalibern/journaled_data
2.1-836-g741104271 Fix last commit missing ‘–disable_rollback’ during orchestrate service_provision
2.1-835-ge34b795c4 Make the monitor thread use the same forkserver as the scheduler to post actions
2.1-834-g01d9bc2ab Merge pull request #21 from cgalibern/journaled_data
2.1-833-g4d0df5a69 Fix possible failure of journal apply after full received
2.1-832-g4b2f6fa60 Add log when merge_rx install cluster full dataset
2.1-831-g0fe93c6e2 Remove some dead code on
2.1-830-g5aab36141 [PEP8] Fix
2.1-829-g497066b5f Ensure safe JournaledData.dump_changes()
2.1-828-g97c6d9568 Merge pull request #20 from cgalibern/journaled_data
2.1-827-gdf8ad818d Merge remote-tracking branch ‘upstream/b2.1’ into journaled_data
2.1-821-g3b72b0a85 Merge remote-tracking branch ‘upstream/b2.1’ into journaled_data
2.1-817-ge4d529eb0 Merge pull request #19 from cgalibern/journaled_data
2.1-816-g4412be263 Merge remote-tracking branch ‘upstream/b2.1’ into journaled_data
2.1-813-ga3ea220c1 Merge remote-tracking branch ‘upstream/b2.1’ into prepare-journaled_data
2.1-801-gb00c76cbf [test] Allow schedule next_run on new task from [0, 1s] to [0, 2s]
2.1-800-g2bcf693c8 [test] Use pytest random and fix tests with side effects
2.1-799-gfbc6f6198 [test] revert journaled_data consistent changes
2.1-798-g131ac03a0 Ensure journaled_data dump_change and events are not python version dependent
2.1-797-gdaf7cf780 Implement sort_keys() for JournaledDataView and JournaledData
2.1-796-gcd489646e Merge pull request #18 from cgalibern/journaled_data
2.1-795-gc5a1ffc0b [test] check zone_refresh reset_lazy zone info
2.1-794-g52d1e1b92 Detach zone may require ‘zoneadm -z <z> detach -F’
2.1-793-gbb2722468 Ensure Storage objects can be pickled
2.1-792-gc00023cd9 Fix remaining Can’t pickle <class ‘function’>
2.1-791-gc3ec562f2 Post object_status now send response with status: 0
2.1-790-gf5daf1c0c Fix pickle error during resource_check_abort_job
2.1-789-gf0e5cd6af Use ProcessPoolExecutor instead of ThreadPoolExecutor (continue)
2.1-788-g034a07176 Ignore or fix some pylint errors
2.1-787-gf537cdb3d Merge branch ‘b2.1’ into journaled_data
2.1-773-ga79d78030 Fix the resourceset ProcessPoolExecutor worker
2.1-772-gebfa26429 Use ProcessPoolExecutor instead of ThreadPoolExecutor
2.1-771-g3b4b92db7 Tweak a merge_rx log message for clarity
2.1-770-g2e4007a36 Make the KeywordStore pickle compatible
2.1-769-geaf424437 Change the resource status history file to json
2.1-768-g9e7168c84 Merge branch ‘b2.1’ into journaled_data
2.1-761-g32f2f186b Merge pull request #14 from cgalibern/journaled_data
2.1-759-g12ec0a302 [pylint] Disable python 2.7 false positive no-member
2.1-758-g36b6f3d6f Fix ThreadPoolExecutor missing 1 required positional argument: ‘max_workers’
2.1-757-gb6bdc3186 Use concurrent.futures backport for py2 compat
2.1-756-ge0fa725c6 Journaled miss initial value when journal_head is an array index
2.1-755-g2b58f45cf Small refacto of journaled_data _filter_diff()
2.1-754-g55439e6ba Fix mutable default argument (journaled_data)
2.1-753-g54d6b6475 [tox] Fix pylint command for b2.1
2.1-752-g5bf229eb9 Merge remote-tracking branch ‘upstream/b2.1’ into journaled_data
2.1-749-gc34b142df [ci] Separate pytest & pylint into 2 separate jobs
2.1-748-g95146d243 [test] fix python2 daemon start method
2.1-747-g8d906865d [test] fix transient python2 orchestrator failed test
2.1-746-gf9d44fb63 Fix possible error during linux disk_id(dev)
2.1-745-gafea5a58c [lint] fix false positive on custom decorators
2.1-744-g28e522e81 Merge remote-tracking branch ‘cva/journaled_data’ into journaled_data
2.1-742-g22496cff9 s3 sync_update error during full (typo)
2.1-741-gf07294859 Fix network find_node_ip() error when node is unresolvable
2.1-740-gfaf597c77 Merge remote-tracking branch ‘upstream/b2.1’ into journaled_data
2.1-735-g97e1268e4 [test] update journaled_data tests for python2.7 (temporarily)
2.1-734-ge30296a2c Merge remote-tracking branch ‘upstream/b2.1’ into journaled_data
2.1-730-g283049722 Merge remote-tracking branch ‘upstream/b2.1’ into journaled_data
2.1-727-gc6ba5afe5 Remove mock deps
2.1-726-ga21817b7d Daemon best effort for thread naming
2.1-725-g4bec651da [test] fix has_node_config fixture on python 2.7
2.1-724-g60623eb23 [test] fallback ANY from mock (python 2.7)
2.1-723-g71f4ed649 [ci] Disable fail-fast
2.1-722-gf10f1cdb1 Merge remote-tracking branch ‘upstream/b2.1’ into journaled_data
2.1-713-gb7df8d940 Merge remote-tracking branch ‘upstream/b2.1’ into journaled_data
2.1-710-g0ab3ca54f [test] Scheduler thread early update its status
2.1-709-gdaccff3cb [test] Fix fork method during test daemon startup
2.1-709-g3ebc32c66 Add a rolling restart orchestration
2.1-708-g788322871 Merge pull request #13 from cgalibern/journaled_data
2.1-708-g2840c2d72 [test] Use non root directory for cni config
2.1-707-g1aa9dd97a Fix unexpected service creation after deletion.
2.1-706-g3e9a62f09 [test] Allow test_provision_service_with_config called without privs
2.1-705-gf1800bb5b [test] Update test_orchestrator_start for journaled_data
2.1-704-gb7e23ff4e Merge remote-tracking branch ‘upstream/b2.1’ into journaled_data
2.1-689-gc62b09abe Merge branch ‘b2.1’ into journaled_data
2.1-681-g084b707f4 Merge pull request #401 from cgalibern/b2.1
2.1-680-g13d18ed0e Kvm provision don’t need to create floppy config during provision
2.1-679-g4de89afd8 Merge pull request #399 from cgalibern/b2.1
2.1-678-g708fff2d5 Kvm provision try to use invalid netmask for ip (fix)
2.1-677-g2021b2e68 Allow Kvm provision use for hv_root_pubkey when no
2.1-676-g94080ceab Allow kvm provision without ‘snapof’ & ‘snap’ parameter
2.1-675-g0dcf3d632 Merge pull request #398 from cgalibern/b2.1
2.1-674-g28b45b4ff Remove warning message during cluster delete –rid…
2.1-673-g77f6132c3 Merge pull request #397 from cgalibern/b2.1
2.1-672-ga4c73ec71 Fix stop error on service fs resource when zone is not present
2.1-671-ga0cede236 Merge pull request #396 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-670-gbe59a4ac2 Merge branch ‘b2.1’ of into b2.1
2.1-668-g9d6d9f8da Merge pull request #395 from arnaudveron/fix-log-msg
2.1-667-g4184af94d Fix error message
2.1-666-g545a12df0 Merge pull request #394 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-666-g102ca1b9c Fix a stack on sorting app resources with start=/path/to/command
2.1-665-gf7823c05c Move the push_encap ownership setting to the lxc driver
2.1-664-g0f3458efa Merge pull request #393 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-663-g76fa87483 Add the “relative” boolean option to the GET /daemon_status
2.1-662-gda22ea49a Copy ownership of a container rootfs to the pushed config file
2.1-661-gfd5469064 Merge pull request #392 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-660-gc68dc683c Allow scoping on DEFAULT.create_pg
2.1-659-g51f72fab6 Merge pull request #390 from cgalibern/b2.1
2.1-658-gd6da7152d [lint] fix failing lint
2.1-657-gcb8faa757 [test] fix failing test on linux when no cmd ifconfig
2.1-656-gd13d3f92c Merge branch ‘journaled_data’ of into journaled_data
2.1-656-g1893102c5 Fix om command when ‘export VAR=’ is not possible
2.1-655-g17a5248a6 Stop ip dev macvtap may fail on centos (fix)
2.1-654-g5f485ca1d app start ordering possible issue fix #387
2.1-653-gfe462c6a6 [fs.type=zfs] Allow keywords user,group and perm
2.1-652-gf304b1f20 Merge pull request #388 from cgalibern/b2.1
2.1-651-gf4edec3a7 [TEST] test_ip_alias_is_always_false_on_macvtap_regardless_ip_alias_kw_setting
2.1-650-gcb2e869d4 Merge pull request #386 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-649-g520b9dcea Merge branch ‘b2.1’ of into b2.1
2.1-647-gb36f7275f Merge pull request #385 from cgalibern/b2.1
2.1-646-gd00f69a84 Lost log on Solaris after: “om daemon restart –node ‘’”
2.1-646-g31bc3467a Fix “om <path> change –key foo –from bar”
2.1-645-gbbaadd0cd Merge pull request #384 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-644-g160eeadb2 Fix volume warning after a provision
2.1-643-gde644c19c Merge pull request #382 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-642-g100a6b11a Avoid overwriting the collector-side node::connect_to attribute
2.1-641-ge37f07aed Fix the om script loading the opensvc module from PWD if present
2.1-641-g14ba7d2cb Merge branch ‘b2.1’ into journaled_data
2.1-640-g73de94026 Add QUAL and CERT to allowed “env” values
2.1-639-gb1e21e700 Merge branch ‘b2.1’ of into b2.1
2.1-635-g46e3c2adf Merge pull request #381 from cgalibern/b2.1
2.1-634-ge4a229b11 Merge branch ‘b2.1’ of into b2.1
2.1-634-g9a20b6193 Merge pull request #11 from cgalibern/journaled_data
2.1-634-g5af2ff779 Fix stack during ‘om system/usr/username keys’
2.1-633-gec55d188b Ensure ask full when we don’t know last applied gen of remote
2.1-633-g1ff594965 [test] Use container type oci instead of docker
2.1-632-gcc6c6e1f3 monitor remove dup log message
2.1-632-g8620165bc Update message during container_rm when docker executable is not found
2.1-631-gd52377d35 Merge pull request #380 from cgalibern/b2.1
2.1-631-g3c337bce0 heartbeat tx log about it message type changes
2.1-630-gb2f20506e Add support for routed_brigde networks with custom gateways
2.1-630-ga2dbc6811 Fix print dev & exposed_devs on Solaris loop
2.1-630-g7a9d42181 Hb still send patch message instead of full message (fix)
2.1-629-gc99401ec6 Monitor cleanup dup update
2.1-629-g02028531f Don’t let ip.cni do portmapping for envoy exposes
2.1-629-g0d60b6810 [test] Ensure zfs on volume exposed_devs succeed
2.1-628-gfdb009e66 hb may send empty full data (fix)
2.1-628-gb992ee1ca Merge pull request #379 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-627-gadb857963 Merge branch ‘b2.1’ of into b2.1
2.1-627-ga99d82130 Add logs during clusterlock
2.1-626-gff1423b37 [hb/ucast] Log exceptions raised during configure
2.1-625-gc8ad9683e [hb/ucast] Ensure all HbUcastTx sent errors are logged
2.1-625-g85c443b29 Merge pull request #378 from cgalibern/b2.1
2.1-624-gd25b307ce Ensure unset lazy ‘sorted_cluster_nodes’ after unset lazy cluster_nodes
2.1-624-g9359f7f7a Fix provision failure (when volume#xx.exposed_devs refer a pending volume#xx)
2.1-624-g268f888f0 Fix a stack on non-leader provision in ip.route resource
2.1-623-ge9d0920ef Merge pull request #377 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-623-g21e539d9d During monitor merge_hb_data_locks, only trust locks from requesters
2.1-622-g311a05fbe Fix the “restart –rid ip” stopping but not starting ip.netns resources
2.1-622-g34d18464f [hb] Log when detect hb_nodes list changes
2.1-621-gdd421f564 Fix an uncatched exception in ip.route status evaluation
2.1-621-g9caed6acf Fix missed replaced shared lock
2.1-620-g50903c893 Merge pull request #10 from cgalibern/journaled_data
2.1-620-g073dcdce0 Rollback the static route implementation via a DataResource, add a ip.route drv
2.1-619-gefd6b0dc0 Merge pull request #25 from cgalibern/b2.1
2.1-619-g1bf51fa5a Fix journaled_data corruption
2.1-618-ga13696efe [test] Check ip host linux (stop)
2.1-618-g8f7dde678 Merge pull request #9 from cgalibern/journaled_data
2.1-617-gbecab3ba2 [test] Check ip host linux (alias=true or false)
2.1-616-gc5cba9abe [test] Check monitor render add “#” to instance flags on “drp instances
2.1-616-g3825df862 [test] Refacto and add shared_data fixture
2.1-615-ge8eb10a01 Improve cluster lock propagation time
2.1-615-gbdeebd839 [test] Add checks on non for macvtap on ip host linux
2.1-614-ga895e8b6d Merge pull request #24 from cgalibern/b2.1
2.1-614-g00ffa0af1 Protect shared.LOCKS updates
2.1-613-g58f914d45 Monitor lock fix invalid log message during drop
2.1-612-g72e94e929 [tests] Ensure POST /join respect lock join
2.1-612-g00e01bc91 Avoid dropping object configs on nodes having a drp instance
2.1-611-gb11669aae Render the drp instances using a “#” in the instance flags area of “om mon”
2.1-611-g0969945e2 Remove thread data after ‘om daemon stop –thread-id xxx’
2.1-610-gb2bb056f8 Merge pull request #376 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-610-g852dc5d0b [test] Add checks on for macvtap on ip host linux (when ipdev = name@dev)
2.1-610-g701c63f3b Protect clusterlock lock_acquire
2.1-609-g45a3810fa Improve log during thread reconfigure error
2.1-609-g4e9ca02a3 Add support for static routes installation in the ip.netns driver
2.1-608-gf15718ce9 Fix possible heart beat crash during startup
2.1-608-ga6f85f9ae Use the “mode bridge” for macvtap
2.1-607-gff75af2d0 Daemon join increase join time from 25s to 120s
2.1-607-gf3fbb7452 Merge pull request #375 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-607-gdcb0f657c Merge pull request #8 from cgalibern/journaled_data
2.1-606-gc30b2f194 Merge pull request #23 from cgalibern/b2.1
2.1-606-gb6ccc02aa Simple refacto hb.ucast (noop)
2.1-605-g2039e8224 Allow restart terminated threads during rejoin or draining
2.1-604-g927f6197a Merge branch ‘b2.1’ into journaled_data
2.1-603-g87b535701 [test] fix missed readouterr().err
2.1-602-gd12dbc960 Avoid reporting “interface not found” on macvtap ip resources
2.1-602-gc77fa6123 Fix error during validate_env_references
2.1-601-ge99ecb54c Fixes for macvtap ip resources
2.1-601-g322a18ede [test] Ensure create, or set service with invalid keyword is refused
2.1-600-geb8a4a9bb Fix the ipdev spliting in ip resources init
2.1-599-g8a5546fb2 Merge pull request #22 from cgalibern/b2.1
2.1-598-g342725fbb Fix validate config missed errors, when recursion is detected, add tests
2.1-597-gf47a2d64a Fix the reference recursion detection method
2.1-596-gf51d0df2a Merge branch ‘b2.1’ into journaled_data
2.1-596-gf6e55ab3f Add support for fixed ip interface names on linux
2.1-595-g7f689d443 Support ipdev=eth0:my_forced_alias in resources with alias=true
2.1-594-g1c53d1a8a Fix a the recursion detection breaking the{unresoled} return value
2.1-593-gabc006e47 Implement recursion protection in extconfig
2.1-592-gc2c40b28b Remove a debug traceback stack print on obj config syntax errors
2.1-592-g0ec24b628 Merge branch ‘b2.1’ into journaled_data
2.1-591-ge687dd7c3 Merge pull request #374 from cgalibern/b2.1
2.1-590-g79108e32a Merge branch ‘b2.1’ into journaled_data
2.1-590-g61b747a4f During daemon join, node.env may be removed from node.conf (fix)
2.1-589-g273d319ac Merge pull request #373 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-588-ga8344cf6c Merge branch ‘b2.1’ into journaled_data
2.1-588-g98a809874 Fix a “zfs destroy” failed on “busy” zvol just after drbd unprov
2.1-587-g483a85582 Fix a “provisioning failed” on vol declared by multiple svc
2.1-586-g51d2d8068 Merge branch ‘b2.1’ of into b2.1
2.1-583-ged5171f11 Merge pull request #371 from cgalibern/b2.1
2.1-582-g4485d07a1 [test] Backport test fixture
2.1-581-g30558190e [test] Allow test_provision_service_with_config called without privs
2.1-580-ge43ecfcff Make sure the diffs emited by JournaledData are dereferenced
2.1-580-gb5d0be012 [test] add log during: ‘om node [thaw|unfreeze|freeze] –local’
2.1-579-g9c0e21fc0 [test] Add checks om node [thaw|unfreeze|freeze] –local’
2.1-579-g7dc971f12 Add the “directories” keyword to volume resources
2.1-578-gb4c515686 Merge branch ‘b2.1’ into journaled_data
2.1-578-g9960d6dc1 Merge pull request #370 from cgalibern/fix-test-b2.1
2.1-577-gb80648eba Merge branch ‘b2.1’ of into b2.1
2.1-577-g5c333cfad [test] Fix mock error during
2.1-576-g5eefcf99c [test] Fix side effect in
2.1-575-g5137e658f Merge pull request #369 from cgalibern/b2.1
2.1-574-gbbc3ef66a Merge pull request #7 from cgalibern/journaled_data
2.1-574-ga46edb8bd [test] Fix transient error on test_monitor_respect_priority_and_max_parallel
2.1-573-gb686a59ba Fix listener janitor_events corruption of journaled_data
2.1-573-g8568ffd97 Merge pull request #368 from cgalibern/fix-pytest-b2.1
2.1-572-gf95052cb7 [test] Always mock asset.linux.is_container to False to allow pytest without root
2.1-572-g1b78083ba Unfreeze the volume instance created by a virtual pool
2.1-571-g4bcd6d1a9 [test] Disable pg.kill during tests
2.1-571-g3bdd3a4e6 Fix a scheduler stack when a referenced ca sec does not exist
2.1-570-gb5ec17113 Another fix for the b2.1 merge
2.1-570-ga41337636 [test] Disable create_pg during tests
2.1-569-g41cc77fd3 [test] Improve test time
2.1-569-g4fcf15399 Fix b2.1 merge error
2.1-568-gca10f45c4 [test] fix has_node_config fixture on python 2.7
2.1-568-g31e7e4700 Merge remote-tracking branch ‘upstream/b2.1’ into journaled_data
2.1-567-g4e4297756 [test] Use non root directory for cni config
2.1-566-g27d86d7ba [test] Ensure test_colorize_status is run without colors
2.1-565-g11582b9cb [test] Ensure format_cluster tests is run without colors
2.1-565-g810cabc8f Fix pg_mem_limit not set if pg_vmem_limit is set but swappaccount is not set
2.1-564-g3c7868601 Merge pull request #365 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-563-g493404172 Support implicit {secret,configs}_environment var names
2.1-562-g805821e3e Merge pull request #17 from cgalibern/add-refrerence-modifier-tests
2.1-561-gdc328d613 Ensure exposed_dev eval result is None when deferred value is not available
2.1-560-g64f1415f5 [test] Ensure exposed_dev eval is correct when not devs
2.1-559-g1ff77a129 [test] Add print config (–eval) checks for references
2.1-558-g2573f7990 fix kw references invalid eval when unresolved (fix)
2.1-557-geb099417e [test] check reference of simple modifiers
2.1-556-ga0478fe3d Fix undefined reference {initd}
2.1-555-gf15b0642a [test] Add reference check examples
2.1-554-gb82ba581f Merge pull request #15 from cgalibern/b2.1
2.1-553-gebf868a0c [test] relocate reference file to commands/svcs/
2.1-552-g33d78aa80 [test] Re-enable references checks and add new examples
2.1-551-g272b7be89 Fix an UnboundLocalError introduced by the previous commit
2.1-550-g21b31853b Support podman version shipped with rhel8
2.1-549-g6dba7f1dc Consider unkown references as literals
2.1-548-gdf524a11f Merge pull request #364 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-547-gd04260eff Don’t run the slack msg github workflow step if the weburl secret is not set
2.1-546-gdb939ded2 Avoid submitting unsupported global_expect on objects
2.1-545-gc06a711df Add a state to disk.zvol resources
2.1-544-gc82c04c9e Add a .gitattributes file
2.1-543-ge59747a63 Merge pull request #363 from cgalibern/fix-unprovision-failure
2.1-542-g6aee55576 Fix zone detach failure on absent zones
2.1-541-gade7b89e9 Merge pull request #362 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-539-ge329f52d1 Fix the “om <multi-object-selector> <orchestrated action> –wait” behaviour
2.1-539-g81a07edbe Merge pull request #361 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-539-g10a001a2a Extent the POST /join request timeout to cover clusterlock acquire
2.1-538-gd2ba530cc Only pre-pull the container images on non-leader instance if not present
2.1-538-gb1a05155a Cleanup the GEN structures on leaving node
2.1-537-gbb0fdd700 Merge pull request #360 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-537-g095a3e776 Fix a possible clusterlock leak in the join codepath
2.1-536-gc7a2d051e Merge pull request #6 from cgalibern/journaled_data
2.1-536-ga8cd00dfd Merge branch ‘b2.1’ into b2.1
2.1-535-gad642caf2 Small refacto
2.1-534-gf4a4a031a Update ci.yml
2.1-534-g34e1b29dc [TEST] Update test orchestrator start for journaled_data
2.1-534-g7a2ef6a5b Merge pull request #359 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-533-g7319d1e25 Fix a “dict changed size during iteration” in JournaledData::_set_lk(key, val)
2.1-533-g3dedca034 Fix a “image not pulled yet” warning false positive in container.docker
2.1-532-g57114b8c4 Fix service being put on “started” local expect unduely
2.1-532-g23efd06e8 Merge pull request #358 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-531-gdd11daf09 Update ci.yml
2.1-531-g18223e1f4 Merge pull request #5 from cgalibern/journaled_data
2.1-530-g61a8c735e Update
2.1-530-g0cf61f82d [test] Test the multi-delete in journaled_data
2.1-529-gd8145fee7 Fix the multi-delete in journaled_data lists stacking in patch()
2.1-529-g47c05467b Update test requirements
2.1-528-g9705b050e Use parallel execution of pool_status() methods
2.1-528-g1f7707693 Update ci.yml
2.1-527-ga069a89a9 Set thread name in ps output on linux, and the forkserver process name
2.1-527-g3780f37dd Update ci.yml
2.1-526-gcfab01c86 Update ci.yml
2.1-526-gb37ac9090 Merge pull request #4 from cgalibern/journaled_data
2.1-525-gc9253ac31 [test] Replace multiprocessing.Process by os.fork into tests
2.1-525-g7f1601ff0 Move CI from travis to Github workflows
2.1-524-gc09a5eb52 Merge pull request #356 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-524-g9850a29da Give the ClientHandler threads a “listener client” name
2.1-523-g406a61bf7 Don’t clear the “start failed” state while an orchestration is in progress
2.1-523-g5cd215587 Name the scheduler task’s forkserver process if setproctitle is available
2.1-522-g370f4dc03 Merge pull request #355 from cgalibern/fix-freebsd-true-false
2.1-522-g42d6d71fa More scheduler thread optimizations
2.1-521-g43d765a5e Declare noop devtree for FreeBSD
2.1-521-g1f228b626 Merge pull request #3 from cgalibern/journaled_data
2.1-520-ge65426b38 [test] Ensure respect of user, group and umask task keywords
2.1-520-gc3386e30c Enable fs flag tests on FreeBSD
2.1-519-g25fd31ee8 [test] Improve test time
2.1-519-g0a292313c Update true & false location for FreeBSD
2.1-518-gbff6c7af6 Merge remote-tracking branch ‘upstream/b2.1’ into journaled_data
2.1-518-g24ce6fb74 Fix the shm pool on freebsd
2.1-517-gd9868f7fb Fix the mounts parser for freebsd
2.1-516-g946295082 Add a fs.flag freebsd port
2.1-515-gc150c2b58 Add a dummy utilities.devices freebsd implementation
2.1-514-g6c2fe328f Merge pull request #353 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-512-g4115493bf Merge pull request #2 from cgalibern/cva-journaled-data
2.1-511-g974a079c4 Fix undetected detected invalid schedule syntax
2.1-510-g08a031528 [test] Update print schedule tests, since now is also show next_run
2.1-509-g580b5f6c3 Merge pull request #1 from cgalibern/journaled-data
2.1-508-gc45b1ea11 [test] Skip test orchestrator on journaled data
2.1-508-g2eb37a617 Destroy a fs.zfs dataset on unprovision even if the zpool is exported
2.1-507-gb9e4ed34a Merge pull request #354 from cgalibern/test-priority
2.1-507-g0350127a7 [test] journaled_data
2.1-507-g3eb3b35c1 Add a exposed_devs() method to disk.zpool
2.1-506-ge17efd9e4 [test] Ensure respect of priority kw
2.1-506-g657a29f2b Redirect the daemon forkserver processes stdin/stdout
2.1-506-g37fd015e5 Add a provisioned() method to the container.lxc driver
2.1-505-ga446941bb Ensure monitor ask for service status when status is unknown
2.1-505-g88e9abbaa Honor the “zone” fs resource keyword in container.lxc
2.1-505-g9bd578e8d Support specifying which log handlers to activate on Node() instanciation
2.1-504-gf631ffe69 Do not merge the provisioned resource state of resources with [un]provision=false
2.1-504-ge163c9e06 Merge branch ‘b2.1’ into journaled_data
2.1-504-g3ae64959d [test] Ensure not extra commands launched when no service exists
2.1-503-ge0fb1f0bd Fix the error log on “lxc-create -f <non existing cf>” in the provision codepath
2.1-503-g85fae790d [test] Refacto before adding more orchestrator tests
2.1-502-g0735edb21 Merge pull request #351 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-501-ga51208396 Merge pull request #12 from cgalibern/fix-om-mon-stack-after-daemon-startup
2.1-500-gf121a8358 Fix ‘om mon’ stack, when called just after daemon startup
2.1-499-gf2cb0dfa9 Fix undue provision error with undefined fs.zfs and size and refquota as multiplier
2.1-498-g94ebe03e5 Allow “om <path> enter” without –rid when the svc has only one container
2.1-497-ge644c501f Add the ‘create_{,secrets_,config_}environment’ prov keywords to container.lxc
2.1-496-ga44bdfd21 Ignore some rmtree error on lxc unprovision’s cleanup of the rootfs
2.1-495-gc08f599a7 Fix the lxc-create error log caused by the ‘-f <not existing cf>’ option
2.1-494-gfad58235a Merge branch ‘b2.1’ of into b2.1
2.1-492-gd19e38e08 [test] Ensure add cfg or sec fails when already exists
2.1-492-ga77883498 Add the ‘quota’, ‘refquota’, ‘reservation’ and ‘refreservation’ kws to fs.zfs
2.1-491-g77c09d75e Disable the fs.flag abort_start() routine if the resource is in a vol object
2.1-490-ge4b6fc08d Fix the force kwarg flag not declared in Volume::stop_vol_instance()
2.1-489-ge84a491a9 Multi-claims volume fixes
2.1-488-gbf7ab3f49 Fix missing hb.disk peers detection
2.1-487-ga9417fd6c Avoid a common volume access configuration error
2.1-486-g72cb802ba Do a start on volume post provision only on leader instances
2.1-485-g3fc4310e4 Save a “start” action on the volume objects on svc “provision”
2.1-484-g0c247a978 Don’t start the fs.flag resource on provision on the non-leader nodes
2.1-483-g68ce5208c Make the add action refuse to overwrite an existing key
2.1-482-g06f3de64e Make sure the volumes created by the directory pool driver have a status
2.1-481-gb31bc09aa Add a DEFAULT.priority keyword to the Svc objects configuration
2.1-480-gd13acee80 Fix a listener stack on RBAC validation
2.1-479-g289cf650e Add a “optional_volume_env” keyword to virtual pool definitions
2.1-478-g001eb095a Merge pull request #350 from cgalibern/fix-transient-test-orchestrator-failure
2.1-477-g9b65d6cd4 [Test] Fix transient failures during orchestrator do loop
2.1-476-gf7b3314bb Merge pull request #349 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-475-g1e47d144a Fix a unprov orchestration loop situation
2.1-474-gf838f01f1 Merge pull request #348 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-473-gbbbeb13f2 janitor_crl() and fetch_crl() fixes and enhancements
2.1-472-gecaa08f34 Rollback the usr cert revoke if the new crl to load in the ca sec is not present
2.1-471-g08bf97119 Merge pull request #347 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-470-g283775a09 Fallback on probe if asset override loading from node.conf fails
2.1-470-g2b9b10167 Skip instance monitor updates for objects with no monitor
2.1-469-g12372a7ec Always embed the frozen attribute in the status.json dataset
2.1-469-g57bbc4c43 Fix the crl loading
2.1-468-ga8fa94fc1 Fix a use-before-set in the usr object codebase
2.1-468-g10808da8c Add the missing POST /object_status handler
2.1-467-g183727ef4 Push the status via a new handler POST /object_status
2.1-467-g69a4e1062 x509 fixes and enhancements
2.1-466-g491906907 Better service account detection in the x509 auth codepath
2.1-466-g1c6afef43 Add ipv6 support to the listener and ucast hb
2.1-465-gbb63a0679 Pass the node kwarg to more object instanciations
2.1-465-g7d9bd0a0a Fix a non initialized variable access in the volume resource driver
2.1-464-g919140e81 Prevent tasks with confirmation=true to be scheduled
2.1-464-g8a4fb5afc Disable logging of objects in the daemon SERVICES hash
2.1-463-g0457a29b1 Add commented out profiling functions to the monitor thread
2.1-463-g27b1dbd57 Fix pausable sync resource in n/a state after a ‘stop –rid …’ action
2.1-462-g072605e61 Add a pull_timeout keyword to docker/podman resources
2.1-462-g82fc75541 Fix wrong documentation of the ‘size’ kw in the fs.zfs resource
2.1-461-g54bf50d3c Add a {uri_ip:…} reference modifier
2.1-461-g42d3f43b7 Fix the schedule expression link in the kw docs
2.1-460-g0892d7f5e Merge pull request #346 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-460-g0c3bd3cf4 Add a utilities.render.listener.fmt_listener function
2.1-459-gb93266b72 Honor node.secure_fetch in the data objects
2.1-459-g1454cf331 Fix leak during get /node_checks
2.1-458-gda3e9879a Cleanup unused imports on node_checks handler
2.1-458-gc8ff366f5 Fix a off-by-one schedule error in mon:last expressions
2.1-457-g477558595 Add a node.secure_fetch boolean keyword
2.1-457-g01a3a7eb4 Fix leak during get /node_checks
2.1-456-g4bfb1fe0c Clear the docker image cache after a “docker run”
2.1-456-g1a6794d79 Allow shared volumes from non shared-capable pool on mono-node clusters
2.1-455-g9f946d34e Fortify cluster data renderer against missing smon
2.1-455-g4d66b31c0 Fix volume resource Error in start/stop/unprov codepaths when no pool found
2.1-454-g3362b3a6b Don’t initialize the stream log handler for objects created by the scheduler
2.1-454-g008aba5af Fix the {volume#<n>.name} reference when name is not set
2.1-453-gf6f56cf9c Fortify Svc::flex_{target,min,max} evaluation against non int castable value
2.1-453-gbbde0147a Avoid a recursive locking in JournaledData::pop_diff()
2.1-452-gc806ff8c2 Fix a stack on add –key <k> –from <dir> when dir hosts a broken symlink
2.1-452-g2208e8a41 Move the threading locks debugging class to utilities.dbglock
2.1-451-g87da7c59d Remove the LOCKS_LOCK RLock()
2.1-451-g6c4671086 Raise an error when add –key <k> –from <glob> does not resolves
2.1-450-gdf21ca2f0 Fix a wrong variable name in a data object error codepath
2.1-450-g96206b0e6 Don’t make the monitor loop refresh all threads status
2.1-449-ga45fe746e Consider “::” as “” in peer endpoint lookup in core.comm
2.1-449-g2fb12489d Merge pull request #345 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-448-gbf052ec40 Fix a service_config_consensus() stack
2.1-448-gb2d829bc8 Fix py2 pylint error with the uri module importing utilities.os instead of os
2.1-447-g301041672 Fix a instances_busy() stack
2.1-447-g7191ad00d Purge lingering files after a “apt purge opensvc”
2.1-446-ga1feea72f Fix the scheduler forked process not finding the object to call action() on
2.1-446-g17d558b1b Fix an invalid self.node access from the container.lxc driver
2.1-445-gcae70fe49 Add the GET /node/checks api handler
2.1-445-g8d1201705 Fix and optimize the node labels and targets propagation
2.1-444-gbbfaa71af Support connecting to the daemon listener via ipv6
2.1-444-g75d862a50 Honor node.secure_fetch in the data objects
2.1-443-g1272574ba Fix a stack in the cluster lock handlers
2.1-443-g57210dbac Add a node.secure_fetch boolean keyword
2.1-442-gbac57ce55 Add the “directories” keyword to volume resources
2.1-442-g738e4e107 Fix a use before set situation in core.comm
2.1-441-gca605dc9c Add missing in the raid checker
2.1-441-g8d0e55abd Fix a stack on dns thread init while waiting for the monitor thread data
2.1-440-gf56364fa9 Allow the eth checker to report on “en” interfaces
2.1-440-g2f2f53ecb Support ipv6 masquerading setup in the “om net setup” codepath
2.1-439-gbdb1f1c8a Fix the gateway in the generated cni configuration for ipv6 networks
2.1-439-g64e37c6c3 Support “om <sec> add –key <key> –from <uri>”
2.1-438-ga5f007589 Implement a find_node_ip() Node method
2.1-438-g4336e8668 Fix listener janitor_events corruption of journaled_data
2.1-437-g6706e2a8e Merge branch ‘b2.1’ of into b2.1
2.1-437-g0400b2bad Implement a bridge mac addr forging for ipv6 dedicated bridges
2.1-436-g5dd1a469e Switch between “ip” and “ip -6” commands as necessary in “om net setup” codepath
2.1-435-geb41c56b1 Add full ipv6 support to the dns thread
2.1-435-g93c004299 Unfreeze the volume instance created by a virtual pool
2.1-434-gf626c4bd6 hcs array driver fixes
2.1-434-ga4b1f61f0 Save the resource consuming part of on_nodes_info_change() when data unchanged
2.1-434-g3e999a4b7 Merge pull request #344 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-433-gc8ed372c5 Fix a drbd pool driver use-before-set in the pool_status() method
2.1-433-g680a96a4e Fix a py2 stack on print(…, end=””) in the task resource driver
2.1-432-g782cf2b69 Fix a possible scheduler stack
2.1-432-g2d6463458 hcs array driver fixes
2.1-431-gc97de674c Optimize a frequent monitor codepath using merge() instead of multiple set()
2.1-431-gbe5b5517f Signal child processes with SIGINT instead of SIGTERM from mgr
2.1-430-g774ef07ef Make sure the hcs pool driver drops the session after an array action
2.1-430-g3c4a2d91c Use a forkserver for py3
2.1-429-g574c85e13 Avoid a deepcopy on journaled data merge() ops
2.1-429-g7b4eea0e5 Implement a post_provision_start() for disk.scsireserv
2.1-428-gf6b71a11d Optimize the get_pool_status(usage=True) codepath
2.1-428-g76a744565 Support “om <sec> add –key <key> –from <uri>”
2.1-427-ga438aa2dd Fix a volume configuration validate latency issue
2.1-427-g54d4d31c6 Make the scheduler fork the object action
2.1-426-gcc269e842 hcs array driver enhancements
2.1-426-gbca456de5 Remove uneeded puge_cache() call in the monitor loop
2.1-425-g38eaab35d Implement a mpathpersist register retry loop
2.1-425-g0ce6beb4c Catch signal handler set ValueError in Svc
2.1-424-g343ef2727 Fix an undue conversion to minute in the Schedule::validate() codepath
2.1-424-g11e75e3fa Fix the create volume lock unduly serializing the create of diff vols
2.1-423-g71b94fda5 Use a instead of threads to timeout task confirmation input()
2.1-423-g48e8f2a10 Implement the request retry on hcs async actions
2.1-422-gd59546e37 Remove an undue scsi pr error log on unprovision
2.1-422-g69a0d4c21 Prevent tasks with confirmation=true to be scheduled
2.1-421-gb1aecd4bd Remove a lot of “service” word occurences from the monitor logs
2.1-421-g2eb810cfd Detect the options to set with hcs delete ldevs request
2.1-420-ged7084403 Try to dump hcs request data as indented json dump
2.1-420-g3a22d92a3 Add a csum_status_data() method docstring
2.1-419-g05164857f Use concurrent.futures for subset action parallelisation
2.1-419-g5f5e0e44c Fix a possible stack in the hcs driver naa sanity check code
2.1-418-ge03abbd9e Use concurrent.futures for abort_start() methods parallelisation
2.1-418-g5ed311318 Do not retry hcs get job status request when completed and failed
2.1-417-gd55e4839b Use concurrent.futures for –parallel CRM actions
2.1-417-g64ce5718f Add hcs api request response status classification
2.1-416-g6860221ff Merge pull request #343 from cgalibern/drbd-test
2.1-416-g4f99969ac Remove unused signal import from the disk.zvol driver
2.1-415-gbe7cc3783 Align the “rs” log tag for msg emitted from resources and resourcesets
2.1-415-g70fcb26aa [test] Fix drbd test since –discard-my-data not always used
2.1-414-ge820730b6 Remove a lot of “service” word occurrences from daemon logs
2.1-414-gcfc76c682 Merge pull request #342 from arnaudveron/fix-drbd-prov
2.1-413-geb704221d Fix drbd provisioner
2.1-413-g53d8ffab8 Remove the is_up_clear_cache() call from Resource::try_status()
2.1-412-g55904eb63 Merge pull request #341 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-412-g6a47aa072 Convert signal use in container.docker driver to concurrent.futures
2.1-411-gc5dae98dd Remove a rsync_version() call from the sync.rsync driver
2.1-411-g6f1f753de Fix wrong “do <action> <option>” log
2.1-410-gfcd3ca02d Convert signal use in task base driver to concurrent.futures
2.1-410-g689305f93 Merge pull request #340 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-409-gf3f80c8f0 Fix the volume provision action logs non written to file on the leader node
2.1-409-g89e6ff486 Use the threadsafe lazy decorator for ContainerLib
2.1-408-gb5baa86cb Merge pull request #339 from agrimal/patch-1
2.1-408-g57fec71f2 Add a threadsafe implementation of lazy
2.1-407-g8550d572c Add a concurrent.futures backport for py2 compat
2.1-407-g18cbfe549 Fix “list host groups” action
2.1-406-gac1531e5d Merge pull request #338 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-406-g43f2cf06b Revert “Optimize hyper module load time using a lazy re.compile for rfc3986 regexps”
2.1-405-g6a088d4a1 Add support for group, cwd and umask to the driver
2.1-405-g4f7ef2fa5 Factorize the SERVICES key value load in a add_service() method
2.1-404-g62b6ef91a Optimize hyper module load time using a lazy re.compile for rfc3986 regexps
2.1-404-g32a0b6d22 Add GET /daemon_stats filtering via new “selector” and “namespace” options
2.1-403-gea5a8bdb1 Add the utilities.cache.purge_cache_session() function
2.1-403-g6230b2be1 Add support for the “umask” keyword in app resources
2.1-402-gf8f10e615 Fix a pushdisks error with zfs templates on linux
2.1-402-g9b8dbc0fe Save the monitor wake-up on run action startup for high freq tasks
2.1-401-gcf85c5f13 Replace the @cache’d rsync_version with a faster capabalities pair
2.1-401-gb56ead86d Merge pull request #335 from cvaroqui/hcs-v2
2.1-400-ge39a01eb1 Don’t create the virtual pool volume on referencing volume resource status()
2.1-400-g0cb8dd5d1 Display seconds in “print schedule” output
2.1-399-ge39256d02 Reset the dataset GEN on monitor thread crash/restart
2.1-399-g1dafdb77e Fix a stack in virtual pool vol provision
2.1-398-gc21a1f235 Adapt the daemon.scheduler to new core.scheduler method names
2.1-398-ga9589c7b1 Set volume.pool inheritance to leaf
2.1-397-gbfa0f554e Don’t schedule tasks requiring the collector being setup
2.1-397-g1b6240544 Merge branch ‘b2.1’ into hcs-v2
2.1-396-gb403d8e02 core.scheduler fixes and cleanups
2.1-395-g7be63f551 Remove all schedule check from sync driver
2.1-394-g9cda2bf0b Teach janitor_procs() to work with Process or Popen objects
2.1-394-g4b96a4e17 Fix the vol provision action logs not written to the file handler
2.1-393-ga71c30caf hcs driver cleanup, fixes and enhancements
2.1-393-g8d1f33cf0 Remove “auto reboot status” dependency on deprecated scheduler method
2.1-392-g783f6f47d Reorganize the __main__ file so main() accept a argv argument
2.1-392-g0699b8e61 Discard fc port in “Not Present” state from initiator-targets node info
2.1-391-gafe4c8c95 Support brocade inventory via ssh using password authentication
2.1-391-g0c7d67348 Move a RLock allocation closer to where its needed
2.1-390-g439366f54 Remove the core.comm blacklist lock
2.1-390-g77e4484c9 Add support for brocade sanswitch password storage in a secret object
2.1-389-g4712b82ee Fix a hcs driver lazy called as a method instead of a property
2.1-389-g3a8038d20 Fix a wrong variable name in the resource monitor codepath
2.1-388-gaf5482fed Don’t queue collector-requiring tasks in the scheduler
2.1-388-g211beead8 Fix the apirequest decorator of the hcs array driver
2.1-387-geaf280605 Add a naaId field in every dict returned by Hcs::get_ldevs()
2.1-387-gab101b75b Move the collector daemon thread to using journaled daemon_status_data
2.1-386-g7391c8169 Fix wrong list_node() method location in opensvc.daemon.clusterlock
2.1-386-g03b5009de Add the “list virtual storage” hcs array driver command
2.1-385-g92c42396e Fix a misnamed variable in core.scheduler
2.1-385-g81cd05b36 Add the “discard zero page” action to the hcs array driver
2.1-384-gf34b3f2fb Move to utilities.journaled_data and drop json_delta
2.1-384-g1620d7b30 Implement standard api requests retryable conditions in the hcs array driver
2.1-383-g37fb8f1f4 Fix the hostgroup by hba lookup method of the hcs array driver
2.1-383-g4aa9b57bc Fix list append in JournaledData._set([“a”, 3], “foo”)
2.1-382-g9cb97a91b Add second-granularity scheduling
2.1-382-g3d3f09ebb Fix a misnamed variable in the hcs array driver
2.1-381-gc97686b35 Implement a requests retry decorator for the hcs array driver
2.1-381-g228d89673 Merge pull request #336 from cgalibern/add-orchestrator-tests
2.1-381-g3a81bffa1 Use the node_data view instead of the full daemon status dataset
2.1-380-gc9224342a Initial version of the hitachi command suite restapi pool and array drivers
2.1-380-gafe5d5a09 Add more tests on monitor do()
2.1-380-g09ef20752 Fix cluster data path in the resource restart code paths
2.1-379-g3299f1926 Merge pull request #334 from cgalibern/test-orchestrator
2.1-379-g784a90054 Use a copy of the daemon status dataset in daemon_status()
2.1-378-g8a848fb4b Add support of fs.type=flag resources to Darwin
2.1-378-g3da0a32c0 Fix a possible stack in on_nodes_info_change()
2.1-377-gcd04db28d Add a OsvcJournaledData class
2.1-376-gd9e0b9684 Add monitor orchestrator tests for start
2.1-376-g71c20ee1a Add the node data “config.csum” key
2.1-375-gbbac6d5f3 Fix possible monitor crash during daemon startup
2.1-375-g2a46d0a75 Remove json_delta dependency from journaled_data
2.1-374-g5fe74a3a8 Misc monitor fixes
2.1-374-g2de674381 Merge pull request #333 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-373-gee7218cf8 Fix the JournaledData diff produced when creating a non-empty list
2.1-373-g03b3b947b Add a non-leader provisioner to docker/podman resources
2.1-372-gbb08a547b Port the daemon to JournaledData()
2.1-372-g33a41592f Merge pull request #332 from cgalibern/fix-wait-parents
2.1-371-g6611196cd Fix “om <remote obj path> edit” creating a local instance
2.1-371-g391ecfc67 Fix blocking wait_parent status during start
2.1-370-ga8f339521 Don’t use the GET /object_selector handler from Node if origin is daemon
2.1-370-g441bf4711 Merge pull request #330 from arnaudveron/fix-sunos-which-in-postinstall
2.1-369-gc84f8321b Fix Solaris10 which command bad behaviour
2.1-369-gaadbd0617 Add the JournaledData class
2.1-368-g9d78b36c4 Merge pull request #328 from arnaudveron/fix-docker-capabilities
2.1-366-g96768d137 Merge pull request #329 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-365-g2ff21fd0a Improve docker capabilities detection method
2.1-365-g0a15ec239 Fix a stack on non json parsable “docker inspect” output
2.1-364-g3bfba8a9f Merge pull request #326 from cgalibern/b2.1-cp-master
2.1-363-g93cc5104e [test] Add utf8 scenario during edit cfg or secret values
2.1-362-g9013f4c0d [test] Ensure string secret created from files can be edited
2.1-361-gbe4fb8a45 [test] Add spec for edit cfg or secrets
2.1-360-g6b15c3e65 Fix resource preserved option
2.1-359-gef6173f07 Disable ‘–dry-run’ for config actions (deploy, create, update, delete, eval, set, get, unset)
2.1-358-g53fbe9a86 ‘om <svc> stop –dry-run’ should not freeze service (fix)
2.1-357-g68a7e88d3 [test] Test service default and custom status_schedule
2.1-356-g7f8aec6cb [test] Test service print schedule is correct when tasks
2.1-355-gb75d87218 Update
2.1-354-gaa85c4560 Merge pull request #324 from cgalibern/fix-daemon-start-after-os-crash
2.1-353-g2e07f1162 Fix daemon start failure (after node crash, when new pid is same a previous one)
2.1-352-g351c8e7cc Merge pull request #314 from cgalibern/Fix-invalid-drbd-mesh-capability
2.1-351-gad8282d20 Fix some lint warning on drbd driver
2.1-350-g8db831ea2 Fix invalid disk.drbd.mesh capability when module use version 8
2.1-349-ge263aa1d3 Merge pull request #313 from cgalibern/fix-shared-volume-restriction-and-nfs-hang
2.1-348-gf953d0d4b PEP8 drivers.resource.volume
2.1-347-gcb002d2fc Cleanup dead code since #33fc4e4fb74d80412d45157d436a6d737aa49855
2.1-346-g0b320dff2 Fix a share.nfs hang on Linux on showmount
2.1-345-g33fc4e4fb Relax shared volumes claim restrictions
2.1-344-gf8f4bb7c5 Merge pull request #310 from cgalibern/fix-convert-size-B
2.1-343-g91f593a56 Accept ‘B’ unit during convert_size
2.1-342-gfb2e1356d Merge pull request #312 from cgalibern/fix-swap-sol11-4
2.1-341-g02eda1f4f Fix stats_meminfo error on Solaris 11.4
2.1-340-g39d7f503e Merge pull request #308 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-339-g1e7cf4bae Don’t alert on missing prov kw on section_kwargs() if provision=false
2.1-338-gee674d14f Fix the provision and unprovision boolean keyword
2.1-337-gd01c60eb6 Fix resources staying in P state even we up
2.1-336-gdc8704635 Merge pull request #307 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-335-g470dbe204 Support more uptime format in the parser called from pushasset
2.1-334-gba8105bb3 Remove a f”” use from the volume resource driver
2.1-333-gd357b949b Fix undue volume instance stop on user instance’s stop
2.1-332-g6a2053910 Merge pull request #306 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-331-g1f13b004f Fix missing resource status “info” key for data-derived resources
2.1-330-g6a78e9dec Add the <name>.svc.<nodename>.node.<clustername> A records to the cluster DNS
2.1-329-g2936fb1f6 Fix a potential stack in daemon.dns
2.1-328-g2befdb657 Remove trailing whitespaces from daemon.dns
2.1-327-g8d88c9f60 Merge pull request #304 from cgalibern/for-integration
2.1-326-g5f6b8ffea Fix declaration for auth, kv_store and requester for python 2
2.1-325-gec1399ab3 Fix resource selector using –tags
2.1-324-g376446bc8 Add noop_log
2.1-323-g9cfa6b2bb Make site drivers as importable module
2.1-322-g18423b9ab Add the ‘log_handlers’ kwarg to all BaseSvc derived classes
2.1-321-g042e15abf Fix api client for python2
2.1-320-g4b9576818 Log unexpected stacks from resource set actions
2.1-319-gaecbc67ba AuthFactory use now auth_provider.data_to_header() to construct header
2.1-318-g251778cf1 Fix KvSec.create (simply serialize value to sec key object)
2.1-317-g362333560 Add requester utilities for site drivers
2.1-316-g136b7bb2d Create an authorization header factory that use a kv_store
2.1-315-g2393e70ff Add kv_store utilities
2.1-314-g3bc3f41f0 Add public method to retrieve sec or cfg object
2.1-313-gc0ca65c88 Allow {node.labels.l} and {node.env.v} references
2.1-312-gd10c06879 Fix a stack when fs user or group name does not exist
2.1-311-gcebfdf1a7 Add user/group/perm keywords to the BaseFs driver
2.1-310-g09f2f025d Support “_” in drivers base name
2.1-309-g1a4307765 Merge pull request #303 from arnaudveron/fix-dns-ptr
2.1-308-g05ee9130a Fix PTR records
2.1-307-g7b866b0ba Merge pull request #298 from cgalibern/site-driver-import-fix
2.1-306-gda439f1a0 Update driver import search order for site-opensvc drivers
2.1-305-g4a9db7e13 Merge pull request #259 from cgalibern/remove-unused-import-on-object-action-handler
2.1-304-gad20e3915 Remove unused import from action handler
2.1-303-g20be2563c Merge pull request #296 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-302-g4bb095d99 Fix the current value parser for the pg_oom_control keyword
2.1-301-gaf973a3df Merge pull request #295 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-300-gdb261184d Fix undue pg update on sibbling services
2.1-299-g2e3c68b30 Fix the “next run” attr of “print schedule” not empty when schedule is empty
2.1-298-g9c7fe6ac2 Sort the “print schedule” output by configuration parameter name
2.1-297-gc3d8f6cc9 Fix a resource info clear issue at the begining of tasks run action
2.1-296-g4c4d8a08e Merge pull request #294 from cgalibern/fix-test-daemon-transient-failure
2.1-295-g2f62fa86e [test-gitlab] Ensure /usr/bin/true and /usr/bin/false exists during tests
2.1-294-g19a65be6e [test] Add more small time to mock daemon_start_native
2.1-293-g69d6b60dc Pep8
2.1-292-gf4c50178c Merge pull request #291 from cgalibern/fix-auto-shutdown-trigger
2.1-291-g7af2b3bf0 Fix encap action failure (regression in 20cfc94ff39f6f774e4600a9e30a6f242612e644)
2.1-290-g6dad56dbd [test] Reduce test time for ip
2.1-289-g039cfe44c [test] Ensure service default hook is called only once even if multiple resource
2.1-288-g40bb52bf3 Add service hooks for startstandby action
2.1-287-gbe3d96e30 [travis] Only report coverage for python3
2.1-286-g8c8150664 Remove dead code from action_triggers
2.1-285-g5f5035f19 [test] fix run task with ‘ ; ‘ in command (python2)
2.1-284-g75aef98af Re-factorize action_triggers
2.1-283-g4c3d854ea [test] Add run task tests
2.1-282-g85ba2e6ae [test] Ensure tasks are optional by default
2.1-281-gd029341ea [test] Remove invalid sections DEFAULT from node.conf fixture
2.1-280-gf86b1e6f0 Allow complex pre or blocking_pre commands for node auto reboot
2.1-279-g994e7fc21 [Test] Allow mixed use of has_cluster_config & has_node_config fixtures
2.1-278-ge39b65434 [test] Ensure auto_reboot respect node reboot.once setting
2.1-277-g53ede9c5a Fix auto_reboot failure when reboot.blocking_pre, or reboot.pre defined
2.1-276-gd43a5cc89 Merge pull request #292 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-275-gb21ef9ae7 Factorize more selector functions in utilities.selector
2.1-274-ga9c945fe6 Factorize selector fragment splitting code in utilities.selector
2.1-273-g97a5aaf83 Factorize the matching() funtion in selectors in a new utilities.selector module
2.1-272-g6337224ed Move the PgMixin in its own submodule
2.1-271-ga2b26bf39 Factorize object path globing algorithm in utilities.naming
2.1-270-g1b9bce85a Use a walk()-based implementation of pids() in
2.1-269-g33f716b6e Add the the “nscfg” subsystem to the “om” command
2.1-268-gd0828448e Fix missing s/cluster/nscfg/ in the nscfg command parser
2.1-267-gc02802d36 Fix a print message in bin/pkg/make_doc
2.1-266-ga7c4a31f0 Add the RBAC rule allowing squatter only to create/update nscfg objects
2.1-265-g614ac38f7 Object selector policy changes
2.1-264-g3bf4a22e5 Change the “no service selected” message to “no object selected”
2.1-263-ga42954d7f Add test before using its methods
2.1-262-gaf9d23b60 Add nscfg kind objects
2.1-261-ge81a97f7e Fix the [DEFAULT#rindex] instead of [DEFAULT] in doc templates
2.1-260-gfd1f4b3a0 Merge pull request #290 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-259-gff618651a Add the “interval” option to all heartbeat drivers configuration syntax
2.1-258-gab628e90b Merge pull request #288 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-257-ga80dca736 Log the reason of find_pool() not returning a pool
2.1-256-g25dbca40a Add the “pg update” svc action
2.1-255-g409093867 Merge pull request #286 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-254-g20cfc94ff Log finer origin of service action in encap nodes
2.1-253-g49fadf71d Add “DEFAULT.stat_timeout” to the svc dictionnary
2.1-252-g920f8fbb1 Fix the broken references check in “validate config” code path
2.1-251-g0fc2284e5 Merge pull request #285 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-250-g150710541 Fix the freenas pool driver
2.1-249-gac7fbfbcb Merge pull request #284 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-248-gb5ee1334b Fix a warning stack on svc action when args contain a “%”
2.1-247-gdc18cc86e Merge pull request #283 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-246-gd111600c7 Add the comment keyword in all data sections
2.1-245-g805295a3e Merge pull request #282 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-244-gf876023fc Fix sync.srdfs promote_devs_rw() when syminq does not report /dev/mapper/ devs
2.1-243-g80dc7a375 Merge pull request #279 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-242-g1cbccfb48 Adapt the “resize zvol” freenas array driver command to v2.0 api
2.1-241-g75aced6d4 Fix the unmap command of the freenas array driver
2.1-240-g15fe6aa2d Merge pull request #278 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-239-g09afa2f23 Fix the “iscsi add targetgroup” command of the freenas driver
2.1-238-g57b32cbd3 Merge pull request #277 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-237-gc81e5b5c4 Add a per-instance “preserved” attribute in the status structure
2.1-236-gbc813fc7f Merge pull request #275 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-235-g39d589950 Use (ns0, ns1, …) as the nameserver names in the dns records
2.1-234-gacc037e4e Merge pull request #273 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-233-g8033067d6 Align the POST /node_action result with POST /object_action
2.1-232-g5461a57af Merge pull request #272 from arnaudveron/b2.1
2.1-231-g8f3ef828e Add a GET /daemon_actions handler
2.1-230-g53675dc06 Update status.json when starting to run a task
2.1-229-ge5a960a0c Merge pull request #270 from arnaudveron/fix-sync-api
2.1-228-gfff065c5c Handle exception raised when only one node remains in the cluster
2.1-227-g93f97c255 Merge pull request #267 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-226-gd53ba9e25 Document env section override via ‘data’ option in POST /object_create
2.1-225-g2b6cdde4a Merge pull request #266 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-224-gacd5a4c9a Fix the “daemon_join” action via the POST /node_action handler
2.1-223-gf2b117c1c Merge pull request #265 from cgalibern/add-split-handlers-rename
2.1-222-gc92a9e2da Move cluster.split_action to node.split_action
2.1-221-g3b77bcc5f Merge pull request #263 from cgalibern/add-split-handlers
2.1-220-g3c51e0190 Add alternate ‘reboot’ split action when split brain cluster node has no quorum
2.1-219-gf72070566 Merge pull request #262 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-218-g9b5ca2cb5 Add “GET /daemon_relay_status” as a valid route to the relay_status handler
2.1-217-g105597da2 Merge pull request #260 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-216-g89ac45624 Add the limit_ keywords in the resources
2.1-215-g004351eb5 Add session_id and pid to async POST /object_action result data
2.1-214-g5f109edcf Fix a use before set bug in the DEFER fallback codepath of extconfig
2.1-213-g2abdd51b6 Add the DEFAULT.registry_creds kw to the svc dictionnary
2.1-212-g9e0c0bf6c Merge pull request #246 from arnaudveron/b2.1
2.1-211-gfeff11ad0 Merge remote-tracking branch ‘upstream/b2.1’ into averon-pr-246
2.1-209-ged85ed861 Merge pull request #254 from cgalibern/fix-handler-daemon-restart
2.1-208-gc9ce9f04d Fix om daemon restart –node ‘xxx’ systemd opensvc-agent desynchronization
2.1-207-gf9361128f Merge pull request #257 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-206-ga41586468 Prefer setfattr for the fs writable test instead of open-write <mnt>/.opensvc
2.1-205-g2e60c8ce2 Merge pull request #253 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-204-g5dd83142d Update the svcmon help message to reflect the stdby symbols changes
2.1-203-g6132de6bc Merge pull request #252 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-202-gfd0750ae3 Fix a potential stack on api result parsing
2.1-201-gce490f6ca Fix a stack in monitor reconfigure
2.1-200-g35c6baa1a Move volume_env_data() from Pool to Volume resource
2.1-199-gcde4b6147 Move pool volume_env parsing from volume resource to the base pool class
2.1-198-g6675596a8 Don’t confuse a no-cf volatile object with a remote object in print_config_data()
2.1-197-gb02c8fff6 Don’t clear BaseSvc::cd on BaseSvc::unset_all_lazy() for volatile objects
2.1-196-g694b44426 Don’t log an error on every action when a drbd res file does not exist
2.1-195-gb7eb3e29f Don’t log from BaseSvc::_update()
2.1-194-g53b742ccb Merge pull request #251 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-193-g4ceefa301 Fix image pulling when no registry_creds is specified
2.1-192-g2297fdde6 Merge pull request #250 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-191-g17e4d7d88 Avoid starting per-object status refresh while initial status commands still run
2.1-190-g262cb8c1e Merge pull request #249 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-189-g741eadbbc Fix tcp ~15s hangs in containers tcp connections
2.1-188-gaee727e53 Merge pull request #248 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-187-gd2f7472ba Fix fs#1.mnt reference
2.1-186-g7433b9fb5 Merge pull request #247 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-185-gfa2ec5941 Add the {volume#<n>.mnt} reference
2.1-184-g613353da0 Fix a pylint3 error in the freenas array driver
2.1-183-g29690a81e Settle udev before running a “multipath -f <dev>” to avoid the “in use” error
2.1-182-g518b36f29 Move the freenas array driver to v2 rest api
2.1-181-g8252576fe Don’t use comma as a mapping separator in pool logs
2.1-181-g63b38fb86 Fix exception raised when tag is not found
2.1-180-gf50d43e01 Merge pull request #244 from cgalibern/b2.1-cp-master
2.1-179-g7ff996107 Update listener stats session alive with thead id
2.1-178-gd7e32fa2d Implement Node().get_tid() for Solaris
2.1-177-g563038f94 Merge pull request #241 from cgalibern/fix-daemon-start-when-already-started
2.1-176-gbe59fec21 [test] Fix missing assert on daemon lock show has correct output
2.1-175-g28b4d757a [test] Fix missing assert on daemon lock show has correct output
2.1-174-g5919d9185 Fix ‘om daemon start’ restart running daemon
2.1-173-g90ff4deab Lint & PEP8 daemon command
2.1-172-g2bfc1fb79 Merge pull request #240 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-170-gf340c7ae9 Merge pull request #237 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-170-g682280263 Make sure the linux vg resource removes tags even when the vg is already down
2.1-169-gf61a90154 Restore encap config initial push
2.1-168-g222a08c3a Avoid short-looping GET /sync when the handler reports a problem
2.1-167-g28287ccb2 Fix Ip::wait_dns_record() GET /sync request payload
2.1-166-g70c8f5c7a Log handlers exceptions for clients using the raw protocol
2.1-165-g732464d36 Don’t install empty svc config from encap into the global
2.1-164-g169854883 Merge pull request #236 from cgalibern/fix-om-node-drain-stack
2.1-163-g651bd9357 Fix ‘om node drain –wait’ error
2.1-162-g2258edfea Merge pull request #234 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-161-gf40965ec5 Handle two ip.cni driver corner cases
2.1-160-gdf2d0a3aa Merge pull request #233 from cgalibern/b2.1-cherry-pick-master
2.1-159-g1daa651d1 Fix stack from crm when daemon is restarting
2.1-158-ga6b7b7205 [test] Move
2.1-157-g77a4463d5 [test] Add deselected core.scheduler
2.1-156-g2becc90c4 [test] Add deselected utilities.proc.check_privs
2.1-155-g2cbd6aee6 [test] Add deselected core.extconfig.eval_expr
2.1-154-g5535509fc Merge pull request #231 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-153-gd0acc2e7e Fix a pylint error on missing import in the dns thread codebase
2.1-152-g70c44940b Simplify the GET /sync handler
2.1-151-g40f29316d Don’t listen on the dns socket until the monitor has left ‘init’ status
2.1-150-gd4709b69f dns thread enhancements
2.1-149-g109a0d0c0 Merge pull request #229 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-148-g2203fc3f8 Fix a “gen_cert > _fullpem” infinite recursion
2.1-147-g7039277ce Add signal capabilities to docker and podman containers
2.1-146-g3b8f6788a Make gen_cert use a single sec configuration commit.
2.1-145-g62152686d Don’t try send signal to not-up containers
2.1-144-g140d0bc6b Accept a timeout in Node::_daemon_unlock() and use a 120s timeout in disk.drbd
2.1-143-gcb10d91c4 Fix volume.signal honored only on the first volume resource found
2.1-142-ge4ffd4407 Merge pull request #228 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-141-gaae03818b Remove a cluster data lock acquire in the PTR record formatter of the dns thread
2.1-140-g514e74245 Fix a stack in daemon_backlogs() when the response contains an error
2.1-139-g461d08657 Merge pull request #224 from cgalibern/api-get-locks-1
2.1-138-g6e1e28104 [test] Speed up test with avoid computation of version from git
2.1-137-g6955769ba Implement “om daemon lock show” to show cluster locks
2.1-136-g1bf5a6775 [api] Implement get /cluster/locks to retreive cluster lock
2.1-135-g2778eadf6 Merge pull request #225 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-134-gb57ccc218 Fix the rsync on snap codepath
2.1-133-gc0c76df06 Add more labels to containers
2.1-132-gab0ff3055 Merge pull request #223 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-131-ga3637a1a5 Fix a wait dns stack on cluster sync request
2.1-130-g773e583ef Expose a resource cache clear method from the Resource class
2.1-129-g7a02dc70f Add the “signal” keyword to the volume driver
2.1-128-g67198ca3e Merge pull request #220 from cgalibern/b2.1-fix-add_cluster_node
2.1-127-g7d15d2486 Fix listener crash during invalid daemon join call
2.1-126-g364e3701b Merge pull request #219 from cgalibern/b2.1-cp-master
2.1-125-g092abbfd9 Ensure –node arg is present during ‘om daemon join/rejoin’
2.1-124-g3f6c1a517 Merge pull request #216 from cgalibern/b2.1-cherry-pick-master
2.1-123-g1a2035087 [test] Add handler tests for POST /join & /leave
2.1-122-g3dcda84ca [test] Ensure add_cluster_node update cluster config nodes
2.1-121-g50580b2ae [test] Ensure fresh install define cluster_nodes with nodename
2.1-120-g2b7ac4431 Fix error message in make_deb
2.1-119-g806bcd0fc Merge pull request #214 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-118-g9e0343545 Fix flex_target not updated on node labels change
2.1-117-ga384c1e73 Merge pull request #212 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-116-g6f0d117d8 Fix “wait parents” lingering smon status on switch actions
2.1-115-g74c8e7660 Fix wait_dns occasional failures
2.1-114-g18569f643 Merge pull request #211 from cgalibern/b2.1-cherry-pick-master
2.1-113-g8d9fab19b [test] fix assert call_count == 1 vs assert_called_once
2.1-112-gfb68d441d [container.oci] Fix podman location
2.1-111-gf508e8616 [test] Add tests om drbd provisioner
2.1-110-g708c6262c [test] klass_has_capability fixture into
2.1-109-g718b1b861 disk.drbd driver enhancements
2.1-108-gcbec030c3 Fix early detection of local_expect started
2.1-107-g60741c6ba Lint & PEP8
2.1-106-gb482ecde4 Lint & PEP8
2.1-105-g96855cc49 Always use DEFAULT_DAEMON_TIMEOUT from core/
2.1-104-ge14e5e77f Respect drain wait time on a pending node drain
2.1-103-ged06114aa Use timeout=5 during disk/drbd replicated_config daemon_post
2.1-102-g21cc26468 Refacto with DEFAULT_DAEMON_TIMEOUT=5
2.1-101-gd210e2137 Align daemon_post timeout from 2->5 during svc wake_monitor
2.1-100-g63de7e797 Add timeout to node daemon_post calls
2.1-99-g36d340e8f Update _daemon_lock error when timeout is None
2.1-98-g4f820dd23 Merge pull request #208 from cgalibern/fix-release-cluster-lock
2.1-97-g0522078cd Ensure lock_release returns when lock released in shared.CLUSTER_DATA
2.1-96-g11e38d4eb Merge pull request #209 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-95-g39630a739 Don’t set registry creds option on docker/podman start commands
2.1-94-gaf5602676 Merge pull request #207 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-93-gd302ad253 Fix missing templates in usr/share/doc
2.1-92-gee106b253 Merge pull request #205 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-90-g6abc54e6f Fix provision orchestration issue with parents=foo@node1
2.1-90-g3b5084876 Merge pull request #204 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-89-g4ea0297b8 Fix a stack in docker and podman resource drivers
2.1-88-g912a8a03a Add a capability to drivers supporting regisrty_creds
2.1-87-g5052458ca Make “kind” a required option of the GET /keywords handlers
2.1-86-g05e95b10d Merge pull request #203 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-85-g12405fb8c Support registry creds config as secrets
2.1-84-g7fbfb762f Merge pull request #202 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-83-g297d8a1b4 Fix postintall() on daemon monitor fetch_service_config()
2.1-82-g99248c95a Fix “om <sec> install”
2.1-81-g17a02d9c8 Merge pull request #201 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-80-g8cd9e59b6 Don’t run docker and podman task on provision
2.1-79-g4a622a11c Merge pull request #200 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-78-gad966c014 Fix a log message typo in Node::find_pool()
2.1-77-ge2aa18fe1 Discard volatile pool from candidates if pool type not requested
2.1-76-g6790e5168 Merge pull request #199 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-75-gab78aae9e Fix case of resource status_info not updated
2.1-74-gdf7b17681 Fix a typo in the status_info resource lazy load from cache
2.1-73-g0675258f1 Fix a resource info corruption on peer node labels change
2.1-72-gc018f71f0 Merge pull request #197 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-71-ge41b406db Fix two potential dns db desync situation
2.1-70-g1c295a4e7 Merge pull request #196 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-69-gf6b329e2a Set use-vc in resolv.conf options for containers using backend ipaddr
2.1-68-g5aac751d4 Merge pull request #193 from cgalibern/move-travis-to-focal
2.1-67-g397639813 [travis] Move to focal to avoid pytest error
2.1-66-g52b9f267e Merge pull request #191 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-65-gb6c91a0f3 Allow disable/freeze/thaw on PRD objects deployed on DEV nodes
2.1-64-gda97f0913 Merge pull request #190 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-63-g889b2364a Fix a stack with task.docker and task.podman when no timeout is set
2.1-62-g5b89e9003 Merge pull request #189 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-61-g322d69ad4 Add a pool “status_schedule” keyword
2.1-60-gf8b4fa984 Merge pull request #188 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-59-g9f029b497 disk.drbd driver enhancements
2.1-58-g54554119b Merge pull request #185 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-57-g3bfcbf36d Give preference to non shared pools to allocate a non shared volume
2.1-56-gb212af284 Merge pull request #184 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-55-ga53679cbf Merge branch ‘b2.1’ into b2.1
2.1-53-gfd35baf8d Define a pre_provision_stop() method in the volume resource driver
2.1-52-g61c8d9b85 Report vol obj avail warn at warn-level volume resource status log message
2.1-51-gdab36d931 Report vol obj overall=warn as volume resource warn log
2.1-50-gd5075212d Merge pull request #183 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-50-g02b932a48 Allow the “status” action on invalid nodes to not loop on status in daemon init
2.1-49-ge0eb3be1e Merge branch ‘b2.1’ into b2.1
2.1-45-ge4ba19eb8 Update support & sysreport proc for cluster secrets
2.1-44-g95cb0ac27 Fix the cluster lock acquire request timeout
2.1-43-g44d0d8d5d Fix resource restarting before provisioned
2.1-42-g366cfbbce Honor the parents relations during a multi-object switch
2.1-42-g15d45ec00 Update support & sysreport proc for cluster secrets
2.1-41-geb53b5737 Merge pull request #181 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-41-g4efce66f2 Force create-md in the drbd provisioner codepath
2.1-40-ga29110340 Test containerized tasks always use timeout kw value
2.1-40-g756a5dfe0 Test containerized tasks always use timeout kw value
2.1-39-gd81fbad65 Fix a variable name error in task.podman
2.1-38-g3fca485b2 Don’t import “start_timeout” in the task.docker and task.podman keywords
2.1-37-gf89b90cf8 Rename the core.node.ACTIONS_WAIT_RESULT to ACTIONS_NOWAIT_RESULT
2.1-36-g9e1c1ca58 Make POST /node_action accept again action for daemon, network and pool subsystems
2.1-35-gf777a6563 Fix ha svc with hard affinity not started when they could
2.1-34-g404893862 Merge pull request #180 from cgalibern/set-sysidcfg-unconfig-when-no-ip-resources
2.1-33-g8f2e61871 [] Fix generated sysidcfg
2.1-32-g31d26dcb4 [] Allow provision without ip resources
2.1-31-ge716a4a61 Fix containerized tasks always using the default 5s start_timeout
2.1-30-g946c97d18 Merge pull request #179 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-29-g70429bbf2 Fix and optimize daemon monitor get_local_paths()
2.1-28-gce57234b6 Merge pull request #177 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-27-g9b4355e06 Add the GET /object_confirmations handlers
2.1-26-gac2a2555e Merge pull request #175 from cgalibern/diag-travis
2.1-25-g466ef5dd7 [coverage] Exclude virtualenv and new foreign path from coverage
2.1-24-gde1a95d20 [travis] Diag failing test
2.1-23-g937b3a759 [travis] cleanup not anymore required sudo
2.1-22-g26e8a8ef6 Merge pull request #174 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-21-g8e2e33980 Fix a stack on task run when stdin is closed
2.1-20-g02b6b7a8f Honor “stop –force” in the drbd driver
2.1-19-gaa723236a Merge pull request #168 from cgalibern/update-brand-zones
2.1-18-gcb6b22dcf [] Update for solaris10 brand zones
2.1-17-g804eb92b7 [] Ensure mock capabilities
2.1-16-gf9b482410 [] Add capability
2.1-15-gcff4d0528 Fix om node print devs stack when FAULTY zpool exists (Solaris)
2.1-14-g7a4f3dd5d Merge pull request #166 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-13-g7d29a4e7b Fix another drbd driver regexp declared binary instead of raw
2.1-12-ga7a5e5a3e Merge pull request #164 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-11-g9f0eca4a6 Fix utilities.subsystems.docker container_by_label() for podman
2.1-10-gedfd990fb Fix ‘handler GET resource/disk/drbd/allocations is not supported’
2.1-9-g3930cbc2c Fix zone brands[solaris10 & native] provisioning (#161) (#162)
2.1-8-gd49b3d8f6 [packaging] Fix solaris daemon restart during package relocate operations (#160)
2.1-7-gf5fb36f06 Merge pull request #157 from arnaudveron/backport-fix-drbd-regexp
2.1-6-gea05a04d8 Fix regexp declaration in drbd driver
2.1-5-gf80718235 Merge pull request #154 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-3-gef594d291 Merge pull request #149 from cvaroqui/b2.1
2.1-3-g62daabe87 Fix a stack on provision in disk.drbd when the listener reports unsupported handler
2.1-2-gcfb8d53df Avoid using version for release when the git head commit is tagged
2.1-1-g10a6e8ca3 Fix a stack in utilies.version