1.9-1280 Embed the lowercase app code in the dns names
1.9-1279 Fix a potential stack in svcmon renderer with corrupt daemon data
1.9-1278 Fix svcmon factorization of not-scaler slaves
1.9-1277 Add a powerdns remote backend thread to osvcd
1.9-1276 Fix a stack generated by coloured json outputs
1.9-1275 Fix another stack in ref_cache purge when it does not exist
1.9-1274 Add multiple location for systemd unit file
1.9-1273 Fix a stack in ref_cache purge when it does not exist
1.9-1272 Don't log "send service collector container info" when the service has no encap
1.9-1271 Allow orchestrate=ha on 1-node clusters
1.9-1270 Fix the scaler unduly setting min/max nodes to 0 on the last slave
1.9-1269 Fix svc.scaler.slaves value evaluation
1.9-1268 Simplify the scaler code and fix the aggregated status
1.9-1267 Purge the keyword ref_cache and all lazy attributes on unset/set
1.9-1266 Intrepret the scale value as the number of target instances
1.9-1265 Use a LooseVersion sort in svcmon instead of alphanum sort
1.9-1264 Skip remote "set --kw node-=<local node>" on delete originating from osvcd
1.9-1263 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-1262 Add a docker instance rm in the container.docker unprovision codepath
1.9-1261 Remove --rm option due to -d flag compat issue with old docker versions
1.9-1260 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-1259 Align provisioned ip to docker0 subnet
1.9-1258 Implement a wait_service_config_consensus() method
1.9-1257 Allow async stop on a service with instances in warn availstatus
1.9-1256 Try to stop docker on stop/unprov even if we the container was already stopped
1.9-1255 Fix a stack in comp objects when parsing an empty variable
1.9-1254 Parallelize scaler slaves actions during a scale transition
1.9-1253 Don't set docker run --cgroup-parent option when using the system's dockerd
1.9-1252 Implement status_info for ip.cni
1.9-1251 Implement a wait_global_expect_unset() monitor thread method
1.9-1250 Fix a stack in the listener thread service action method
1.9-1249 Fix a case of the rejoin grace period never expiring
1.9-1248 Set the remote svc config mtime on the fetched copy
1.9-1247 Better handling of temporary files purge in tmp/
1.9-1246 Add the shift placement policy
1.9-1245 Display "scaler" in the svcmon output instead of <topology>/<orchestrate>
1.9-1244 Interpret scale=0 as a scaler without slaves yet
1.9-1243 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-1242 Change the scale action from manual to auto orchestration
1.9-1241 Fix text output in make_rst_examples
1.9-1240 Add missing newlines
1.9-1239 Add the missing checkSync checker module
1.9-1238 Fix "nodemgr push disks" not pushing data when format is not specified
1.9-1237 Fix the children computation in the svcmon codepath
1.9-1236 Plug fd leaks in the lock module error paths
1.9-1235 Consolidate ACTION_TGT_STATE and ACTION_PROGRESS in a single structure
1.9-1234 Add the "scale" service configuration keyword and "scale" action
1.9-1233 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-1232 Relocate systemd unit file to /usr/lib/systemd/system
1.9-1231 Avoid repeating heartbeat errors
1.9-1230 Use nonblocking socket in the listener handler too
1.9-1229 Add the node keyword to the node dict
1.9-1228 Change the "thread queue length" message to debug level
1.9-1227 Bump up the max hb handler threads to 4nb_nodes
1.9-1226 Fix a stack on "nodemgr schedule reboot status" when armed by no schedule set
1.9-1225 Fix a unset variable error in ed8641733172f494fe8d7a99690907f5ba7709d7
1.9-1224 Fix a type error in ed8641733172f494fe8d7a99690907f5ba7709d7
1.9-1223 Fix a typo in ed8641733172f494fe8d7a99690907f5ba7709d7
1.9-1222 with scsi pr provisioning enhancement
1.9-1221 Merge the scsi pr co-resource shared and standby keywords
1.9-1220 Fix wrong exposed dev reported by inactive and unprovisioned resources
1.9-1219 Discard paths from sub_devs parsed from mdadm -E --scan -v
1.9-1218 Add a select and non-blocking socket handling to recv_message()
1.9-1217 Better handling of service with docker resources while docker is not installed
1.9-1216 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-1215 Ignore the cluster "daemon status" data key in svcmon threads renderer
1.9-1214 Add manpages references to systemd unit file
1.9-1213 Add systemd dependency on
1.9-1212 Add a node property
1.9-1211 Display the orchestrate value in svcmon
1.9-1210 Fix a stack in the svcmon codepath when a disk hb has not initialized dev
1.9-1209 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-1208 Merge the joined node env on "nodemgr daemon join"
1.9-1207 Fix error message if pushpkg is not supported
1.9-1206 Fix hb.disk reconfiguration on device change
1.9-1205 Don't refuse to build a service with incompatible svc_env/node_env
1.9-1204 Tweak flex min/max cpu default thresholds
1.9-1203 Tweak the fs ordering algorithm
1.9-1202 Add a "daemon running?" test before trying to send a stop message
1.9-1201 Fix and indent/whitespace mismatch in osvcd monitor thread
1.9-1200 Don't merge remote frozen instance state if the global expect is "thawed"
1.9-1199 Add log entry to postinstall function restart_daemon()
1.9-1198 Fix OPENSVC_AGENT_UPGRADE assignment syntax
1.9-1197 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-1196 Better handling of the cluster upgrades
1.9-1195 Add OPENSVC_AGENT_UPGRADE environment variable
1.9-1194 Don't report a end time for log lines sent to the collector
1.9-1193 Aggregate the logs before sending to the collector
1.9-1192 Fix a stack in the monitor thread in better_peers_ready()
1.9-1191 Fix wrong variable name in the monitor thread code
1.9-1190 Fix a "delete --unprovision" issue with nodes={clusternodes}
1.9-1189 Fix the "action" column content in the logs sent to the collector
1.9-1188 Don't preemptively store call() output in mem when cache=False
1.9-1187 Fix giveback not starting the instance on the leader of failover services
1.9-1186 Fix invalid return values in the listener router handlers
1.9-1185 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-1184 Misc encap fixes
1.9-1183 Fix flex aggregate availstatus "unknown" when max_nodes is not set
1.9-1182 Fix a stack when the svcmgr ls filter references an unknown keyword
1.9-1181 Allow to change the udp port used for Wake-On-LAN
1.9-1180 Don't log a stack when failing to acquire the svclock for status eval
1.9-1179 Add a sync checker reporting each sync resource last "bytes" and "speed"
1.9-1178 Fix the rsync parser
1.9-1177 Fix a default in the relay and disk hb rx
1.9-1176 Add the "nodemgr unfreeze" action translation to "nodemgr thaw"
1.9-1175 Don't try to start an already started instance in the giveback last stage
1.9-1174 Giveback action fixes
1.9-1173 Compute the speed and transfered bytes of each async sync resource
1.9-1172 Fix a printed error in the app resource resinfo codepath
1.9-1171 print_size() converter enhancement
1.9-1170 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-1169 Check the instance avail status instead of overall before allowed sync
1.9-1168 Fix typo issue in nosetests
1.9-1167 Force python3 pyc files renewal during postinstall
1.9-1166 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-1165 Consolidate Svc::resourcesets and Svc::resourcesets_by_type
1.9-1164 Fix the lock progress. Missing truncate call.
1.9-1163 Add nose dependency on python-requests
1.9-1162 Add nose coverage plugin prerequisite
1.9-1161 Add node html output plugin prerequisite
1.9-1160 Force pyc files renewal during postinstall
1.9-1159 Add the R resource flag in print status
1.9-1158 Fix python3 compat of the lock data write
1.9-1157 Add missing function docstrings in rcUtilities
1.9-1156 pylint fixes for the lock module
1.9-1155 One more delete tweak
1.9-1154 More delete tweaks
1.9-1153 Add a protection against popping too many handlers from the hb rx threads
1.9-1152 Refresh the status.json after merging the provisioned states
1.9-1151 Fix placement_ranks_nodes_order() for drp nodes
1.9-1150 Add the promote_rw to disk, fs and container resources
1.9-1149 Fix provision with scsireserv=true returning 1 before the rollback end
1.9-1148 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-1147 Add "set provisioned" and "unset provisioned" svcmgr actions
1.9-1146 Fix copy/paste issue on blocking trigger logging message
1.9-1145 Support @nodes and @drpnodes keyword scoping in node.conf
1.9-1144 Better handling of unresolved reference in fs mnt keyword
1.9-1143 Add the cluster.drpnodes node config keyword and the {clusterdrpnodes} ref
1.9-1142 Active log compression with python3
1.9-1141 Remove more lingering log file on service instance delete
1.9-1140 Support scoping the node.conf and cluster.secret keywords
1.9-1139 sync.zfs enhancements
1.9-1138 Create missing build infra dirs in bin/pkg/make_rpm
1.9-1137 Fix a monitor thread stack in ha-flex service delete codepath
1.9-1136 Fix the slot allocation compat with latest python
1.9-1135 Don't exit service-with-docker-resources status eval when docker is not installed
1.9-1134 Move the service cgroups under opensvc/
1.9-1133 Fix the sync.zfs state file drp copy to peer nodes
1.9-1132 Fix encap constraints always displayed as violation in print status
1.9-1131 Allow scoping of the "constraints" keyword
1.9-1130 Don't raise placement alerts when the non-frozen node list len is < 2
1.9-1129 Fix a monitor thread stack on rejoin when a peer svc instance is frozen
1.9-1128 Don't validate local action trusting the mon state
1.9-1127 Also exclude the app resources from the sync.symsrdfs master status eval
1.9-1126 Relax the sync.symsrdfs presync export condition
1.9-1125 Remove the "svcmgr -s <svcname> create --interactive" action
1.9-1124 Fix the multicast rx heartbeat not going stale
1.9-1123 Fix a stack in the ip collector provisioner when ipdev has no ip configured
1.9-1122 Placement aggregation enhancement
1.9-1121 Add the Svc class part of the async giveback
1.9-1120 Enhance the shared and provision keywords description
1.9-1119 Implement async giveback
1.9-1118 Fix the resourceset action() types and xtypes filters
1.9-1117 Fix delete loop when deleting a service with nodes={clusternodes}
1.9-1116 Clear the devtree cache at the end of provision/unprovision of disk provisioners
1.9-1115 Accept the "unfreeze" action as a "thaw" synonym
1.9-1114 Fix a stack on pre/post action when a resource has no matching resources
1.9-1113 Fixes for the default per-family subsets
1.9-1112 Fix a sync_all issue
1.9-1111 Avoid the sync.zfs full sync caused by the "sent" zfs snap rename
1.9-1110 sync resync enhancements
1.9-1109 Allow mutiple sync.zfs resources on the same src
1.9-1108 Fix redundant action on the same resource
1.9-1107 Add a zfs dataset rename method to the Dataset class
1.9-1106 Sanity check for bdecode
1.9-1105 Fix the enable/disable actions
1.9-1104 Don't start the docker private daemon on stop
1.9-1103 provisioner log beautify
1.9-1102 Rename the syncswap action to "sync swap"
1.9-1101 Optimization in the sync.zfssnap driver
1.9-1100 Add the "sync resync" action support in the driver
1.9-1099 Add a table of the svcmon state flags in the help description
1.9-1098 Fix a relay bug stacking the daemon if the "relay" kw is not set
1.9-1097 Remove undue status logs from the checker
1.9-1096 Fix the svcmgr toc action
1.9-1095 Consider a standby disk.drbd is stdby up if in secondary state
1.9-1094 Move the sort resourcesets up to Svc::sub_set_action()
1.9-1093 Fix the scsireserv resources ordering
1.9-1092 Add a subset sort in the Svc::set_action()
1.9-1091 Fix the fs.dir driver label lazy attr definition
1.9-1090 Get rid of the per-type resourceset
1.9-1089 Report more warnings in the md resource status checker
1.9-1088 Better status log reporting when a scsi reserv resource is in "undef" state
1.9-1087 Fix raw_input() callers with python3
1.9-1086 Fix the giveback action
1.9-1085 Support "--rid <driver>" in svcmgr actions and restore prstart/prstop actions
1.9-1084 Fix the dev_to_paths() on Linux systems with a non-standard dm major
1.9-1083 Do a first communication with daemon in postinstall
1.9-1082 Create the daemon restart flag from the preinstall if it does not exist yet
1.9-1081 Don't display an error on rpm upgrade from 1.8 to 1.9 if no service is present
1.9-1080 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-1079 Add missing bin/preuninstall file in the rpm spec file
1.9-1078 preinstall fix
1.9-1077 Don't stack on _read_cf when no configuration file exists
1.9-1076 Stop the daemon on package remove
1.9-1075 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-1074 Support multiparagraph action descriptions in the --help output
1.9-1073 Generate a simple config examples for each resource
1.9-1072 Refresh the man and bash completion
1.9-1071 Remove upper-case letters from the action name in the nodemgr parser
1.9-1070 Fix a stack in a log message formatting
1.9-1069 Move the "already targetting that" message to debug
1.9-1068 Abort a flex instance ready state if enough better peers are ready
1.9-1067 Support multi-level enslaving and represent slave rels in svcmon
1.9-1066 Faster monitor proc janitoring loop and ready stealing fix
1.9-1065 Fix the enslave children embedding in the service json status
1.9-1064 Fix the docker daemon shutdown happening too late
1.9-1063 Fix the multi-subvol on loopdevice btrfs provisioner
1.9-1062 Give the fs loopdevice attr setting its own method
1.9-1061 Fix the btrfs on loop provisioner on Linux
1.9-1060 Fix the fs on loop status evaluation on Linux
1.9-1059 Fix the btrfs provisioner
1.9-1058 Fix the presync()
1.9-1057 Support --kw multi-option in nodemgr and svcmgr get and unset
1.9-1056 Allow -r as the svcmgr --refresh short option
1.9-1055 Catch possible KeyErrors in the resource provisioned state merging
1.9-1054 Shortcut dev_to_paths() for /dev/vd
1.9-1053 Support lazy references in the linux fs resources dev keyword
1.9-1052 Don't cache None derefence results
1.9-1051 Skip the resource provision on not-leader only if the request originates from osvcd
1.9-1050 Allow --disable-rollback on pull/create/update actions
1.9-1049 Setup the service monitor data with an initial "idle" status
1.9-1048 Fix a potential stack in the "print status" codepath
1.9-1047 Fix a potential stack in the svcmon rendering codepath
1.9-1046 Update the doc templates
1.9-1045 Don't noop the ip start method in the provisioner
1.9-1044 Fix a rare daemon monitor stack on service delete --unprovision
1.9-1043 Don't use node auth on "collector cli" if the --user option is specified
1.9-1042 An missing ipname must cause a down ip resource status
1.9-1041 Fix a daemon-handled provisioning loop
1.9-1040 provisioning fixes
1.9-1039 Fix a stack in the update code path
1.9-1038 Fix the parameters handling of collector cli
1.9-1037 Python3.6+ fix for the inventory HDS
1.9-1036 Allow start/stop request on services in warn agg avail but no instance in warn
1.9-1035 Allow local action on services in failed mon states
1.9-1034 Allow the daemon monitor to freeze/thaw/abort/delete disabled services
1.9-1033 Factorize hb.mcast rx/tx common socket preparation in a parent class method
1.9-1032 Fix the sync.rsync timestamp file hosting dir creation
1.9-1031 Fix two daemon monitor stack
1.9-1030 Python3.6+ fix for the ip.cni driver
1.9-1029 Fix the interface binding in the mcast heartbeat driver
1.9-1028 Fix a python3.6+ bug in the mcast heartbeat
1.9-1027 Bootstrap a collector cli test suite
1.9-1026 Don't always setup node auth for root execution of "nodemgr collector cli"
1.9-1025 Fix collector cli commands using CmdLs() and CmdShow() internally
1.9-1024 nodemgr collector cli enhancements
1.9-1023 Fix fs.btrfs sub_devs()
1.9-1022 Add ip.docker and fs.btrfs tests to the provision test suite
1.9-1021 Add a ip provision test to the provision test suite
1.9-1020 Add and container.docker tests to the provisioning test suite
1.9-1019 Remove in-mem resources and references in the delete resources codepath
1.9-1018 Add a Resource() method to remove the provisioned state cache file
1.9-1017 uuid not set should not err on stop
1.9-1016 Don't trust cache in is_provisioned() code path
1.9-1015 Add compliance commands to the svcmgr and nodemgr test suites
1.9-1014 Fix a syntax error in osvcd monitor thread code
1.9-1013 Fix the returncode of nodemgr.main() direct use
1.9-1012 Add more exclusions to .coveragerc
1.9-1011 Fix a utf8 + python3 stack in the nodeconf compliance object
1.9-1010 Really fix the bug 563378a9c40141c7a89ba65bb38b1bc0caea66df should have fixed
1.9-1009 Remove a debug statement from svcmon
1.9-1008 Add a svcmon test suite
1.9-1007 Fix svcmon return code and argv passing to the main() function
1.9-1006 Fix a "dict changed size during iteration" error in the daemon monitor thread
1.9-1005 Remove undue test
1.9-1004 Add more tests
1.9-1003 Fix the --parallel return code aggregation of each worker subprocess
1.9-1002 Add docstrings to the svc_fs test suite
1.9-1001 Add 'nodemgr print devs' the the nodemgr test suite
1.9-1000 Limit the pure-python md5 module fallback to ImportError if hashlib has no md5
1.9-999 Add md provision test to the provision test suite
1.9-998 Add a provision test suite
1.9-997 Don't remove the service if the delete command is scoped
1.9-996 Add a realpath kwarg to the is_exe() utility function
1.9-995 Remove a useless include from
1.9-994 Don't err if node.conf or auth.conf are empty on "print config"
1.9-993 Fix an assert on Solaris
1.9-992 Fix is_exe() utility function wrt symlinks
1.9-991 Don't try to eval the next reboot slot date if not scheduled
1.9-990 Fix the daemon listener router
1.9-989 Fix issues when the daemon is not returning valid status data
1.9-988 Switch the expr, forest, freeze, import and lock test suites to class
1.9-987 Switch status and scheduler test suites to classes
1.9-986 Switch converters test suite to a class
1.9-985 Switch asset test suite to a class
1.9-984 Switch node test suite to a class
1.9-983 Switch nodemgr test suite to a class
1.9-982 Add docstrings to rcUtilities tests
1.9-981 Configure coverage omit and add html and json xunit renderings
1.9-980 Add a Node class test suite to reach a better coverage
1.9-979 Add docstrings to all nodemgr tests
1.9-978 Add docstrings to all svcmgr nose tests
1.9-977 Test more "svcmgr ls" cases in the nose test suite
1.9-976 Fix a "svcmgr ls" regression due to new "not found" keyword new expections class
1.9-975 Add a test suite for the rcStatus module
1.9-974 Add a test for the gce connect_to parser in the pushasset codepath
1.9-973 Add a bin/pkg/make_tests to set the nose tests run parameters
1.9-972 Commit the node section template for the now included loc_addr keyword
1.9-971 Add a .coveragerc file
1.9-970 Fix missing node keyword
1.9-969 Add a test_freezer to the nose tests
1.9-968 One more nosetest fix
1.9-967 Fix the test_svcmgr nosetest
1.9-966 Fix a possible stack in the "svcmgr pull" codepath
1.9-965 Allow "svcmgr unset --param foo"
1.9-964 Fix an unset regression with the keywords module patch
1.9-963 Fix "svcmgr create"
1.9-962 Fix a python2 bug in the size converter
1.9-961 Factorize the matching resourcesets in sub_set_action()
1.9-960 Add a ip.provisioner provisioning keyword
1.9-959 Fix unprovision bug on bind mount fs resources
1.9-958 Fix a size converter bug
1.9-957 No need to stop resoure from the disk.loop provisioner
1.9-956 Allow freeze and stop local action when mon status is not idle
1.9-955 Factorize print_config_data() between Node and Svc, in extconfig
1.9-954 Remove the windows listener implementation, prepare for a full-featured osvcd svc
1.9-953 Stricter use of the svcdict accessors for DEFAULT.docker keywords
1.9-952 Avoid "can not stat LABEL=pridns.fs.1" errors in final action stage
1.9-951 Fix the ready_period default value
1.9-950 Track missing node doc template
1.9-949 Don't display the provisioning keyword property for node keywords
1.9-948 Factorize the config methods in the new extconfig module
1.9-947 Fix the default node cni. value fallback in the ip.cni driver
1.9-946 Add cni.plugins and cni.config node.conf options
1.9-945 Return 1%FREE and friends unchanged in the size converter
1.9-944 python3 fixes for the hb.disk driver
1.9-943 Create missing <OSVCVAR>/services/<svcname>/scheduler/ dir from rsync driver
1.9-942 Fix keyword candidates printing in the validate_config error codepath
1.9-941 Fix devtree region hash function on python3
1.9-940 Fix a wrong variable name
1.9-939 Align node and svc capabilities wrt config file
1.9-938 Fix the reboot pre and blocking_pre triggers
1.9-937 Use "template.service." as the service templates prefix
1.9-936 Add a node keywords dictionnary and split the node.conf annotated template
1.9-935 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-934 docker fixes
1.9-933 Fix a forest structure glitch after load
1.9-932 Add the "nodemgr network show --id <cni net id>" command
1.9-931 Add a forest and forest node .load(data) method
1.9-930 Add a reboot.once boolean keyword to node.conf
1.9-929 Avoid pushing garbage in the resinfo table
1.9-928 Service json status format changes
1.9-927 service json status enhancements
1.9-926 Keep the scheduler thread from running the same command twice
1.9-925 Add the {etc} and {var} references
1.9-924 Add "nodemgr network ls [--format=<fmt>]
1.9-923 Do not require the portmap cni plugin to be declared in the network config
1.9-922 Fix the auto scaling down of ha flex services
1.9-921 Allow to set node.ready_period instead of hardcoding 16s
1.9-920 Auto stop ha flex instances when n_up > flex_max_nodes
1.9-919 ip.cni fixes
1.9-918 Allow setting the min log level for the syslog logger
1.9-917 Test the existence of a zfs dataset before destroy
1.9-916 Fix a python 2.5 compat bug in postinstall
1.9-915 Fix mixed ws/tab indentation in the xtremio array driver
1.9-914 Add support for multiple clusters handled by a xms in the xtremio array driver
1.9-913 Fix a syntax error in the example section ( info)
1.9-912 Don't report the encap daemon down for containers
1.9-911 python3 compat fix for he scsireserv sg driver
1.9-910 Support the portmap plugin runtimeConfig injection
1.9-909 Fixes bad variable assignment during modules parsing
1.9-908 Support plugins chaining in the ip.cni driver
1.9-907 No need to detach a subprocess when the action is run by the daemon
1.9-906 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-905 Fix python2.5 to 3+ modes in the postinstall script
1.9-904 Disable sanity check in scsi reserv when run by the daemon
1.9-903 Remove the joiner quorum keyword if quorum=false or unset on the joined node
1.9-902 Fix the quorum value merging in the joiner code path
1.9-901 Fix the quorum key name in the daemon join response from the listener
1.9-900 freeze on stop --local only if orchestrate == "ha"
1.9-899 Add the quorum info to the cluster data returned by the listener on join
1.9-898 Change the 'crash' linux toc method to echo 'c' in sysrq-triggger
1.9-897 Add client-side part of the arbitrator and quorum config merge on join
1.9-896 Fix a stack in the quorum suicide logging
1.9-895 Expose "push encap config" as a service instance action
1.9-894 Reinstate the "push config" service action
1.9-893 Fix a dev_to_paths() bug on Linux
1.9-892 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-891 Fix "set --kw drpnodes-=node10" when drpnodes is not set
1.9-890 Fix disklist on sles11 when md members are multipaths
1.9-889 Fix a stack in the provision action codepath
1.9-888 Add --node autocompletion to bash completion
1.9-887 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-886 Fix a provision stack in the lv driver
1.9-885 Don't include netmask in ip resources resinfo if not configured
1.9-884 Fix the "down idle,started" instance state after a stop --local
1.9-883 Behave better when the node.conf configuration file is corrupted
1.9-882 Exit from the split handler on frozen nodes
1.9-881 python[23] compat fix for the relay heartbeat driver
1.9-880 Fix mixed indent in osvcd_mon
1.9-879 Care for arbitrator sections in "daemon join/leave" actions
1.9-878 Add the relay hb driver
1.9-877 Freeze the node at the end of the rejoin_grace_period if the cluster is incomplete
1.9-876 Fix svcmon without --watch
1.9-875 Add --watch and --interval to svcmon
1.9-874 Add the ip.cni doc
1.9-873 Add docker container support to the ip.cni driver
1.9-872 Implement an arbitrators-based quorum
1.9-871 Stop recursing at multipath level in devtree get_top_devs_chain()
1.9-870 Refresh the zpool sub_dev cache on disklist if the instance is up
1.9-869 Switch the ip.docker from using 'ip netns exec' to using 'nsenter'
1.9-868 Execute the resourcesets pre/post action at their expected step
1.9-867 Stop dockerd after the last container is stopped on rollback too
1.9-866 Fix a rare lxc start issue
1.9-865 Make the dockerd start lock file service-private
1.9-864 Do the 'nodemgr pushasset' after starting the deamon
1.9-863 Fix the hole in linux stats at midnight
1.9-862 Restore the probabilistic schedule feature in collaboration with osvcd
1.9-861 Fix a KeyError regression in the scheduler
1.9-860 Remove a debug trace left-over in rcScheduler
1.9-859 Create a last_<action>.success in var/ to track last sched task succesful run
1.9-858 Also bar [/var]/run/user/<uid> from the fs_u stats collection
1.9-857 Add a fs_u collect blacklist on Linux
1.9-856 Compliance comp lib fixes
1.9-855 Enhance rule merging error message
1.9-854 Fix a potential xmlrpc stack if key or val is None in push resinfo
1.9-853 Fix the pushasset xmlrpc, not treating hardware data as expected
1.9-852 Add pci and mem inventories to pushasset
1.9-851 Fix the sudo auto-prefixing for commands passed through the service link
1.9-850 Add the manufacturer field to pushasset
1.9-849 Fix the model parsing on pushasset, on Linux
1.9-848 Add a ip.cni driver
1.9-847 Fix python3 compat of the os.umask call in lxc cmds preexec_fn
1.9-846 Fix tasks run
1.9-845 Fix 'collector cli' stack when no TERM is set
1.9-844 Auto-replace the process using execvpe() if euid!=0 and sudo or pfexec is found
1.9-843 Align 'print resinfo' tree columns
1.9-842 Add env section keys to the resinfo keys
1.9-841 Streamline the 'push resinfo' action
1.9-840 Workaround for python issue19884
1.9-839 Fix sync.rsync option parsing when type is not specified
1.9-838 Fix "<svcname> <action>" syntax
1.9-837 Fix a potential stack on fs unprovision
1.9-836 Workaround the /dev wrong perms in container with some lxc versions
1.9-835 Disallow implicit selection of all services through svcmgr
1.9-834 Fix env leak between services in "svcmgr compliance <act>" actions
1.9-833 Add a info method to the container drivers parent class
1.9-832 Allow automodule to use rules in contextual ruleset at 1st depth level
1.9-831 Add GET/POST/DELETE/PUT handler support for api paths reported by nodemgr cli
1.9-830 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-829 Add check and fix for disabling auto-assembling
1.9-828 Fix incomplete line reported by "svcmgr logs"
1.9-827 Allow the switch action without --to on 2-nodes clusters
1.9-826 Reinstate the smon status handling in the daemon
1.9-825 Move the instance monitor status handling to the CRM
1.9-824 Notify the daemon of the sync actions begin and end
1.9-823 Notify the daemon of local actions begin and end
1.9-822 Enhance the "svcmgr get" response when the --param is not set
1.9-821 Fix a wrong indentation in the keyval_parser comp obj lib
1.9-820 Don't try to unprovision lv from the fs unprovisioner when not opportune
1.9-819 Refresh the doc, man and completions
1.9-818 Set a shlex converter to the mkfs_opt keyword
1.9-817 pylint fixes for the zfs provisioner
1.9-816 Honor the mkfs_opt in the fs.zfs provisioner
1.9-815 Move the sync.zfssnap purge from postsync to status eval
1.9-814 Fix a rare monitor thread stack in the delete situation
1.9-813 Remove all UNDEF from the resource drivers
1.9-812 Merge the encap service avail status with its parent
1.9-811 Fix rare deleted service instances lingering in the daemon status
1.9-810 Fix the undef resource status after cache purge
1.9-809 Service instance delete fixes
1.9-808 Fix the table formatter on python3
1.9-807 python 2.6- fix for the osvcd monitor thread
1.9-806 Fallback to a full zfs send/recv when the remote pivot snap is not present
1.9-805 Fix the resource transition logging
1.9-804 Remove empty keys in the deb manifest
1.9-803 Don't eval sync.zfssnap on not up services
1.9-802 Fix sync.zfssnap/sync.zfs coexistance issues
1.9-801 Preserve lines not in <key><sep><val> format in the keyval_parser
1.9-800 Don't skip zfs snapshot purge on passive nodes
1.9-799 Make sync.zfs and sync.zfssnap coexist peacefully
1.9-798 Fix sync.docker driver
1.9-797 Fix the print status not displaying the encap resource
1.9-796 Forge a better version string on agents installed through git
1.9-795 Add duration convertion of --time in daemon_service_action()
1.9-794 Refresh the daemon status before deciding to abort an async action
1.9-793 Fix "lxc exec" hangs when executed by the daemon
1.9-792 Support "svcmon -s <selector>"
1.9-791 Honor timeout=0 as a no timeout condition in daemon_send()
1.9-790 Add missing janitor_procs() in the listener thread loop
1.9-789 Fix another case of PIPE in Popen() pushed to the janitored queue
1.9-788 Don't pipe stdout/stderr in Popen() from the svc actions via lsnr
1.9-787 Fix container.lxd container_info() stack
1.9-786 Fix the duration computation in the end_action xmlrpc
1.9-785 Do async xmlrpc via the collector thread
1.9-784 Fix a time variable conflicting with the time module in
1.9-783 Add a refresh kwarg to Node::_daemon_status()
1.9-782 Force synchronous end action log shipping if --cron is set
1.9-781 Reinitialize the Node::collector::proxy if its uri is
1.9-780 python 3.2- fix
1.9-779 Initialize Monitor::compat
1.9-778 Fix "nodemgr pushasset" hba section data preparation
1.9-777 Fix the schedule examples in node.conf
1.9-776 Add missing sync.zfssnap resources in the print status output
1.9-775 Fix the deb preinst not running
1.9-774 More verbose preinstall and micro-optimization
1.9-773 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-772 Update bash completions
1.9-771 Add a per-task run lock to avoid double runs
1.9-770 Python3 daemon fix
1.9-769 Verify the monitor thread is alive in the collector thread loop
1.9-768 osvcd optimizations
1.9-767 Fix "nodemgr daemon stop --thread-id <thread-id>"
1.9-766 Fix the delete/stop/shutdown not being treated asynchronously
1.9-765 Fix a daemon deadlock
1.9-764 Fix a stack in the collector daemon thread
1.9-763 Missing part of the previous commit
1.9-762 Fix the sync status codepath
1.9-761 Evaluate a sync status to n/a if the service is not avail-up cluster-wide
1.9-760 Remove the nodemgr schedulers cron job in postinstall
1.9-759 Don't display encap instance notices if the container is down
1.9-758 Remove the svcmgr push nose test
1.9-757 Create the directory hosting the 'last' status cache file upon update
1.9-756 Remove the nosetest scheduler fork test
1.9-755 Task run scheduler tasks fixes
1.9-754 Fix collector speaker election
1.9-753 Fix print status keyerror with containers
1.9-752 don't print encap service notices in print status if the container is down
1.9-751 Allow the --slave --slaves and --master with freeze and thaw actions
1.9-750 Encap enhancements
1.9-749 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-748 Fix the cgroup capability test
1.9-747 Restore the frozen per-container notice in print status output
1.9-746 Fix encap resource group status merging with its master's
1.9-745 Fix encap service refresh through the status task on master
1.9-744 Fix the encap services purge in the collector thread
1.9-743 Don't include encap services in the data send to the collector
1.9-742 Don't add resource monitor and status tasks for encap services
1.9-741 Fix encap status refresh through the status task
1.9-740 Fix "svcmgr set --kw <rid>.<key>=<val>"
1.9-739 Fix encap=True resource keyword
1.9-738 svcmgr abort fixes
1.9-737 Fix the branch support
1.9-736 Add node.conf node.branch keyword
1.9-735 Avoid submitting async actions that the daemons can not honor
1.9-734 Add the "svcmgr abort" action
1.9-733 Fix a monitor thread stack on delete service
1.9-732 Set a low wait lock timeout to svcmgr commands executed by the scheduler
1.9-731 More pg fixes
1.9-730 Declare the pg_ keywords valid in all resources
1.9-729 Fix typo in debug messages
1.9-728 Deprecate the DEFAULT.cluster_type keyword in favor of DEFAULT.topology
1.9-727 Add the "encap" global keyword
1.9-726 Restore the push encap config streamlog suppression
1.9-725 Add the collector daemon thread code
1.9-724 Move status and config push to collector into a new daemon thread
1.9-723 Catch a stack in fs.zfs unprovisioner
1.9-722 Fix a log message in the scheduler
1.9-721 Support the osvc_root_path kw in lxd
1.9-720 Fix the lxc files push/pull commands
1.9-719 Fix status evaluation caching
1.9-718 Use daemon listeners for --cluster instead of ssh
1.9-717 Fix service print actions
1.9-716 Avoid unwanted takeover on long-dead node rejoin
1.9-715 Fix the deprecated action translation algo
1.9-714 Fix a reversed logic status check in sync.symclone
1.9-713 Fix the Resource::status() refresh through self.svc.options.refresh
1.9-712 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-711 Normalize the quote/double quote usage in the nodemgr parser
1.9-710 Honor --node <nodename> and support --local in the "svcmgr logs" action
1.9-709 Display parents too in the "print status" output
1.9-708 Fix the "print status" not displaying anything when a peer is not joignable
1.9-707 Aggregate enslaved children avail status with their master's
1.9-706 Allow the giveback action on orchestrate=no services
1.9-705 Fix and simplify the shared resource prov/unprov
1.9-704 Fix typo in docs
1.9-703 Move the peer instances up the leafs in the print status output
1.9-702 Enhancements to svcmgr print status
1.9-701 Add the DEFAULT.enslave_children keyword
1.9-700 Shared container.lxd unprovision fix
1.9-699 Cluster-wide provisioning fix
1.9-698 Cluster-wide provisioning fix
1.9-697 Don't merge resource provisioned flag from ourselves
1.9-696 Honor --disable-rollback in the "provision" codepath
1.9-695 Don't run "lxc import" in the provision codepath
1.9-694 Don't rollback on provision for placement leaders
1.9-693 sync.zfs fixes
1.9-692 Fix "push config" being called on every command
1.9-691 Avoid looping over remote resource provisioned flag merge
1.9-690 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-689 Add flush and fsync after writes
1.9-688 Aggregate placement computation enhancement
1.9-687 Import the container in container.lxd postsync
1.9-686 Fix a stack in the monitor thread
1.9-685 Rename the auto_rotate_root_pw scheduler task to rotate_root_pw
1.9-684 Fix the sysreport scheduler task
1.9-683 Rewire the schedulers
1.9-682 Remove undue existing remote snap on initial zfs send/recv
1.9-681 Copy the attributes with sync.zfs "sync full" action
1.9-680 Fix to methods flags as static, though they now use "self"
1.9-679 Stop playing tricks with the lxd handled zpool
1.9-678 Add preemptive remove of the remote @tosend snap in the sync.zfs drv
1.9-677 Fix a possible daemon monitor stack
1.9-676 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-675 container.lxd enhancements
1.9-674 Don't trust the provisioned flag if --force is set
1.9-673 Allow custom stdin kwarg in call() utility functions
1.9-672 Remove the "a stack has been saved to the rpc log" message print
1.9-671 Add a 'lxd import' on start if the container has never been imported
1.9-670 container.lxc enhancements
1.9-669 Fix rcMounts::get_src_dir_dev() on Linux
1.9-668 Support all document bv os types in sync.necismsnap
1.9-667 Accept SV information entries with no type in the sync.necism driver
1.9-666 Fix the sync.necismsnap check on the data returned by sc_query_ld
1.9-665 Track the new resource template
1.9-664 Add the lxd provisioner and unprovisioner
1.9-663 Plug the container.lxd driver in the service builder
1.9-662 Add the container.lxd driver module
1.9-661 Add the container.lxd driver
1.9-660 Fix a typo in container parent class
1.9-659 Catch a stack in sync.necismsnap when a sv in devs does not exist
1.9-658 Start the daemon on first package installation
1.9-657 systemd integration fixes
1.9-656 python3 compatibility fix for the 'spread' placement policy
1.9-655 Fix the provision action resource ordering
1.9-654 Add 'svcmgr start --upto <drvgrp>' and 'svcmgr stop --downto <drvgrp>' action
1.9-653 Fix stack on svcmon when the daemon is down
1.9-652 Propagate the --time option to daemon_send() in the remote service action helper
1.9-651 Update the nodemgr commands and options help text
1.9-650 Fix tab/ws mix in rcAssetLinux
1.9-649 Fix an svcmgr action help text
1.9-648 Update svcmgr actions help text
1.9-647 Some more tweaks to svcmgr options help text
1.9-646 Complete update of svcmgr options help text
1.9-645 Remove redundant actions
1.9-644 Fix the svcmgr create action unduly freezing the node
1.9-643 Update some svcmgr options help texts
1.9-642 Support set/unset on all resources of a group
1.9-641 Sort options and action alphabetically in make_man_rst
1.9-640 Propage the --force option to encap commands
1.9-639 Edit config and daemon monitor instance status reload enhancements
1.9-638 Change maxdepth of the rst section docs to 1
1.9-637 Fix the spread placement policy algo
1.9-636 Add the "spread" placement policy
1.9-635 Fix the method used to determine a service is globally shutdown
1.9-634 Ensure the monitor method get_last_svc_status_mtime() can not return None
1.9-633 Allow --wait and --node with svcmgr shutdown
1.9-632 Make svcmgr shutdown async
1.9-631 Refactor the rst commands docs generator
1.9-630 Fix a monitor stack on provision
1.9-629 Add the fs.create_options keyword
1.9-628 Fix a syntax error introduced by the last patch
1.9-627 Fix instance json status being loaded from file too often
1.9-626 Fix reversed logic in 099c94c1270322916d8457dce1bd607f67e9a72f
1.9-625 Disable oom killer through systemd unit file
1.9-624 Add dependency on systemd time-sync target
1.9-623 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-622 Enable systemd restart on failure
1.9-621 Don't orchestrate start if the instance is local_expect=="started"
1.9-620 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-619 Discard "start failed" instances from the placement ranking
1.9-618 Fix make.lib to ensure git commands are executed inside the git repository
1.9-617 Add app.<action>_timeout keywords
1.9-616 Remove the boot action
1.9-615 Remove the command rst help references on sections
1.9-614 Add a rst commands help formatter
1.9-613 Update the svcmon manpage description
1.9-612 Remove the DEFAULT.cluster svc cfg kw and node.clusters node cfg kw
1.9-611 Fetch the stonith configuration on nodemgr daemon join
1.9-610 node compat check fixes
1.9-609 Add daemon compat check
1.9-608 Fix keyword appearing twice
1.9-607 Fix the disable kw being included twice in DEFAULT
1.9-606 Fix the "wait parents" state not being reset when parents comes up
1.9-605 Fix app resource timeout with python3, and use the duration converter
1.9-604 Deprecate the always_on keyword, add the standby keyword
1.9-603 Add warn to the resources status causing a restart and TOC
1.9-602 Fix run_requires keyword unduly autorized in sync resources
1.9-601 Add a detailled, multiline constraint keyword desc
1.9-600 Replace set([]) with set()
1.9-599 Deprecate DEFAULT.mode
1.9-598 Remove the sudo execution of svcdict in make_rst
1.9-597 Add bin/pkg/make_rst
1.9-596 Implement the TOC decision in the daemon monitor thread
1.9-595 Fix another syntax error in the print status codepath
1.9-594 Fix syntax error in the print status code path
1.9-593 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-592 Add "nodemgr stonith --node <nodename>"
1.9-591 Improve build environment cleanup
1.9-590 Do not try to freeze/stop the node when daemon is stopped
1.9-589 Restore monitored ip resource TOC on unresolvable ip name
1.9-588 Drop the stonith drivers and "svcmgr stonith" action
1.9-587 Create the var/stats/ dir if it does not exist yet in the postinstall
1.9-586 Add the Linux resource driver
1.9-585 Fix tab/whitespace mix issue reported by python -tt
1.9-584 Add .pyo the gitignore
1.9-583 Fix raw resource using devlist references non starting
1.9-582 Fix warnings reported by python -3
1.9-581 Fix the stop request monitor code path
1.9-580 Use all duplog msg kwargs to produce a signature
1.9-579 Set the "wait parents" and "wait children" smon status
1.9-578 Fix stack when attaching/detaching modset/rset if no collector uri is set
1.9-577 fix regressions noticed by nosetests
1.9-576 Add stats and frozen flags migration in postinstall
1.9-575 Finish the var/ unclutering
1.9-574 Add DEFAULT.children
1.9-573 stdby+monitor resource fixes
1.9-572 More var/ uncluterring
1.9-571 Fix the root to app resource script owner demotion
1.9-570 Update keyval doc to fix the 'reset' key usage
1.9-569 Don't raise on linux.lvm vgs pvs and lvs commands error
1.9-568 Move the fs_u stats under var/stats/
1.9-567 provisioner fixes
1.9-566 Fix a stack in the provisioner
1.9-565 Fix colorization of scope in print config <kw>@<scope>
1.9-564 Fix the parents handling in the orchestration algo
1.9-563 Typo in the daemon code
1.9-562 Add the DEFAULT.parents keyword
1.9-561 Force a resource restart to 1 for standby resources in the daemon resmon
1.9-560 Don't print the "start the local instance (unorchestrated)" when scoped
1.9-559 Fix the CompObject generic backup codepaths
1.9-558 Set --local automatically on start action on orchestrate=no services
1.9-557 Fix the keyval comp object json example structure
1.9-556 Remove the shortcuts for orchestrate=no in the placement methods
1.9-555 Switch the orchestrate default value to "no"
1.9-554 Show a proper "reset" op usage in the keyval example
1.9-553 Document the IN operator of the keyval compliance object
1.9-552 Support integer target value in the keyval inputs
1.9-551 Update templates and bash completion
1.9-550 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-549 Add the 'node.rejoin_grace_period keyword' to the node configuration
1.9-548 Support 'orchestrate' keyword scoping
1.9-547 orchestrate=false policy fix
1.9-546 Switch from orchestrate=true|false to no|start|ha
1.9-545 Fix the "keyval info" command
1.9-544 Better keyval documentation
1.9-543 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-542 Add a target size < current size sanity check to symmetrix "array resize"
1.9-541 Display "drp" in svcmon output for services the node is drpnode of
1.9-540 Fix the "reboot" monitor action
1.9-539 Add --node/--local support to the toc action
1.9-538 Allow a PRD node to be drpnode for a PRD service.
1.9-537 Honor DEFAULT.orchestrate=false on flex
1.9-536 Honor the shared flag in the md provisioner/unprovisioner
1.9-535 Catch more svc conf validation errors in the fetch codepath
1.9-534 Fix unorchestrated failover monitor codepath
1.9-533 Provisioners enhancements
1.9-532 Fix line overflow glitch in the forest module
1.9-531 Avoid logging the same information twice for the same service
1.9-530 Make the smfcfgs comp object class a child of the autodocumenting CompObject
1.9-529 Reserve colors in the 256color range to terminals supporting it
1.9-528 Change the resource monitor scheduler task condiftion
1.9-527 Fix data reported by svcmgr push
1.9-526 Don't load the json status data cache if cf mtime > dump mtime
1.9-525 Add exception catching and logging around every thread run() loop
1.9-524 Fix overrestrictive remote svc config fetch validation
1.9-523 prov/unprov/delete/purge actions enhancements
1.9-522 Fix a stack in the instance delete codepath
1.9-521 Add missing kwarg in Freezer dummy method
1.9-520 Linux unprovisioner enhancement
1.9-519 Implement prov/unprov/purge sequencing
1.9-518 Don't wipefs a non existing device in the linux unprovisioner
1.9-517 Honor the provisioned on-disk cache in provision/unprovision actions
1.9-516 Linux provisioner enhancement
1.9-515 Flag a linux resource as can_rollback after vgcreate
1.9-514 Fix service config fetching
1.9-513 Fix validate codepath wrt references
1.9-512 Avoid undue status eval and transient resource status changes
1.9-511 Fix a case of json dumping group status as integer instead of str
1.9-510 Avoid feeding None to convert_duration()
1.9-509 Remove the "run scheduler" log entry
1.9-508 Move the service instance monitor status at the tail in svcmon
1.9-507 Support delete --provision in async mode too
1.9-506 Implement delete action through the daemon
1.9-505 Factorize some code in the daemon monitor
1.9-504 Allow --wait and --time with provision and unprovision actions
1.9-503 Fix "svcmgr freeze" from frozen node
1.9-502 Fix the service-level provisioned attribute aggregation algo
1.9-501 Implement cluster-aware provision/unprovision actions
1.9-500 daemon enhancements
1.9-499 Don't try to stop an app resource if the stopper script does not exist
1.9-498 provision action behaviour change
1.9-497 Don't restart unprovisioned resources
1.9-496 return to standby instance status after a provision action
1.9-495 Fix a resource provisioned flag non updated case
1.9-494 Clear @cache in the linux unprovision code path
1.9-493 Rollback to n/a for normal fs.dir status
1.9-492 Don't apply a padding to the forest last column
1.9-491 Discard non provisioned service instances from placement candidates
1.9-490 Purge @cache files in the monitor service status eval loop
1.9-489 fs.dir status enhancement
1.9-488 Move the "up=>stdby up" and "down=>stdby down" promotion in the Resource class
1.9-487 Allow service freeze action when its monitor state is already set
1.9-486 Implement remote node actions and fix cluster-wide thaw from thawed node
1.9-485 Add clustered provision infrastructure
1.9-484 python[23] compatibiliy fixes for bin/postinstall
1.9-483 Change the "n/a" status color, so ansi2html recognize the ansi code
1.9-482 Add the pervasive provision keyword
1.9-481 Fixes for the provContainerZone
1.9-480 Don't run delegate action to the daemon if --slave(s) or --master is set
1.9-479 Revert the bogus compliance objects rollbacks
1.9-478 Display encap subsets in print status output
1.9-477 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-476 Fix the container#<n>.osvc_root_path evaluation
1.9-475 Round loadavg to 1 digit after dot
1.9-474 Fix sync resource status aggregation
1.9-473 Materialize subsets in print status
1.9-472 app resource changes and enhancements
1.9-471 Don't log resources as disabled for resources skipped by --rid --subsets --tags
1.9-470 Add a simple method to define a custom resource sort key
1.9-469 Fix the preinstall exec on fresh deb install
1.9-468 Remove useless action == "fs" test in the resourceset sort method
1.9-467 Remove useless __init__ in RsetApps
1.9-466 Remove 1/2 RsetApp customization over the ResourceSet class
1.9-465 Flatten the print status representation tree
1.9-464 Flex giveback enhancement
1.9-463 More provisiner streamlining
1.9-462 Fix a nosetest detected issue
1.9-461 Provisioners code factorization
1.9-460 Fix Svc::_set() codepath, stacking in provisioners changing the config file
1.9-459 s/provisionned/provisioned/
1.9-458 Block submit of new async svc action while the last is still in progress
1.9-457 Stop hardcoding the accessory resource list
1.9-456 Don't use signal() in service status codepath
1.9-455 Make svcmgr delete cluster aware
1.9-454 Add node.max_parallel node.conf parameter
1.9-453 Catch locking errors in the disk.loop Linux driver
1.9-452 Wait 2 seconds for a loop device to become ready
1.9-451 Fix parallel disk.loop linux resources provisioning
1.9-450 Style clean up in rcLoopLinux
1.9-449 Fix stack in a linux provisionner error codepath
1.9-448 Fix stack on nodemgr get --param DEFAULTS.azerty
1.9-447 Fix make_deb deb file name after deb-pkgname exec
1.9-446 Don't use color.GRAY in svcmon output
1.9-445 Remove 1m 5m load avg metrics from svcmon output
1.9-444 svcmgr giveback enhancement
1.9-443 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-442 Fix debian package build
1.9-441 Make svcmgr clear honor cluster flags
1.9-440 Fix specfile for rpm and srpm build
1.9-439 Fix the long-standing issue with sync.rsync warn state after switch
1.9-438 Fix a typo in var name in a log code path of osvcd
1.9-437 Add a non-optimal placement marker at svc-level in svcmon output
1.9-436 Fix ip driver start lock timeout
1.9-435 Report placement attributes for flex service and instances too
1.9-434 Avoid placement algo logging in the update heartbeat payload codepath
1.9-433 Use a "!" marker in svcmon to highlight svc-level warning
1.9-432 Implement a proper overall status aggregation in the daemon
1.9-431 Add placement information to the service and instance cluster data
1.9-430 Update man pages and bash completions
1.9-429 Add "svcmgr set --kw <expr> [--kw <expr> ...]"
1.9-428 Add monitor information to svcmgr print status
1.9-427 Fix a placement codepath stack
1.9-426 Silence daemon_send() errors in "nodemgr daemon status" codepath
1.9-425 Fix service status purge on daemon startup and new service discovery
1.9-424 Support soft_affinity and soft_anti_affinity
1.9-423 Return with error and a "service not found" message on "svcmgr -s foo"
1.9-422 Return False in Svc::frozen() if the instance is thawed by the node frozen
1.9-421 Create new services in frozen state
1.9-420 Purge services status cache upon daemon start
1.9-419 svcmon output enhancements
1.9-418 Remove the daemon_send() target node in cluster nodes check
1.9-417 Don't exit svcmgr with error if no selector was set and no service is installed
1.9-416 Don't stack in devtree get_used() code if dev child is None
1.9-415 Fix a stack in the forest module
1.9-414 Support "nodemgr unset --param <section>"
1.9-413 Remove a node from the blacklist when it send a valid packet
1.9-412 Remove obsolete hb resource templates
1.9-411 Daemon join fixes
1.9-410 Add intf hb keyword to the node.conf template
1.9-409 Fix a typo
1.9-408 Fix sync.symclone resource status not refreshed after actions
1.9-407 Document node.conf keywords used by osvcd in the template
1.9-406 Fix empty encap resource group being reported as "down" for down containers
1.9-405 Remove cron references in svcdict
1.9-404 Fix a svcmgr stack when --format is not supported by the action
1.9-403 More detailled description of the constraints keyword
1.9-402 Discard nodes not meeting constraints from the placement leader computation
1.9-401 Store the constraints service instance attribute as a bool
1.9-400 constraints fixes
1.9-399 Add node.maintenance_grace_period
1.9-398 Skip the "ready" state when orchestrating a single node service
1.9-397 Handle keyboardInterrupt in svcmon
1.9-396 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-395 Align the sync.rsync "no nodes to sync" messages
1.9-394 Properly skip action on resourcesets aborted by pre_action
1.9-393 Don't stack the osvcd mon when a service does not pass cfg validation
1.9-392 Fix ASYNC_NO_ACTIONS type
1.9-391 Seek(0) the mmap buffers before writing in the hb disk tx thread
1.9-390 Wait for daemon stop after submitting the stop request to the listener
1.9-389 Fix systemd restart opensvc-agent
1.9-388 Add missing justcall() import in the ip.crossbow driver
1.9-387 Don't use mmap on the hb disk
1.9-386 Switch svcmgr enable/disable to Svc::_set and _unset codepaths
1.9-385 Remove a reference to sync#i1 in the sync.rsync driver
1.9-384 Don't stack on sync all action because sync_all triggers are not in the kw dict
1.9-383 Switch unicast hb default listen addr from <nodename> to
1.9-382 Fix wrong variable names in the push disks codepath
1.9-381 Fix daemon_send(..., node="")
1.9-380 Implement a ipadm-based is_up() method for ip.crossbow resources
1.9-379 Use a dedicated netns name
1.9-378 Support NFS share resources on SunOS
1.9-377 Update resource templates
1.9-376 Add support for app resource rlimits
1.9-375 Raise the nofile hard limit if the agent nofile exceeds the current limit
1.9-374 Fix lcall() trimming the executed command outputs
1.9-373 Fix some keyword converters
1.9-372 Add "speed" and "speed_kps" converters
1.9-371 Remove the unused Keyword validator arg
1.9-370 Free symmetrix tdev in the wait loop
1.9-369 Add -i -and -c args to symcli commands supporting them
1.9-368 Order changelog based on commit date instead of authoring date
1.9-367 Start the vg after provision
1.9-366 Add a contextmanager locking wrapper
1.9-365 Remove unused monlock/monunlock from the lock module
1.9-364 Add a Svc::conf_get() relay method in the Resource object
1.9-363 Fix sync.symsrdf postsync always recreating the dg
1.9-362 Remove provisioning=False from keyword definitions
1.9-361 Set the Svc::node attribute earlier and support the {clusternodes} ref
1.9-360 Fix a stack in service configuration syntax validation
1.9-359 Don't stack on vg provision when the pvs lazy reference is not valid
1.9-358 Fix docker ip resource for peer container not docker services
1.9-357 Add headers to most forest renderings
1.9-356 Fix "svcmgr --status <status>"
1.9-355 Fix the permission denied error code path in
1.9-354 Use a forest tree to display node and service scheduling tables
1.9-353 nodemgr pushdisks enhancements
1.9-352 Fix pushdisks reported usage
1.9-351 Fix the loop to hosting device relation inventoring in the Linux devtree
1.9-350 Add the hba and ip count, and source to the "nodemgr pushasset" tree output
1.9-349 Save some space in "nodemgr pushasset" using "config" as the source name
1.9-348 Use the print_size() formatter to render mem in "nodemgr pushasset" tree
1.9-347 Add a size formatter
1.9-346 Fix the targets reporting in nodemgr pushasset
1.9-345 "nodemgr pushasset" enhancements
1.9-344 Checkers enhancements
1.9-343 If osvd is handled by systemd, "node daemon restart" should use systemctl
1.9-342 Fix svcmgr streamlog column alignment
1.9-341 Wipe all signatures on lv unprovision
1.9-340 Linux lv provisioner logging enhancements
1.9-339 Disable ip resource dns update if node.dbopensvc is not set
1.9-338 Disable ip release/allocate if node.dbopensvc is not set
1.9-337 Remove support for node.conf node.dbopensvc=None
1.9-336 Wipe md superblock on unprovision
1.9-335 Fix the scsi persistant reservation assignment to a subset
1.9-334 Remove the undue "filtered" kwarg in a Svc::sub_devs() call
1.9-333 Scsi persistance reservation fix
1.9-332 Add missing Svc::exposed_devs() method
1.9-331 Don't unprovision a md without its uuid set
1.9-330 Create the node.conf "node" section in the prkey init codepath
1.9-329 Delay the rcCommandWorker module import
1.9-328 Don't play with pipes in mdadm
1.9-327 Reset the uuid resource keyword on unprovision
1.9-326 Add a simple "stop" unprovisionner to the driver
1.9-325 Move the pooling/non-pooling fs type lists to rcEnv
1.9-324 Simplify and fix the zpool checker instances attribution to services
1.9-323 Simplify and enhance Svc::get_resources()
1.9-322 Fix the Linux disk.zpool sub devs
1.9-321 Ignore IndexError on lazy reference evaluation
1.9-320 Fix the driver
1.9-319 Use the peer resource sub devs instead of base devs for scsi reservation
1.9-318 Add "nodemgr print devs" action
1.9-317 Fix a forest prefix markers glitch
1.9-316 Document the service selector syntax in the optparser -s option
1.9-315 Support linefeeds in optparser options help and man
1.9-314 Port the "print status" action to the forest module
1.9-313 Add widths and separator to the Forest class init
1.9-312 Fix line continuation prefix in the forest renderer
1.9-311 Fix scope of the forest data
1.9-310 Fix a stack in the forest renderer
1.9-309 Use the forest pythonic interface in the "print devs" codepath
1.9-308 Add a pythonic interface to the forest module
1.9-307 Add an assert on the fs status eval after start in the svc fs nose tests
1.9-306 Degrade a log info to debug in the linux status() codepath
1.9-305 Fix the is_up() test for Linux bind mounts with newer kernels
1.9-304 Fix a syntax error in the disk.advfs driver
1.9-303 Add a Svc::sub_devs() method
1.9-302 Fix zfs disks sub_devs()
1.9-301 Fix bind mounts not mounted upon provision
1.9-300 Split the zfs size keyword from other fs size
1.9-299 Support none and negative value in the size converter
1.9-298 Clarify a long-standing ambiguity with devs/disks meaning
1.9-297 Add a "get_devs_by_devpaths" method to the device tree class
1.9-296 Add a "fcache" decorator
1.9-295 Support a simplified data format as forest input
1.9-294 Detect and display from Node the Svc print functions errors
1.9-293 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-292 Add a generic forest representation module
1.9-291 fix disk hb slot allocation codepath
1.9-290 Fix the nodename displayed on daemon join and leave actions
1.9-289 Add support for deferred references
1.9-288 Consider the md is not present if uuid is set empty
1.9-287 Use Svc::_set() instead of write_config() in the md provisioner
1.9-286 Revert to exclude tx and rx peer status on the local node
1.9-285 Display the local heartbeat status in svcmon
1.9-284 Fix read-cache effect in disk heartbeat rx thread
1.9-283 Reconfigure the heartbeats upon config change
1.9-282 Use the cluster.nodes list to compute hb peers
1.9-281 osvcd fixes
1.9-280 Remove unused code in ucast heartbeats
1.9-279 Fix "nodemgr daemon join"
1.9-278 create the cluster.nodes and keys in node.conf
1.9-277 Port the set --add/--remove/--index to nodemgr
1.9-276 Move the md 'shared' property default algo out of the builder
1.9-275 Add a devlist method to the linux loop driver
1.9-274 Don't stack in md provisionner when mdadm is not installed
1.9-273 Don't stack on "nodemgr daemon stop" if the daemon is not running
1.9-272 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-271 Remove the sync.rsync target keyword value mangling in the builder
1.9-270 Fix a stack in service build
1.9-269 Replace the script preinstall by his content into %pre section of rpm spec file. The script preinstall is not available before the installation of files.
1.9-268 osvcd bootstrap fixes
1.9-267 Disable flag management enhancements
1.9-266 Fix a stack in the hp3par driver in can_sync()
1.9-265 pylint fixes for svcBuilder
1.9-264 Rename svcDict to svcdict
1.9-263 Rename svc_keys to SVCKEYS
1.9-262 Fix inverted "nodemgr frozen" returcode
1.9-261 Move add_scsireserv() from the builder to the Svc::__iadd__()
1.9-260 Move add_requires() from the builder to the Svc::__iadd__()
1.9-259 Fix {container#<n>} command line substitution for docker services
1.9-258 docker.ip fixes for swarm worker nodes
1.9-257 Fix "the docker service ls" parser
1.9-256 Don't stack on permission denied error in svcmgr
1.9-255 Fix ip resource tags corruption when ip and ip.docker drivers are used
1.9-254 Fix resource log lines not being displayed in print status
1.9-253 Fix the docker swarm token/addr parser
1.9-252 docker swarm fixes
1.9-251 Don't stack on permission error if a svcmgr print action is executed non-root
1.9-250 Fix svcmgr 'edit config'
1.9-249 Restore support for deprecated sections like drbd, ...
1.9-248 commit the forgotten converters module
1.9-247 builder/svcDict integration enhancements
1.9-246 svcDict fixes
1.9-245 Fix 'svcmgr set' on an empty file
1.9-244 Move converters to their own module
1.9-243 converters enhancements
1.9-242 Fix service status for services with containers with no agent
1.9-241 Add a diff to the 'svcmgr edit config' error message
1.9-240 Remove the MonitorAction exception
1.9-239 Builder/svcDict coherency enhancement
1.9-238 Display errors on service print actions, but don't stop looping over services
1.9-237 Fix service print actions returning 1 instead of 0
1.9-236 Rebuild the Svc() object after fetching a service config from a peer
1.9-235 Fix the app check skip condition
1.9-234 Abort start if a container hostname is not resolvable
1.9-233 Use the keyword dictionary to determine scope and conversion
1.9-232 Fix the VLAN tagging interface name parser
1.9-231 Support duration expression in --time option
1.9-230 Support duration expressions in --waitlock
1.9-229 Support duration expression in more commands
1.9-228 Add a target unit keyword arg to convert_duration()
1.9-227 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-226 Add a convert_duration function to utilities
1.9-225 Ensure PATH export is Bourne shell compliant
1.9-224 Fix Solaris preinstall script content
1.9-223 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-222 Revert "Fix create_pkg call to deal with preinstall script"
1.9-221 Fix create_pkg call to deal with preinstall script
1.9-220 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-219 Add the preinstall to the list of rpm files
1.9-218 Log the disabled resources on action that would have applied to them
1.9-217 Fix missing restore_timeout entry from svcBuilder
1.9-216 Implement a wait loop to wait for array backend restore
1.9-215 Add sync restore triggers
1.9-214 Cancel the task confirmation timer on valied confirmation
1.9-213 Fix an option help text
1.9-212 Properly exit the log follow listener threads when the client breaks
1.9-211 Add "--backlog <size>" option to the 'logs' action
1.9-210 Implement cluster wide 'svcmgr logs'
1.9-209 Update doc, man, completions
1.9-208 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-207 Fix the disk rx hb last beat logic
1.9-206 Fix the disk heartbeat thread start
1.9-205 Log the sender information when reported a discarded message
1.9-204 Add the sender id information when reported a misformatted message
1.9-203 Fix nosetests --local usage
1.9-202 Replace --crm with --local
1.9-201 Implement the "nodemgr daemon leave"
1.9-200 Join enhancements
1.9-199 Re-join is a valid action, don't log a warning
1.9-198 Remove obsolete heartbeat configurations upon join
1.9-197 Fix a stack on hot-removing a heartbeat configuration
1.9-196 New service orchestrator rules
1.9-195 osvcd enhancements
1.9-194 Add the 'impossible' <action>_requires special value
1.9-193 Add a complete ast expression test
1.9-192 Do not fail the test_import nose test for modules raising ImportError on missing module
1.9-191 Fix the test_svc_fs nose tests
1.9-190 Make daemon_send() behave when called from a non-built service
1.9-189 Move flex parameters from the builder to lazy props
1.9-188 Add --no-pager to the 'logs' actions nose tests
1.9-187 Add the --no-pager option for the logs nodemgr and svcmgr commands
1.9-186 Increment the total and per client tx bytes count in the listener thread
1.9-185 Remove the svcmon nose tests
1.9-184 Fix nodemgr command return code in some case
1.9-183 Fix the test_svcmgr nose tests
1.9-182 Fix "svcmgr -s foo create"
1.9-181 Remove the test_svc_restart nose test
1.9-180 Output aggregating multi-service commands fix
1.9-179 Allow "import svc"
1.9-178 Implement the 'giveback' service action
1.9-177 Implement the 'takeover' service action
1.9-176 Tweak daemon sockets timeouts
1.9-175 Move DEFAULT_HB_PERIOD definition to the hb class
1.9-174 Compute message length only once per message
1.9-173 Don't display json data on thread stop/start if no error is reported
1.9-172 Optimize the osvcd daemon loop
1.9-171 Handle 1.8 to 1.9 in the preinstall
1.9-170 Remove the nodename from the action logs "action" sent to the collector
1.9-169 Fix action log reporting to the collector
1.9-168 Remove hostid from svcactions and services
1.9-167 Replace the stream log formatter 'level' with a single char abbreviation
1.9-166 Add gc collect in the daemon loop
1.9-165 Silence the schedulers when running the daemon in foreground
1.9-164 Logging changes
1.9-163 Allow posting daemon service actions on the local daemon
1.9-162 Port Svc::migrate() to the daemon_service_action() facility
1.9-161 Add an async mode to Svc::daemon_service_action()
1.9-160 Drop the --service option from remote actions
1.9-159 Implement remove crm commands through daemon listener
1.9-158 Remove unused exports from the template /etc/default/opensvc
1.9-157 Forget peer node data when all rx threads no longer beat
1.9-156 Add destination nodename and addr:port to the ucast hb timeout warning
1.9-155 Enhance the service selector
1.9-154 Split osvcd_mon out of the osvcd module
1.9-153 Split osvcd_scheduler out of the osvcd module
1.9-152 Split osvcd_lsnr out of the osvcd module
1.9-151 Split osvcd code file
1.9-150 Add addr:port to the daemon error log
1.9-149 Remove the frozen flag on service delete
1.9-148 Use node_env from rcEnv where it is already defined
1.9-147 Make the daemon behave when receiving payloads from an outdated daemon
1.9-146 Fix Svc::action() not returning data
1.9-145 Fix hb# colorization in daemon status json
1.9-144 Add the node env to the heartbeat payload
1.9-143 Add 0 to the list of valid returncode from Node::action() getattr()
1.9-142 Round of pytlint fixes on the comm module
1.9-141 Split the Crypt class out of osvcd
1.9-140 Plug the preinstall in the OSF1 upgrade method
1.9-139 Plug the preinstall in the packaging scripts
1.9-138 A cluster-wide "nodemgr freeze"
1.9-137 Fix confirmation unduely prompted on actions other than "run"
1.9-136 Fix the hds array driver mapping translation
1.9-135 Add "nodemgr frozen" action
1.9-134 Add "nodemgr freeze" and "nodemgr thaw" commands
1.9-133 Add "nodemgr daemon running"
1.9-132 Add the restart handling in launchers
1.9-131 Implement "nodemgr daemon restart"
1.9-130 Fetch service configs advertized by peers
1.9-129 Remove sync#i1
1.9-128 Fix a KeyError stack in the daemon status command codepath
1.9-127 Add add/remove from list in a service configuration
1.9-126 Fix a stack in the confirm handler for resources without confirm()
1.9-125 Move the task confirm before the triggers
1.9-124 Fix task run triggers
1.9-123 Return standby drbd resource to secondary state on rollback
1.9-122 Flush lvm command caches on vg resource start
1.9-121 Fix svcmgr update --resource ... when values are not strings
1.9-120 Don't stack on invalid json passed as --resource arg
1.9-119 Fix the rid allocator in svcmgr update --resource ... --resource ...
1.9-118 Next round of pylint fixes on
1.9-117 Fix rdf data result return in symmetrix del disk codepath
1.9-116 Batch of pylint fixes for osvcd
1.9-115 Fix FS provisonner
1.9-114 batch of pylint fixes for osvcd
1.9-113 Use a lazy for Daemon::config, like OsvcThread::config
1.9-112 Fix a LANG=C + python3 config loading stack in osvcd
1.9-111 Export --env var=val in the os environment before services build
1.9-110 Accept a custim secret kwarg in daemon_send()
1.9-109 Add sender blacklist to the daemon
1.9-108 Add a disk heartbeat to osvcd
1.9-107 Add a whitespace between unicons and mon status
1.9-106 osvcd enhancements
1.9-105 Add --wait and --time to the async service commands
1.9-104 Fix push resinfo for app resources
1.9-103 Fix the container abort start routine when hostname != name
1.9-102 Revert "Fix the container abort start routine when hostname != name"
1.9-101 Fix the container abort start routine when hostname != name
1.9-100 Stop trying to guess the containers' hostname
1.9-99 Hot remove heartbeat threads on node.conf relevant changes
1.9-98 Don't set temporarily to "join"
1.9-97 Fix ping-pong effect on print action with "-c"
1.9-96 Fix symclone driver
1.9-95 osvcd fixes and enhancements
1.9-94 Fix the deb depends syntax in the make_deb script
1.9-93 osvcd enhancements
1.9-92 Add service-level triggers
1.9-91 Add psmisc as a deb depends
1.9-90 Stop logging app resources in a separate log file per app
1.9-89 symclone drivers enhancements
1.9-88 Fix the Svc::action() prototype
1.9-87 Remove all per-service run flag
1.9-86 Don't silently abort all actions on service if constraints keys are not found
1.9-85 Fix osvcd error codepaths when the service status fallback doesn't work
1.9-84 Don't stack if svcmon is called without root privs
1.9-83 Fix beating => stale transition of the UcastRx thread
1.9-82 osvcd enhancements
1.9-81 osvcd enhancements
1.9-80 Try harder to find the inactive MD
1.9-79 Fix "nodemgr daemon status" utf8 issue on non interactive commands
1.9-78 Implement cluster-wide freeze/thaw actions
1.9-77 Clean up pre 1.9 specifics
1.9-76 osvcd enhancements
1.9-75 Add osvcd heartbeat tx on-demand
1.9-74 Implement cluster-wide stop and start ops
1.9-73 Rename the heartbeats listener/sender to rx/tx
1.9-72 Fix hb beating evaluation not run on some error codepath
1.9-71 Add service placement constraints
1.9-70 Handle references to the [node] section of node.conf
1.9-69 Support more eval expressions
1.9-68 Add the DEFAULT.placement keyword
1.9-67 Fix hb statistics
1.9-66 Update systemd unit file
1.9-65 Implement daemon boot/shutdown behaviour
1.9-64 Fix "nodemgr daemon status" when no hb is defined
1.9-63 Add the service DEFAULT.affinity keyword
1.9-62 Handle standby resource startup in the osvcd monitor thread
1.9-61 Fix the --refresh flag unduly set in encap commands
1.9-60 Remove the 'autostart_node' keyword
1.9-59 Read the disk mapping file both ways
1.9-58 Add ordered nodes and drpnodes properties to the Svc class
1.9-57 Embed the vm hostname in the service json status data
1.9-56 Index the "encap" json status dict by rid instead of container name
1.9-55 Fix duplicated svcmon status lines in the collector
1.9-54 osvcd enhancements
1.9-53 osvcd enhancement
1.9-52 Fix status.json not updated on scoped actions
1.9-51 Import missing unset_lazy in
1.9-50 Really fix Popen() leaking the osvcd listener socket to the children
1.9-49 Be thorough on close_fds and global scoping in osvcd
1.9-48 Fix "validate config", broken by the handle_references move to Svc
1.9-47 Core 1.9 changes
1.9-46 Don't stack in daemon status when a node metrics are not found
1.9-45 Fix mon status not being updated in the daemon status date
1.9-44 Fix flex instance stuck in starting mon status
1.9-43 osvcd enhancements
1.9-42 Fix a stack on missing node hb data in the monitor stuct
1.9-41 osvcd enhancements
1.9-40 Implement real instance status aggregation algorithms
1.9-39 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
1.9-38 Report the conn addr:port in the unicast heartbeat sender error log
1.9-37 Implement a docker service aware is_down in the docker resource driver
1.9-36 Add a bin/pkg/make_doc wrapper to refresh templates
1.9-35 osvcd enhancements
1.9-34 osvcd enhancements
1.9-33 Fix python2/3 compat in the osvc services config swap around
1.9-32 osvcd enhancements
1.9-31 Don't try to disklist in disk.zpool presync if the pool is not imported
1.9-30 Honor the --dry-run option in heartbeart shortcut actions
1.9-29 osvcd enhancements
1.9-28 Lowercase the osvcd threads status
1.9-27 Set the SO_REUSEADDR osvcd listener socket option
1.9-26 osvcd enhancements
1.9-25 Support pycrypto as the primary aes cipher implementation
1.9-24 Implement ascii fallbacks for non-UTF8 terms
1.9-23 Avoid stacking when uuid is not set
1.9-22 osvcd enhancements
1.9-21 Don't raise on flex_{min,max}_nodes config errors
1.9-20 Service delete handling in the daemon monitor
1.9-19 Don't try to update the status cache on service delete
1.9-18 daemon enhancements
1.9-17 'nodemgr daemon status' enhancements
1.9-16 disk.raw driver enhancement
1.9-15 Fix services with containers non reporting their status anymore
1.9-14 Add new 'nodemgr daemon' commands
1.9-13 Don't refresh a service status.json if built "minimal"
1.9-12 Fix inconsistent space/tab indentation in provFs
1.9-11 Add the missing plugs for app start on provision
1.9-10 Add simple provision/unprovision methods to the app resources
1.9-9 Start the HFS before enabling the ownership mode
1.9-8 Use "diff -u" format on Darwin and FreeBSD
1.9-7 Document the 'addr' listener parameter in the node.conf template
1.9-6 Be less verbose with unexpected CLI errors
1.9-5 Initial commit of the osvcd agent daemon
1.9-4 Add a pure-python AES cipher
1.9-3 Use left pad the color codes
1.9-2 Plug the Darwin disk.loop provisioner
1.9-1 Fix a postsync stack in the SRDF driver
1.9-0 Add Darwin HFS provisioning and fixes for the loop driver