Agent 1.9 Changes

New Features

  • The agent now runs a daemon implementing heartbeats, scheduling, a remote OpenSVC actions listener and node/services/resources orchestration.
  • New reference {clusternodes}, evaluated as cluster.nodes in node.conf.
  • Add monitor states to svcmgr print status human-friendly and JSON outputs.
  • The frozen service instance status is not longer honored by the CRM, only by the orchestrator.
  • The node is freezeable. A thawed service instance on a frozen node is not orchestrated.
  • Service are created in frozen state by svcmgr create.
  • svcmon output is now cluster-wide and displays daemon information
  • Most commands have adopted a "forest" representation for their human-friendly output: nodemgr pushasset, nodemgr checks, nodemgr pushdisks, svcmgr print schedule, nodemgr print schedule, ...
  • Support JSON output in nodemgr pushdisks, nodemgr checks, nodemgr pushasset.
  • nodemgr unset --param <section>
  • svcmgr enable and svcmgr disable no longer reorder the service configuration file.
  • Near-synchronous service configuration file swapping amongst cluster nodes.
  • Cluster-wide service logs, and follow mode
  • Pervasive support for converters in keyword values and command line argument values: period (ex: 1h10s), size (10mib), speed (10mib/s), shlex, integer, boolean, list, set.
  • Add a size formatter and use it in most command outputs.
  • Use a denser streamlog format.
  • svcmgr -s now accepts service selection expressions
  • Cap the parallel running subprocesses on svcmgr --parallel commands. node.max_parallel node configuration keyword can be used to change the default value (10).


start, stop, freeze, thaw service commands operate cluster wide.

New Commands

  • svcmgr ls
  • svcmgr giveback
  • svcmgr takeover
  • svcmgr set --param <param> --add <member>
  • svcmgr set --param <param> --remove <member>
  • svcmgr set --kw <expr> [--kw <expr> ...]
  • svcmgr print devs
  • nodemgr print devs
  • nodemgr daemon status
  • nodemgr daemon blacklist
  • nodemgr daemon join
  • nodemgr daemon leave
  • nodemgr daemon running
  • nodemgr daemon shutdown
  • nodemgr daemon start
  • nodemgr daemon stop
  • nodemgr daemon restart
  • nodemgr set --param <param> --add <member>
  • nodemgr set --param <param> --remove <member>

New Keywords


  • DEFAULT.hard_affinity
  • DEFAULT.soft_affinity
  • DEFAULT.hard_anti_affinity
  • DEFAULT.soft_anti_affinity
  • DEFAULT.placement
  • DEFAULT.constraints


  • node.maintenance_grace_period
  • cluster.secret
  • cluster.nodes
  • hb.type
  • hb[type=unicast].addr
  • hb[type=unicast].intf
  • hb[type=unicast].port
  • hb[type=unicast].timeout
  • hb[type=multicast].addr
  • hb[type=multicast].intf
  • hb[type=multicast].port
  • hb[type=multicast].timeout
  • hb[type=disk].dev
  • hb[type=disk].timeout


  • The 1.9 agent no longer support the hb resource class. All external heartbeat drivers have been dropped. hb resource sections in service configurations are ignored.
  • The 1.9 agent no longer need a crontrab entry. The package postinstall removes it if present.
  • sync#i1 internal sync to drp nodes is dropped.
  • optional_on, monitor_on, enable_on and disable_on service configuration keywords.
  • sync[rsync].exclude
  • DEFAULT.service_env

Migrating from 1.8

  • [optional] Remove hb sections from service configurations
  • [optional] Set DEFAULT.placement
  • [optional] Set DEFAULT.constraints
  • [optional] Rename DEFAULT.affinity to DEFAULT.hard_affinity
  • [optional] Rename DEFAULT.anti_affinity to DEFAULT.hard_anti_affinity
  • [optional] Remove the <OSVCETC>/{svcname}.cluster symlinks
  • [optional] Remove the <OSVCETC>/{svcname}.stonith symlinks
  • [optional] Set a sensible node.maintenance_grace_period
  • [mandatory] Replace optional_on, monitor_on, enable_on and disable_on by their equivalent scoped optional, monitor, enable and disable
  • [mandatory] Replace sync[rsync].exclude by their equivalent sync[rsync].options
  • [mandatory] Replace DEFAULT.service_env by their equivalent DEFAULT.env