2.0-728-g99e3cce6c Merge pull request #136 from cgalibern/master
2.0-727-g1933cdd68 Update diag message when 'print config --eval' fails because of config errors
2.0-726-g197512e35 Merge pull request #137 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-725-gf707f2567 Fix ignored tasks "on_error" trigger
2.0-724-g1b34af418 Merge pull request #134 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-723-g630f89b45 Fix scalers no longer scaling (part 2)
2.0-722-ga9dee96b8 Fix app#0.script=foo trying to replace foo by a volume mount path
2.0-721-gcb6ee11d4 Fix scalers no longer scaling
2.0-720-g8c9092416 Fix undue rollback of e1d50d0a2144e87155910b21f1eef09022d5ed57
2.0-719-g6033e3420 Log the object path in "skip service status refresh on foreign service"
2.0-718-g640358780 Fix objects instances in n/a availstatus lingering global_expect
2.0-717-g7bb31a626 Merge pull request #132 from cgalibern/fix-stop-backport
2.0-716-gd55671cbb Backport fix app.simple stop when the script is not accessible (Solaris Only)
2.0-715-g048a4d1e3 Merge pull request #129 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-714-ge1d50d0a2 Add a configured key to each daemon thread status dataset
2.0-713-gef01798c3 Merge pull request #128 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-712-g6261bd31c Don't overwrite configuration files, create a tempfile and atomically rename
2.0-711-g653b1e940 Merge pull request #127 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-710-gd49e91a82 Allow user-defined system/svc/vip ip#0.tags to persist
2.0-709-g3eb006a8b Merge pull request #126 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-708-gff2ee9bc3 Fix a potential stack on Volume::chown() when mount_point is None
2.0-707-gaaa001cbf Merge pull request #125 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-705-g318501673 Set a longer timeout for the cni global lock acquire on ip.cni start
2.0-705-g79b8fe890 Merge pull request #124 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-704-g3711b34a4 Add a global lock to serialize CNI start actions
2.0-703-g0498a318e Add a status.json purge on daemon init, before running the boot action
2.0-702-g7361f6b8a Don't ask the daemon to resolve the boot action object selector
2.0-701-g811f748a1 Merge pull request #122 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-700-g820e0c647 Fix a next-ism in the SIGUSR1 backport
2.0-699-gda86ff237 Merge branch 'master' of
2.0-697-gcfd656ac8 Do a daemon threads stack print on SIGUSR1
2.0-697-g610aa2e04 Merge pull request #120 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-696-ge2adbb693 Backport the "run --confirm" option from next
2.0-695-g27dc784e4 Fix the fs.flag provisioning backport from next
2.0-694-gea02cd70a Add /usr/lib/cni to the candidate path for CNI binaries
2.0-693-g4d93945d4 Fix a import next-ism introduced in resApp
2.0-692-g07e56d6d7 Backports from 2.1
2.0-691-g7df9a4b62 Merge pull request #118 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-690-g64098d5e9 Add the "run" lock intent to the task resource lock
2.0-689-g6a948f88c Fix undue tasks "task is a already running" errors
2.0-688-gbda6fbab3 Add the lock file path to the information displayed on str(LockingError)
2.0-687-gcbce55b81 Merge pull request #114 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-686-g61fee288d Fix a pylint error in rcUtilities.create_protected_file()
2.0-685-g9e658b22a Support volume path translation in app resource keywords
2.0-684-g76187358a Merge branch 'master' of
2.0-682-g726e988b4 Fix the "key not editable" error condition on "edit --key" action on py3
2.0-682-g15e77e7b6 Merge pull request #105 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-681-g583be4e5f Fix "om <sec> edit --key ..." on py3 for keys injected from file
2.0-680-g73e89e8ce Merge pull request #101 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-679-g1c164ce06 Fix a py 3.8 warning
2.0-678-g41b56f594 Merge pull request #100 from cgalibern/master
2.0-677-ga4a7f3a5a Fix http2 api create object error (wrong function call)
2.0-676-g75baeb19e Merge pull request #99 from arnaudveron/master
2.0-675-g0164027a0 Fix duplicate documentation entries
2.0-674-gf89125b90 Merge pull request #93 from cgalibern/master
2.0-673-gf432dd606 Add tests for 'om cfg/name add --from'
2.0-672-g7a8ce65ea Prevent volume provision stack on freshly created volume
2.0-671-gba04cb454 Prevent set_smon() from wake up monitor if nothing change (fix monitor loop)
2.0-670-g9dfa3deee Merge pull request #97 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-669-g177c19a2b Don't return down as a fs resource status when we can't read mounts
2.0-668-gbe3b542f7 Don't parse "mount -p" on solaris fs resource add, from resource class init
2.0-667-g4b70ec361 Merge pull request #95 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-666-g495c0d8ba Fix rbac too restrictive for handlers using namespace from path and obj in root ns
2.0-665-g64cca2d1f Merge pull request #94 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-664-g298e256c1 Add the "sc" metadata to objects log lines
2.0-663-gb20c929ae Merge pull request #92 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-662-g3aba4e62c Merge branch 'master' of
2.0-660-g7b4a80427 Merge pull request #90 from cgalibern/master
2.0-659-g42b368b16 Ensure edited key temp files are not readable by group or other
2.0-658-g7381536fb Remove unused function edit_cf() from
2.0-657-g6ce74dbe8 Always use same method to detect editor
2.0-656-g9fe0a425f Lint
2.0-655-ge95fae448 Reformat
2.0-654-g51564c82e Remove unused import from
2.0-653-gfefab51b4 Merge pull request #91 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-653-g9b9925f6c Fix stack in rbac for objects in the root namespace
2.0-652-g9692f79b3 Merge branch 'master' of
2.0-650-gd23601249 Merge pull request #89 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-650-gab243c2f4 Fix GET /key stack json-dumping bytes
2.0-649-g6cf4caed5 Update AUTHORS file
2.0-648-g6396a2d9d Obfuscate the logged value of sec and usr key on add action
2.0-647-g996d3abfd Fix rbac of the object_action with the "set" action
2.0-646-gf296d4bb2 Merge pull request #88 from cgalibern/master
2.0-645-g9e793197a [Test] Refacto to test_mgr, to avoid use of mock_argv
2.0-644-ga804e2e71 [Test] Verify empty keys from '--value ""' or '--from /dev/null'
2.0-643-g88f761c5e Merge pull request #86 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-642-g5e25a55ba Merge branch 'master' of
2.0-639-gcbfc874cd Merge pull request #85 from cgalibern/master
2.0-638-g4b9746e5e [Test] node has an pool with known type
2.0-637-g50220ed1f Fix provision errors when some pools have errors
2.0-636-ge44155e8d Fix infinite loop when service volume configs use a cfg object with leading '/' keys
2.0-635-gc75049024 Use errno variables instead of number in the osvcd listener
2.0-635-gbf9158de7 Tests service 'provision' install volume configs files
2.0-634-g31f2dbf27 Update Build status url for
2.0-634-g2c369dcc5 Close listener connection on ConnectionAbortedError
2.0-633-ge1911544f Merge pull request #84 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-632-gb4f96dc15 Allow empty sec and cfg keys value
2.0-631-g55b16f276 Merge pull request #83 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-630-gdedb4932f Add the --blk option to "om pool create volume"
2.0-629-g431369f50 Fix a stack on "install" action when a src key starts with /
2.0-628-gbf0760726 Allow the "logs" action on usr, cfg and sec objects
2.0-627-g3e50e5aaa Merge pull request #81 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-626-gc37b0ca38 Fix a listener thread method call arguments
2.0-625-g3a5afe36f Merge branch 'master' of
2.0-623-gec80108dc Don't log an exception on ConnectionAbortedError in the listener main loop
2.0-622-gbf7072877 Don't hang the client browser accessing the webapp when not installed
2.0-622-g61c63f92e Merge pull request #79 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-621-g65dc77a49 Merge branch 'master' of
2.0-618-g1bc441c91 Make sec and cfg key install in volume behave more like cp
2.0-617-gdfdfc71d3 Fix a duplicate declaration of the om executable in the rpm spec file
2.0-616-g2d0530c24 Optimize redundant calls to Data::resolve_keys() from Volume::_install_data()
2.0-615-gcca2804c6 Move the is_glob() implementation from rcCollectorCli to rcUtilities
2.0-614-gb068a3648 Remove a duplicate call to all_keys() in the volume _install_data() codepath
2.0-613-g2a6e7a5a9 Add more fnmatch pattern hints to the volume resource _install_data() method
2.0-612-gc08fbe465 Merge pull request #77 from cgalibern/master
2.0-612-g7b68993a4 Display the key name in addition to the cfg and sec key install destination
2.0-611-g8600ec16e Small optimisation on
2.0-611-g5cd82a08b Don't always add a trailing newline to a key value upon sec and cfg key edit
2.0-610-gdda7677ac Merge pull request #78 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-609-g2842f01e6 Add mpathpersist support
2.0-608-gfdfd78d37 Merge pull request #74 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-606-g6ae2ff637 Merge pull request #76 from cgalibern/master
2.0-605-gce184f11f [CI-travis] Cache pip
2.0-604-g34df53603 [PEP8-LINT] Fix some warnings
2.0-603-g3b23d664a [tox] Add pylint step
2.0-602-gafd94d2df [Test] Fix transient failures on test_run_loop_forever_when_no_other_daemon_are_here
2.0-602-g24490dc53 TOC fixes and enhancements on Linux
2.0-601-g8905aa3ca Merge pull request #73 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-600-g19fa0259a Disable volume sync#i0 if it contains no resource with files to sync
2.0-599-g7e0cf61ac Merge pull request #72 from arnaudveron/master
2.0-598-gc59a6465c Fix systemd unit name dependency for docker
2.0-597-g7da983046 Merge pull request #71 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-596-g4dc890dcc Fix podman dns options settings
2.0-595-g373e95eab Ensure docker/podman --dns-option are set to minimal requirements
2.0-594-gc9a96da80 Merge pull request #70 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-593-g9d76dec5b Fix the test for registration keys count
2.0-592-g121800b9e Merge pull request #69 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-591-gf9b91dee3 Fix the scsireserv registered count for multi-lun resources
2.0-590-g7bb37cf77 Merge pull request #68 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-589-gbf8153597 Fix pylint reported errors
2.0-588-g95509c44a Merge branch 'master' of
2.0-585-gcc90f123f Add the Huawei Dorado array and pool drivers
2.0-584-g32e9c1eb5 Handle path returning "Not ready" scsi errors on scsi3 pr inquiries
2.0-583-gbd6f0bfab Always run configure() after create_disk()
2.0-582-g8e587027a Add --nodes option to "om pool create volume"
2.0-581-g51be13143 Log the scanscsi actions instead of printing them
2.0-580-g85e613944 Fix the scoped disk_id settings in disk.disk provisionning codepath
2.0-579-gf664904f1 Fix duplicated r1_result in the sym create disk returned dataset
2.0-578-gf417f82da Fix the daemon unlock handler call parameters
2.0-577-g7f8b56a59 Fix the "om array" command wrapper Array object lookup by name
2.0-576-gfa992bd75 Change the "om pool create volume" default behaviour to fmt=True
2.0-576-g30688a41d Merge pull request #66 from cgalibern/master
2.0-575-gf8e95c1b6 Test sec and cfg accept camelCase keys
2.0-575-ged883bae3 Fix daemon lock acquire from unix socket
2.0-574-ga7b3140a1 Merge pull request #65 from cgalibern/master
2.0-573-g8701e5887 Tox include slow tests and add py35
2.0-572-gdcecd3997 Merge pull request #64 from cgalibern/master
2.0-571-ge8c098904 Add tox config
2.0-570-g5fd8d8db9 Merge pull request #63 from cgalibern/master
2.0-569-ge7b5b10d8 Fix 'print status' errors when terminal columns are too low
2.0-568-g03ce2be7a Test cleanup travis
2.0-567-g0e93e8f80 Merge pull request #62 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-566-g3c0b4796a POST /wake_monitor enhancement
2.0-565-ge53f7ce67 Fix udevadm hardcoded fullpath
2.0-564-g192d7abe0 Merge pull request #61 from cgalibern/master
2.0-563-g92f31e4b5 Improve detection of osvcd process
2.0-562-gc16c85d2c Test: don't create node.Node() when loading test files
2.0-561-gf9fcf22d0 Merge pull request #60 from arnaudveron/master
2.0-560-g182613fea Fix relay query when --node option is not set
2.0-559-gded627266 Merge pull request #59 from cgalibern/master
2.0-558-g05d12966a Fix regression on osvc_windservice lock usage
2.0-557-g39f9916ff Update daemon process detection and prevent multiple run
2.0-556-g54359d0ab Update daemon process detection and prevent multiple run
2.0-555-g82e782968 Test: refacto move mock_argv() fixture to
2.0-554-g6f14bdc08 Test: make tests pass on Solaris
2.0-553-gb6379cac7 Test: Fix lock test on Solaris
2.0-552-g40f492041 Test: Allow test_fs flag on Solaris
2.0-551-g68f43668a Merge pull request #58 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-550-g4c99bb858 Simplify the logger setup in svcBuilder
2.0-549-gf7a781581 Remove daemon lock testing for wake_monitor() codepaths
2.0-548-gf238636fa Be more tolerant of locking conflict on osvcd startup
2.0-547-gad2bf41e8 Do not open() lock files with O_TRUNC
2.0-546-g550fc45da Accept formatting a local instance status when the daemon is down
2.0-545-g0ee68ce7d Merge pull request #56 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-544-g87c68d133 Fix hb stack in _configure() error path
2.0-543-g09f8deb23 Allow Uppercase in config file keys
2.0-542-gb4a9c9678 Merge pull request #53 from cgalibern/master
2.0-539-gaa1eaaf96 Don't retry send actions to daemon when ECONNREFUSED
2.0-538-g8d7812ff6 Fix RETRYABLE list with errno values
2.0-537-g527237f92 Merge pull request #55 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-537-g7ca3ad769 Don't retry send actions to daemon when ECONNREFUSED
2.0-536-gb46bcaa4a Fix a stack sorting fs.dir and fs.flag resources in the same object
2.0-536-g5149e1e40 Fix RETRYABLE list with errno values
2.0-535-g512c9992f Merge pull request #52 from cgalibern/master
2.0-534-g93a1337e9 Add build status to README
2.0-533-g9e242a4fb Pep8
2.0-532-gc7601c12f Tests: Ensure fs flag filename is correct
2.0-531-g4ceeb55a0 Merge pull request #50 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-530-gcf6bf9156 Don't start/stop task.type=oci containers on start/stop
2.0-529-gf1fbb3706 Classify "enter" as a no-lock action
2.0-528-g8e698d503 Merge pull request #48 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-527-g64409e219 Add the "enter --rid <rid>" action
2.0-526-g8335fb56f Fix a monitor thread stack triggered when a lot of objects are being deleted
2.0-525-g340599854 Merge pull request #47 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-524-gb1e45775e Fix an issue in event delivery to clients
2.0-523-g3569af698 Merge pull request #46 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-522-ga3b59a33c Allow forwarding to the opensvc backend networks
2.0-521-g37017be16 Merge pull request #45 from cgalibern/master
2.0-520-g596297d42 Add opensvc.iml to git ignored files
2.0-519-g2471cc5c5 Fix lock creation failure when lock directory doesn't exist
2.0-518-gda11b9be2 Apply pep8 style to
2.0-517-g317298de9 Tests: tests lock lib
2.0-516-g9aea3f0ae Test: refacto mgr tests
2.0-515-g79564e904 Tests: tests config with lvm service
2.0-514-g11b2a18fa Merge pull request #44 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-513-g686849791 Redirect "om <secpath> ed" to edit config
2.0-512-g5a0d16494 Merge pull request #43 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-511-gda23bc135 Use a more coherent display name for parents and children in print status output
2.0-510-g728a33121 Fix "undef" status of parents in print status output
2.0-509-g5adcdad20 Merge pull request #42 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-508-gf0fc8cbfd Fix "om mon" showing out of current namespace objects
2.0-507-gda4c9f27d Merge pull request #37 from cgalibern/master
2.0-506-g344b8fac1 Test: run pytest before pylint to have earlier failure status
2.0-505-g95780a36c Set can_rollback on successful start in the fs.flag driver
2.0-504-ga4c2039e2 Add fs.flag resource driver for SunOS
2.0-503-g9e8a46db9 Reformat
2.0-502-gbb92972e4 Add service actions (Tests)
2.0-501-g65dc0a411 Tests: use capture_stdout fixture
2.0-500-gd3edede9f Test Linux fs driver honoring the "umount fs with io err" policy
2.0-499-g949168665 Merge pull request #41 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-498-g57c8ffee1 Fix the cfg objects add --from <dir> path walking algorithm
2.0-497-g5e7599805 Merge pull request #40 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-496-gf566e5fdc Fix Svc::resource_handling_dir() stacking on fs drivers with no mount_point
2.0-495-ga79c01ac2 Set can_rollback on succesful start in the fs.flag driver
2.0-494-g5d21decba Merge pull request #39 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-493-g785f4212e Fix the scoped declaration
2.0-492-g424f4fd8a Merge pull request #38 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-491-gdbbf8b82c Add the "edit --key <k>" action to sec and cfg objects
2.0-490-g886567116 Add a fullpem key to the sec object on "gen cert" action
2.0-489-g55e4cb6bd Support more container image formats
2.0-488-g040d159e4 Merge pull request #36 from cgalibern/master
2.0-487-g4a31d65d4 Disable patch coverage
2.0-486-ge83748c12 Merge pull request #35 from cvaroqui/master
2.0-485-gdb9c283c9 Fix fs driver not honoring the "umount fs with io err" policy
2.0-484-gfbc46123d Allow the prkey keyword on fs resources
2.0-483-g89f5c1d06 Update docs for a volume_mounts keyword help update
2.0-482-g046b6e131 Apply coding style to the solaris zone container driver
2.0-481-gf19a63b84 Merge pull request #34 from cgalibern/master
2.0-480-gde5d66ff6 Tests: re-add some nodemgr tests
2.0-479-g7bf3c8e20 Do not try to halt a zone in 'unavailable' state
2.0-478-gab4e8ead9 Fix the fs.flag resource for services in the root namespace
2.0-477-g77c67de6b Fix the sym array actions
2.0-476-gd16e7dff0 Python3.8 support
2.0-475-gfebb2910a Merge pull request #32 from cgalibern/master
2.0-474-g0587f558b Tests: replace nose by pytest
2.0-473-gcaa774ead Tests: nose->pytest for
2.0-472-g6fb5ad555 Tests: nose->pytest for
2.0-471-g55038ba71 Tests: nose->pytest for
2.0-470-g4cf2e6ff6 Tests: nose->pytest for
2.0-469-g0f97fbce9 Tests: nose->pytest for
2.0-468-gbb70096cf Tests: prepare nose->pytest for
2.0-467-g3f969aebf Tests: nose->pytest for
2.0-466-g13184463e Tests: prepare nose->pytest for
2.0-465-ge89bab242 Discard as a ipip tunnel endpoint
2.0-464-gf73b1c339 Tests: Remove unused future import
2.0-463-g4ad91acbd Tests: pytest ignore external lib warnings
2.0-462-g5f069412e Remove some invalid escape sequence in string
2.0-461-gfe7f3001f Tests use updated sys.path from
2.0-460-gd3f84776b Use code coverage from pytest
2.0-459-gdb556055b Fix invalid escape sequence warnings
2.0-458-g14ad7eea7 Fix Default argument value is mutable
2.0-457-g96b7e4cd2 Update with pep8 style
2.0-456-ga47fa66d5 Fix dump_config_data() trying to replace in non-string values
2.0-455-gf6739ea8f Don't allow dumping "some_kw=None" in configs
2.0-454-g1752e77df Fix cloning of an object config with line continuations
2.0-453-g1c448b7d1 Merge pull request #29 from cgalibern/master
2.0-452-gffa9bf759 Move from nose to pytest
2.0-451-g565ff2074 Allow run tests on Darwin
2.0-450-gc0af1ac12 Allow import rcUtilitiesLinux on non Linux host
2.0-449-g794bfa615 Ensure error on dup docker mount destinations
2.0-448-gdc7c99711 Remove the mount point existence test in stop() of the fs linux driver
2.0-447-g9864b7b9f Fix a log message reporting a volume status as integer
2.0-446-gacdb543ea Merge branch 'master' of
2.0-444-g04934a84d Update coverage files
2.0-443-geaeef4392 Update coverage version to allow py-cov requirements
2.0-443-g75d890c5c Do not dedup on "set --kw <kw>+=<val>", add "set --kw <kw>|=<val>"
2.0-442-g77d81b1c2 Merge branch 'test-dup-dest-in-containter-mounts' into 'master'
2.0-441-gd770a2620 Add python 2.7 to gitlab-ci tests, add pytest cov
2.0-440-g9a49be36d Ensure raise an error if volume_mounts contains dup dst mount points
2.0-439-gb40cbb12a Better dedup on "set 'foo+=a b'"
2.0-438-gc7dfc38b7 Raise an error if volume_mounts contains dup dst mount points
2.0-437-g00d230235 Update fixture osvc_path_tests for 2.7
2.0-436-ge15709ccf Add tests for nodename abbreviation (for 'om mon' formatting)
2.0-435-g86cd3f8f9 Update the volume_mounts keyword documentation
2.0-434-g3e9b928d4 Try gitlab-ci
2.0-433-ga5ec2b2bc Reformat code
2.0-432-g19f9951db Update effective container volume_mounts access to respect volume resource access
2.0-431-g49c812c05 Add an "abort_start" method to the fs.flag driver
2.0-430-g3791ebe77 Refresh docs
2.0-429-gceb7fe2cd Add a fs.flag resource driver
2.0-428-g3b17d5347 Fix a pylint error on python
2.0-427-g5fc61fa58 Scheduler enhancements
2.0-426-g08553faf2 Avoid forking a scheduler tasks when not useful
2.0-425-g7ea31e08c Reset more listener client information when the auth is refused
2.0-424-gb6efa4bf5 Fix giveback not waiting for frozen instance unfreeze
2.0-423-g73fd495df Clean up tasks last ret code on start/stop
2.0-422-g542a87ae7 Don't clear "start failed" while global_expect is set
2.0-421-g0ee44b90d Toc action fixes
2.0-420-gea1451523 Clear the "place failed" smon status when the service is up
2.0-419-gf4ae4f3e3 Add a expected_status kwarg to set_smon()
2.0-418-g3c8aabf79 Fix the switch monitor action
2.0-417-g8cbab475c Fix object nodes reduction deleting instances that should remain
2.0-416-gb44e84d9c Avoid purging too much data from var on "unprovision --rid ..."
2.0-415-gc5eb5bee5 Log the created record name when using the collector ipam prov
2.0-414-g8b122160d Fix ip provision when the collector used for ipam
2.0-413-gb53525beb Use a lcall instead of vcall for "lxc-create --template"
2.0-412-ge4e00a5f2 Fix logger handlers manipulation via LogAdapter instead of Logger
2.0-411-gd02eab679 Fix a pylint error in the listener codepath
2.0-410-gb88dc8150 Don't try all authentication method on new http/2 connections
2.0-409-g821625863 Log "do <argv> (<origin>)" even if node.dbopensvc is not set
2.0-408-gbb3d7c89c Fix 2 uses of log warn() instead of warning()
2.0-405-g894bdfbb8 Avoid raising ValueError when convert_integer() is fed a non convertible
2.0-405-g9d665c033 Logging enhancements
2.0-404-g49ad02d77 Fix "om daemon blacklist clear"
2.0-403-g23c524149 Add missing red/gray instance status colorization
2.0-402-gf924b287f Misc fixes related to --status handling
2.0-401-gb1d0dd0b1 Tweak "om mon" output
2.0-400-gb79680791 Fix the "unset" action return code
2.0-399-g5f8f318e4 Fix "om <kind> ls|mon" always displaying svc objects, whatever the <kind> value
2.0-398-g44b96744c Fix the {fqdn} reference for svc in the root namespace
2.0-397-g6d51a6314 Misc small enhancements
2.0-396-g2fd6a7269 Align the print_status_data_eval() prototype between Svc and BaseSvc
2.0-395-gbf16aaea9 Make sure we don't use in-mem cached resource status
2.0-394-g6cf0036ed Exclude "rejoin" from the nmon status preventing status.json rewrite on label changes
2.0-393-g3d7b43da3 Don't update status.json on label change when in "init"
2.0-392-ga3b58c7e4 Merge branch 'master' of
2.0-390-g1025b7f4a Fix flex_target={#nodes} not updated fast after label changes
2.0-389-g9053e8b88 Clear config ref caches in Svc::unset_conf_lazy() and Svc::unset_all_lazy()
2.0-388-gc242536d8 Add a transitions_maxed() method to the monitor thread class
2.0-387-gcc08fd38c Add a clear_ref_cache() method to ExtConfig
2.0-387-g3d056a798 Fix wait_dns undue timeouts
2.0-386-g7e604639b Add the node.dblog node/cluster keyword
2.0-385-g9f4cf322e Fix ordering of instance info in "om mon"
2.0-384-g6133b8f1a Add extra warnings in the volume start and status codepaths
2.0-383-g98d4527c9 Fix empty "om mon" columns
2.0-382-g9534a520d Abbreviate the nodenames in the "om mon" human-friendly output
2.0-379-ge6297ec91 Don't report an error when requesting a target state already targeted
2.0-378-g381b472a8 Fix a postinstall stack
2.0-377-ga842db0f2 Fix a listener multiplexer stack on request on just-deleted objects
2.0-376-g3750828d8 Use json as the default output format for config evaluation
2.0-376-g0ab65b017 Add the cluster name to the data reported to the collector
2.0-375-g16e8f1143 Use paths from rcGlobalEnv in updateclumgr action
2.0-374-gdb9da3b5c Remove a debug print in the hds array driver
2.0-373-g0ff34cdf3 Fix the pkcs12, ca and cert extraction to the cert/ shmfs
2.0-372-g4f0f9c85b Fix the disk.zpool resources status not refreshed after a stop/start
2.0-368-gcfc018580 Ignore "comment" internal keyword in "validate config" actions
2.0-368-g60aa1cd97 Route "set" and "validate_config" actions to any object nodes
2.0-367-g46ad21a4c Limit the h2 request retry loop logic to retryable errors
2.0-367-g5f88e2174 Fix app.simple stop when the script is not accessible
2.0-366-g3e7607023 Fix a pylint error on non-existing BaseSvc::monitor_action
2.0-365-ga36784dc5 Fix the double-toc detection in the monitor thread
2.0-364-g4df9aafed Merge branch 'master' of
2.0-362-g953cabed9 Prevent the resource orchestrator from executing multiple toc for the same obj
2.0-361-g0a510c380 Protect the toc action with the object action lock
2.0-360-g7dc830139 Implement the retry-loop-until-timeout on h2 "[Errno 146] Connection refused"
2.0-359-g1a7954422 Fix array driver lookup by array name
2.0-358-g1a668360f Fix push{hds,sym,xtremio} when other array sections do not support the "name" kw
2.0-357-g097215690 Add missing "name" keyword declaration in xtreamio and symmetrix arrays
2.0-357-g468ca1d79 Add support for "environment" keyword in app and task resources
2.0-356-ga69163726 Fix "om <path> clear"
2.0-355-g61e4a0035 Merge branch 'master' of
2.0-353-g0671ed4d5 Add openssl.cnf search loop
2.0-353-g1a3e3a2b2 Better error message when piping no data on "om <path> create --config=-"
2.0-352-g5c8359df9 Daemon scheduler thread status() thread-safety
2.0-351-ga6189722e Remove unused file
2.0-350-g8893319a8 Honor expose=<port>/<proto> in ip.cni config when no hostport is specified
2.0-349-g26700d4de Don't report node as speaker if the collector thr is not running
2.0-348-g74e87126a Add CNI_CONTAINERID to the stop codepath of ip.cni resources not referencing a container
2.0-347-g0d928a611 Add deprecated keywords support to oci driver
2.0-346-g76e837559 Add a GET /object_keys handler
2.0-345-g374d1c6fc Fix autodetection of the oci driver
2.0-344-gbd3d22cb4 Update commands man and completion
2.0-343-g7aee3054e Setup perms and ownership in update_ssh_authorized_keys()
2.0-342-g12809f740 Add the "om node update ssh authorized keys" command
2.0-341-g659773c50 Be more restrictive in the object_selector algorithm
2.0-340-g1aacae863 Don't run the authenticate_client() method for world-usable handlers
2.0-339-ga26e9f162 Support basic authentication on the h2/tls socket
2.0-338-ga1ee524a2 Fix the GET /whoami handler stacking when the authentication failed
2.0-337-g7a979fffd Add a has_key(key) method to all Data class derived objects (sec/cfg/usr)
2.0-336-gfb52f5b13 Move GET /authinfo as a normal handler
2.0-335-ge33a8417e Add a fs resources "stat_timeout" keyword
2.0-334-g53afb0fbe Add the multiplex property to handlers
2.0-333-gc89561169 Fix the ip drivers dns_wait behaviour
2.0-332-gf474aa0e6 Add a GET /sync api handler
2.0-331-g6715d24f3 Fix a possible stack in the scheduler thread
2.0-330-ge43a3be3a Fixes for "om node wait" without duration
2.0-329-g0612bfaaa Move the object/node in api path detect to h2_router
2.0-328-g8cecea0e8 Fix world-usable handlers not authorized before authentication
2.0-327-g168a34352 Tweak the POST /objet_monitor handler doc
2.0-326-g5dbd80521 Restore the "options" parameter of POST /{node,object}_action
2.0-325-g6c1de2265 Fix the namespaces access definition of GET /object_config
2.0-324-gf12a31b04 Fix the GET /object_config access policy
2.0-323-gf684a4670 Update the api handlers descriptions
2.0-322-gcffd5700c Merge branch 'master' of
2.0-320-g2eb185c78 Honor world and namespaces=FROM:path access checks to rbac_requires()
2.0-319-ga73a777d4 Make sure we test one last time before returning from the GET /wait handler
2.0-319-g3f0ba6a17 More information in the POST /daemon_shutdown handler description
2.0-318-g199a69eb1 Fix the disk.zpool warning when zpool status reports "No known data errors"
2.0-316-g10b7702e7 Fix a stack in the collector thread on object delete
2.0-315-g864769453 Fix a regression in the non-binary secret decode
2.0-314-g1407407ac Add the GET /wait handler
2.0-313-gd684d3fbf Don't join joined node peers when the cluster.nodes is defined in cluster.conf
2.0-312-gc09ac4238 Add a RLock to prevent locally concurrent joins/leaves
2.0-311-g3dc4e91c1 Fix a syntax error in the oci container driver
2.0-310-g34ceb9047 Fix concurrent "daemon join" leading to messed up nodes list
2.0-309-g3d30c5bff Fix the object_logs api handler no longer feeding from peer nodes
2.0-308-g5f70d4ef2 Don't drop container hostname if net=<a docker network name>
2.0-307-gde88319e3 Fix a stack in the unicast hb driver
2.0-306-g479d3308e Add a warning for zpool with suspended i/o
2.0-305-g56352071d Fix the GET /events handlers accessed via raw+tls
2.0-304-ga41ab64b3 Set the GET method in daemon_stream() requests
2.0-303-gec8af2c83 Accepting patching the full dataset received as 1st wait msg
2.0-302-gc8f952db7 Yet another pip install requirements tweak
2.0-301-g5761ae1b4 Yet another pip install requirements tweak
2.0-300-gdf41c8910 Yet another pip install requirements tweak
2.0-299-g89269dec6 Prevent travis install of astroid 2.2, stacking on infinite recursion
2.0-298-gf08a1bf44 Fix a pylint error in the "data" module
2.0-297-g8fa9a3d86 Fix pylint error in the listener codebase
2.0-296-gff51907c8 Disarm the timeout alarm when the initial full matches the wait condition
2.0-295-gd20a9f0c0 Add the "stream" property to the api handler class
2.0-294-g16d389d71 Don't stack on invalid request header
2.0-293-gcde018228 Don't close listener binded sockets if not necessary
2.0-292-g57ed50488 Add a "full" parameter to GET /events
2.0-291-g19de7702e Add a "name" keyword to brocade and hds sections
2.0-290-g21533591b Fix a secret "gen cert" stack
2.0-289-g7cf6dd181 Add support for deprecated GET /get_node handler
2.0-288-g3ad2edc5f Fix a listener stack in the path parser
2.0-287-g4fac46cb2 Support binaries in secret keys
2.0-286-ga979b01e3 Support 'om <path> oci ...' as an abstract of 'om <path> docker|podman ...'
2.0-285-g23d778d18 Add a default "oci" container type
2.0-284-g8ecd864e1 Fix create/provision from single object template
2.0-283-g1395dd626 py2 fixes for the listener
2.0-282-g050e42cb9 Fix the commands rst documentation generation not including global options
2.0-281-gfebab5301 Split api handlers out of the listener thread codebase
2.0-280-g78d31293b Add a "remove" action to sec/cfg/usr objects
2.0-279-g1ea94eadd Fix an error reported by pylint in the lock module
2.0-278-g591afaae0 Merge branch 'master' of
2.0-276-gafa685a04 Implement --verbose and --name for "om pool status"
2.0-275-gf908a5455 Add a thread status "alerts" key to store thread (re)configuration alerts
2.0-275-gdd7071cdd Add Slack notifications for Travis builds
2.0-274-g5bf146e29 Fix the "join" listener codepath
2.0-273-g2c3ca441e Reset "node wait" alarm when breaking from the event loop
2.0-272-gccb528e5a Remove a doubled call to convert_duration() in the wait codepath
2.0-271-g68cd460f2 Allow raw aes comms to drp nodes in another cluster
2.0-270-gcfc8b828d Fix event wait errors
2.0-269-g5b57b8d28 Remove locks from OsvcThread::object_data()
2.0-268-gaa739df04 Fix an init_node() stacking error codepath
2.0-267-g9510b452f Support @drpnodes keywords scoping in cluster.conf
2.0-266-g76206fc58 Add the "reset_options=true|false" boolean keyword to sync.rsync
2.0-265-gbbcf7aa6a Fix drop of events on objects being deleted
2.0-264-gc68a416b8 Fix the vip secondary instances frozen after service creation
2.0-263-g4dd185eb9 Don't report 0 for net/blk metrics of empty pg
2.0-262-gf1d28028c Faster unprovision for zpool resources layered on other resources
2.0-261-gf21fdd3fb Merge branch 'master' of
2.0-259-ge9ec367e0 Honor the selector passed to the events api handler
2.0-259-g8f6770c1d Fix event storm during orchestrated provision
2.0-258-gb7121385e Fix the "sync nodes" and "sync drp" not skipping non-targeted resources
2.0-257-ge524e6f0c Move the object_data() method from osvcd_lsnr to osvcd_shared
2.0-256-gd20f80230 Fix a pylint reported error in the ip driver parent class
2.0-255-gc4e1c0bb3 Provide the client_id in the authinfo api handler resultset
2.0-254-g4e16b9722 Catch ProcessLookupError when killing running process on daemon shutdown
2.0-253-gbf2787316 Clarify the "shutdown daemon requested by None" message
2.0-252-g9b426fb66 Restore the "svcmgr ls" default selection to "all svc"
2.0-251-ga837a1e8e Fix "do <action> ... (<origin>)" not being logged anymore
2.0-250-gd180005df Add the per-service net metrics to "daemon stats"
2.0-249-g24db41a00 Fix a stack on "om <path> logs" when peer has no log yet
2.0-248-g5c28d198f Add a "om <path> pg pids" action
2.0-247-ga6a74eed9 Add zfs send/receive dataset relocation
2.0-246-gbded5d0e9 Use /proc/sys/kernel/random/boot_id as source for boot id on Linux
2.0-245-g186f1a187 Serialize store_rx_data() calls
2.0-244-g8de636d2c Merge branch 'master' of
2.0-241-g7b3d16671 Add 'raw_grant' to the whoami information
2.0-240-g927fc8dab Add jwt authentication to the listener
2.0-239-g547519008 Better cancelation of the ready states after split+rejoin
2.0-238-g20cac081e Fix a stack in the multicast heartbeat reconfigure codepath
2.0-237-g8ed5fd1dd Use synchronous rpc for pushs after register
2.0-236-gb10563a2f Fix re.sub(..., flags=<flags>) for py 2.6 compatibility
2.0-236-g9c2b77ea9 Embed the pyjwt lib
2.0-235-gfe0bf5863 Inform api client that the submited node selection is empty
2.0-234-g6b3ab0a63 Fix error on "om node sysreport" with new CMD
2.0-233-g110e05c8e Persist routed_bridge subnets assignments
2.0-232-gdc07659f7 Add ExtConfig::oget_scopes()
2.0-231-ga34a1135b Fix "'Listener' object has no attribute 'get_namespaces'"
2.0-230-gff364bf33 Add locking aroung disk.zpool sub_devs cache read and write
2.0-229-g7b79cd699 Return info from service_action and node_action api handlers
2.0-228-g0f9518607 Fix multiplex storm on logs --follow
2.0-227-gd0074af78 Don't exec tasks that require a collector when dbopensvc is not set
2.0-226-g2d13b528d Serve the webapp index.html whatever the req path if accept:text/html
2.0-223-gb1c586adb Shortcut the ssl context init when talking http/2 over uxsock
2.0-222-gfa14defe9 Fix a use-before-set in the mgr codepath
2.0-222-g5fdd5f426 Fix hb "beating" attr staying True when the thread is stopped
2.0-221-g7971c7084 Service logs fixes
2.0-220-g60b66c27b Fix the alt_names not embedded in the certificate signed by cluster CA issue
2.0-219-g08f7144fe Add a check=last_run keyword to task drivers
2.0-218-ge2e67fca9 Don't tag the non-detached container.{podman,docker} "nostatus"
2.0-217-g868ad7cc3 Fix type=host tasks run_requires not honored
2.0-216-g59c29a249 Restore http/2 over uxsock as the preferred protocol with the local daemon
2.0-215-g96097cf82 Simplify a too convoluted method of the Scheduler class
2.0-214-g47db759d0 Remove two more useless CLUSTER_DATA lock acquires
2.0-213-g550b5265d Enhance the scheduler precision
2.0-212-gd9bf26593 Fix a CLUSTER_DATA global access error in the monitor thread reconfigure codepath
2.0-211-g11341b231 Fix a NODE global access error in the monitor thread reconfigure codepath
2.0-210-gbf70177e0 Inhibit the scheduler runs random delay for more schedule definitions
2.0-209-g86342b329 Avoid +1min effect over the defined scheduler task interval
2.0-208-g843844e55 Fix potential stack on nodes_info.json update
2.0-207-ge822b1ef9 Fix "undef" status of parents, children and slaves in print status
2.0-206-g413e06324 Set perms on the <var>/certs directory and private_key
2.0-205-g791993e45 Use get_solaris_version() instead of get_os_ver() in the zone driver
2.0-204-g2f9e7f2b1 Don't refresh nodes_info.targets upon full data rx
2.0-203-g43367eac9 Add a sanity check on the slot attr presence in the hb.disk peer dataset
2.0-202-g428b18f42 Prefer the raw socket protocol to talk on the unix socket
2.0-201-gc617ec89d Fix a potential stack in get_all_ns()
2.0-200-gd44cefce9 Fix a bug in lsnr get_namespaces() codepath
2.0-197-g8ba92bc25 Merge branch 'master' of
2.0-196-g69b8dd65e Performation optimizations
2.0-195-g10ca44948 Prevent the "shutdown failed => shutdown" loop
2.0-194-ga09b088d4 Performance optimizations
2.0-193-g1557ec568 Fix is_service() for objects ending with "-conf"
2.0-193-g1ec9c557d Save one call to Node::svcs_selector() in multi-object actions
2.0-192-g12188c991 Add the "om <cfg|usr|sec> append --key <key> --value|--from" action
2.0-191-g69520caf0 Update nodemgr man page
2.0-190-g5def9fc24 Support "pkcs --password" with usrmgr too
2.0-189-gfc0278b83 Add "om <sec> pkcs --password" argument
2.0-188-ge4cd43cd8 Prevent thread reconfigure while objects transition
2.0-184-g2bc880aca Fix "gen cert" action on py3
2.0-183-g62fc77f55 Fix non-shared volume resources not rolled-back after prov on non-leader
2.0-183-g06cdf33fa Remove unused BaseSvc method
2.0-182-g9746191ab Fix undue rollback of volumes
2.0-181-gc839decff Use Node::_wait() to wait for orchestrated actions
2.0-180-g207558ba1 Fix the previous patch logic with --wait
2.0-179-g34bb138f5 Fix --wait on cluster nodes orchestrated actions
2.0-176-g4277cea59 Refresh templates for the new wait_dns keyword
2.0-176-g1c0f0ef8e Fix object async action --wait
2.0-175-gb9ee3bb1f Add the wait_dns keyword to ip resources
2.0-174-g929171dfa Fix purge/unprovision orchestration of objects with child relations
2.0-173-gd0c430a99 Fix py2/py3 issues with add/decode keys
2.0-172-g680296327 Avoid multiple PTR per svc instance when a single hostname is set
2.0-171-g7e36c81a5 Fix the multiplexer for specific service
2.0-170-g46a351397 Merge branch 'master' of
2.0-168-g876433427 Add a missing lock in transition_count()
2.0-168-g4649b11b7 Support the 'in' operator in 'om node wait'
2.0-167-ge274e14fc Use "om <kind>" instead of "<kind>mgr" in the rst docs
2.0-166-ge3319eb52 Add a lock debugging RLock class
2.0-165-g05adcf794 Better logging of node async action requests
2.0-164-g8d33a7af5 Merge branch 'master' of
2.0-162-gc74ec6dfc Fix the pool and access kw setting in the DEFAULT section of vols
2.0-162-g477db7f66 Output version on stdout instead of stderr and exit 0 instead of 1
2.0-161-gb8a0545bb Update usr/share/doc/ templates
2.0-160-g7312e75f6 Support --sections in "om <selector> mon" action
2.0-159-gdf34bc17e Avoid looping on instance "stop=>stop failed" upon purge
2.0-158-g494ef2df5 Threading locks optimizations
2.0-157-g41a6f335d Fix is_service() not honoring OSVC_NAMESPACE
2.0-156-gc0d27afbe Drop a useless SERVICES_LOCK acquire in get_service()
2.0-155-g41c7cc353 Drop "wait " svc mon state on "abort" action
2.0-154-g0c059d6da Optimize the number of unlink(), fstat() and fopen() in app res lock acquire/release
2.0-153-g1e3c53fdd Don't use jsonpath_ng in the monitor loop
2.0-152-g058858370 Factorize the node frozen file fstat() calls in the monitor loop
2.0-151-g32b26346a Don't try to decode cert from buff if buff is None
2.0-150-g5a733635b Set task.schedule kw default to None, instead of @0
2.0-149-g9085fc406 Fix DEFAULT.monitor_schedule not honored
2.0-148-g476360216 Apply the new alt_names logic to the csr too
2.0-147-gf062eb1e5 Fix the alt_names sec handling
2.0-146-g046d3fc3d Don't run gen_cert on usr create if the ca sec does not have a privkey
2.0-145-g946c47c87 Fix a stack in the "om <path> docker login {as_service} <reg>" codepath
2.0-144-gda31d695f Fix a stack on "om net status" just after a daemon restart
2.0-143-g356ba4f10 Fix a stack on lsnr status() when called before lsnr init
2.0-142-g5eca5fc1b Reload grants of lsnr-connected users on usr cksum change
2.0-141-g4558d0d74 Accept generating a csr on "gen cert" if the cluster ca has no private_key key
2.0-140-ge18f60976 Support context's cluster without 'certificate_authority' key
2.0-139-g3c6dd8354 Fix the cluster CA detection in the usr create codepath
2.0-138-g394f28319 Skip usr 'gen cert' if is not set or does not exist
2.0-137-g21312c902 Detect the presence of ssl.HAS_ALPN to activate h2
2.0-136-g429cf0db4 Add one more shortcut codepath in nodes_selector
2.0-135-g663e5e94e Don't use shlex.split() on node the selector pattern
2.0-134-g5f45c4c08 Fix BaseSvc nodes default value in encap when nodes@encapnodes is not defined
2.0-133-gfc6f6788c Fix creation of objs in a new 'test2' ns when admin:test is granted
2.0-132-gb74a5e09a Fix the 'om <pattern> ls' listing all objects when pattern has no match
2.0-131-g3494ac460 Support the sec and usr pkcs12 command on py3
2.0-130-g0edcca7e4 Handle empty string trigger gracefully
2.0-129-ga012a1255 Honor configs_environment in docker containers
2.0-128-gad767bf74 Change for a more generic error message
2.0-127-g6fcb3e5e7 Add kind type to error message
2.0-126-gb566a7a47 Fix erroneous lowercase of DEFAULT section during keyword parsing
2.0-125-g0ecfa36e9 Ensure CLUMGR_DIR is created before returning from function
2.0-124-gfa77b96fd Add advanced routing configuration option to routed_bridge
2.0-123-gff1488638 Fix the resources logger name
2.0-122-gd0a7d57c6 Add cluster manager directory in rpm specfile
2.0-121-gb538b858a Add macaddr keyword in netns resource driver
2.0-120-ga0351b4bd Fix cluster manager download url
2.0-119-g27b8f13b2 Fortify the ccfg class against 'name' kwarg passed
2.0-118-gf5f270584 Factorize rest markup removal code
2.0-117-g1f133d6b7 Update man pages with rest markup removal
2.0-116-ga8513835b Update ManPageFormatter to remove rest markup from man pages
2.0-115-g37bdba606 Update rest markup
2.0-114-g02fa58113 Add sphinx roles to nodedict
2.0-113-gb8084b95b Add sphinx roles to secdict
2.0-112-g14390a2b4 Add sphinx roles to clusterdict
2.0-111-g57ec06298 Add sphinx roles to cfgdict
2.0-110-g3cdefd6c7 Add sphinx roles to svcdict
2.0-109-g1eb1c845b Add usrdict to rst dump script
2.0-108-g2c57e1cb8 Add sphinx roles to usrdict
2.0-107-ge9f504fff Add "delete" to the service_action admin actions list
2.0-106-g3d17f539a Merge branch 'master' of
2.0-103-g8cb3261bd Add missing properties in the keywords dump
2.0-102-g631ecf63a Fix the get_keywords handler for kind!="ccfg"
2.0-101-g97efdf853 Remove unused network[routed_bridge].subnet keyword
2.0-100-g2f881db6c Add 'om node updateclumgr' command
2.0-99-gbe886479e Include cluster manager to packaging scripts
2.0-98-g4f02bf3fa Change to keywords dump format to avoid collision between rtypes
2.0-97-gc1b67f76e Add the keyword types to the keywords dump served by get_keywords
2.0-96-g9c5589311 Add api version
2.0-95-g33ea9c2f8 Add the get_keywords listener handler
2.0-94-gc874693d5 Don't run boot on object kinds other than svc and vol
2.0-94-g3deefcbb0 Unset Node object cd and private_cd after register
2.0-93-g03eb23d5e Lowercase the keyword in the set/unset codepaths
2.0-93-g1b316002f Exit Linux fs resource realdev() early if self.device is None
2.0-92-g1cc1aee32 Move the elapsed computation and print from _wait() to wait()
2.0-91-g201090a24 Fix a cert janitor stack in the scheduler thread
2.0-90-g8fb3ba993 Remove task.task.command duplicate entries in
2.0-89-gfc780667b Merge branch 'master' of
2.0-84-g063d9d3fc Add dedicated class for host tasks
2.0-83-g4ec514196 Remove duplicate disk.disk.size entry from
2.0-82-g28932eaef Fix reST indentation issues
2.0-81-g28c60037a Fix duplicate rst container name
2.0-80-g859eccf8a Optimize the number of _daemon_status() calls
2.0-80-g614f5ccfb Merge duplicate node.connect_to
2.0-79-g417c6329f Remove duplicate brocade password key
2.0-79-g258ea2ac8 Avoid downgrading from OrderedDict to dict on print_config_data()
2.0-78-g238f0fc7d Fix rst duplicate target names
2.0-78-g00a548a0e Avoid sorting json output for ordered dict
2.0-77-gf56a2e6ff Classify EPIPE as retyable in the comm module
2.0-77-g70e3303e6 Fix cluster rst files pointing to service rst examples
2.0-76-gdcb12e17d Use appropriate command line options
2.0-75-g794bd2c29 Add option to display long commit id
2.0-74-ge89a9f9e6 Fix changelog to ensure current repository is used
2.0-73-g728288ae3 Fix a typo in a catched exception name
2.0-72-g1924a6407 Log exceptions in the monitor thread pre-loop codepath
2.0-71-g741fd43fa Search and create last_boot_id in <pathvar>/node/
2.0-70-g73b0f339f Replace a remaining occurence of Svc::svcname with Svc::name
2.0-69-g88ed88023 Py2 encoding fix in the set BaseSvc action
2.0-68-g3d1bba718 Fix encoding error on adding binary data to a cfg
2.0-67-g4a2fbc3f0 Implement a deepcopy method in Storage()
2.0-66-g5755c6d71 Change the internal --to arg name to "to"
2.0-65-g68058f3d0 Move verbose option management in wait() function
2.0-64-g91a9bc771 Add elapsed time to om node wait command
2.0-63-g5c535f34f Fix the h2 request multiplexing for list of nodes
2.0-62-g944f2ce48 Add "slave" and "scale" key to when opportune
2.0-61-g78edb2104 Fix the aes listener socket
2.0-60-g118927e9a Honor the nodes@encapnodes keyword value when set
2.0-59-g37ce5bea5 Retry listener socket bind on in-use errors
2.0-58-g0b801bd52 Add a "synchronous service status eval" after cf fetch
2.0-57-g56dae82f1 om node wait optmization
2.0-56-g3ec511eb0 Return a deepcopy of DAEMON_STATUS on daemon_status()
2.0-55-gf239b3400 Fix a stack in the daemon_status handler codepath
2.0-54-g2b04628e3 Fix scaling of services in the root ns
2.0-53-g3f162a888 Reconfigure the service before refresh the status upon set/edit/...
2.0-52-g97f4d3d4a Fix a pylint error on Node::log lazy masked by Crypt::log attr
2.0-51-g4977e2aca Fix the initLogger arguments in a call from svcBuilder
2.0-50-g1c783b622 Support create from template in the create_multiplex() lsnr method
2.0-49-g7d5bae984 Fix the "om svc1 print config --format json|om svc2 create" pattern
2.0-48-gb049c3782 Use incremental patching in the "om node wait" codepath
2.0-47-g1cf720d41 Fix the service logger log routing
2.0-46-gd24e29589 Support non-namespaced objects in the api handlers router
2.0-45-gbbbe777d7 Fix the disk hb dev keyword value lost on reconfigure
2.0-44-g46dc6df5e Fix comments after line continuation introduced in the previous patch
2.0-43-g83271f482 Fix the pkg type detection for sles15
2.0-42-g5ce3c6309 Use patch-event based updates in svcmon
2.0-41-g7bb7eff5f Add an id to the patch events dataset
2.0-40-g618adb5c0 Fix a spurious error message in the symmetrix driver
2.0-39-gaf377c36d Root patch-kind events to the root of the daemon status structure
2.0-38-g21cc1fdb4 Stop using Storage() in the hb drivers
2.0-37-g4b800a86f Accept the "template" option in the create handler
2.0-36-g462ec26f9 Refuse to create "dummy" service on "svcmgr create --template"
2.0-35-gaf40e7dd0 Preserve the comments in config files
2.0-34-gfc1713d37 Allow create --template to take env customization via stdin
2.0-33-g2e406cb2e Monitor thread fixes
2.0-32-g4f009da0d Avoid a stack on misnamed scaler slaves
2.0-31-g1b4a498d1 Fix calls to collector rest helpers from the Svc class
2.0-30-g0ccdf0fcb Fix information leak on agg service status for ns-limited users
2.0-29-gb4f0c0690 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2.0-27-ge0294441f Classify the collector_cli action as runnable on any node
2.0-27-g37fabdd1a Add new handlers
2.0-26-gd82706e5b Fix a string wildcard substitution pattern in the listener codepath
2.0-25-g83644b702 Update docs, man, completion files
2.0-24-gf26d47d8b Adapt internal and exposed properties to the multi-kind reality
2.0-23-g9021cd4e1 Filter events based on user privs
2.0-22-gb1719fa04 Fix rbac denies of tls/raw connections requests
2.0-21-g770791f04 Add a __str__ method to the ClientHandler class
2.0-20-g954e1551e Check rbac before multiplexing
2.0-19-gc6cad80d9 Stop server-sending the index.css, as it will be bundled in the js
2.0-18-ge019db005 Fix the user_grant() bypass for raw socket protocol
2.0-17-g183c3df21 Add "fullpem" and "pkcs12" actions to sec and usr objects
2.0-16-g67785236e Fix and simplify rbac controls
2.0-15-g72f0d4a4b Add the /whoami api handler
2.0-14-ga09f7e09f Correctly wait for a stream request to finish sending its data before replying
2.0-13-gc22a7b654 Compute the Content-Length header in the client-side (get, post, stream)
2.0-12-gab0bafb5e Avoid short-looping the merge_hb_data on set_smon() always reporting a change
2.0-11-gf10b10906 Fix a pylint harmless error in the lsnr authentication codepath
2.0-10-ge0c61d943 Fix undefined variable uses in the node module
2.0-9-gdbc74c6d7 Fix the daemon_service_action() kwargs in the call from sync.rsync
2.0-8-g34aa14e6e Avoid running "svcmgr status" on init when there are no objects deployed
2.0-7-g396cbf94f Fix py2 compat in osvcd listener
2.0-6-g4a5262681 Catch socket.error from h2_daemon_get:request()
2.0-5-gb18f72ad7 Fix the "om mon --stats" command
2.0-4-gcb1337e5f Add a http/2 listener to the daemon
2.0-3-gf9b854b9d Fix a stack on docker container start when environment has unresolved refs
2.0-2-g09031a6db Define a http/2 unix socket path
2.0-1-gf43683ca6 Add modules to implement a http/2 server and client