Collector evaluation

The evaluation license is accessible at



The provisioning template targets a Linux deployment on a server/cluster meeting the following requirements:

  • Linux kernel >= 3.8
  • 12 GB available in a storage pool
  • sudo rules to execute opensvc agent commands as root
  • docker >= 1.8


The OpenSVC agent must be installed, as the provisioning method exposed here creates a OpenSVC service. This agent does not need to be registered on the collector.

The agent installation instructions are accessible at

Exposing the collector service needs either a dedicated ip address, or a cluster gateway.

Proxies and firewalls

HTTPS access should be allowed for:

  • (registry JWT auth)
  • (evaluation license agreement download, provisioning template)

Docker registry access

The installation procedure requires a account, which is free to create, to pull the collector docker images from because this registry delegates the authentication to

The register form is at

Login to the OpenSVC registry

# sudo docker login
Username: <your collector login>
Password: <your collector password>


# sudo docker search
INDEX         NAME                                            DESCRIPTION   STARS     OFFICIAL   AUTOMATED                     0                  0                  0                 0


# om eval/svc/collector deploy --config

The database still bootstraps for a few minutes after this command exits. An error page can be displayed in the browser while this bootstrap runs.

First steps

The default administrator account is root@localhost.localdomain with the opensvc password.

You can now:

  • register the agent on this collector, using instructions at
  • changes default passwords.
  • add new users, remove the default admin user
  • import compliance designs
  • import provisioning templates
  • provision a docker private registry service delegating auth to this new collector.
  • provision a PowerDNS service serving the collector-maintained zones.

Enjoy the experience, and send feedback to

Contact for meetings, support, training, production licenses.

End of evaluation

Clean up the service and data volume using the command

# om 'eval/*/collector' purge