Configs are key/value stores, replicated on all cluster nodes, and with values unencrypted.

  • The configs object kind is cfg

  • A secret belongs to a namespace.

  • Only services in the same namespace can use the config keys.

  • A config can be used by multiple services

  • Config key values can be projected in app or container resources environment

  • Config key values can be projected as file content in volumes in the same namespace.

  • Config key values can be empty, text or binary

  • Config key values can be decoded for inspection

  • Config key names can contain path separators and installed recursively

Create a Config


om test/cfg/cfg1 create

Add Keys

From Value

om test/cfg/cfg1 add --key max_fds --value 100000

From Stdin

cat /etc/hosts | om test/cfg/cfg1 add --key hosts_from_stdin --from -
cat /bin/ls    | om test/cfg/cfg1 add --key ls_from_stdin    --from -

From File


om test/cfg/cfg1 add –key hosts_from_file –from /etc/hosts om test/cfg/cfg1 add –key ls_from_file –from /bin/ls

From a File Tree


mkdir /tmp/head /tmp/head/a /tmp/head/b touch /tmp/head/a/alex /tmp/head/b/bob

The head can be named:

om test/cfg/cfg1 add --key tree  --from /tmp/head
  config key 'tree/b/bob' added (166)
  config key 'tree/a/alex' added (166)

Or left as-is:

om test/cfg/cfg1 add --from /tmp/head
  config key 'head/b/bob' added (166)
  config key 'head/a/alex' added (166)

From a Remote Location


om test/cfg/cfg1 add –key logo –from

Listing Keys

om test/cfg/cfg1 keys

Decode Keys

om test/cfg/cfg1 decode --key key1
om test/cfg/cfg1 decode --key key3 > /tmp/ls

Update Keys

Just re-add the key.

om test/cfg/cfg1 add --key key1 --value newval1

Delete Keys

om test/cfg/cfg1 delete --key key5

Delete Config

om test/cfg/cfg1 delete

All keys are lost when deleting a config. This action is orchestrated, asynchronous, and the config is deleted from all cluster nodes.

Project Config Keys in App Environment


start = /bin/true
configs_environment = MAX_FDS=cfg1/max_fds

Project Config Keys in Container Environment


image = postgres
volume_mounts = {name}/data:/var/lib/postgresql/data
configs_environment = MAX_FDS=cfg1/max_fds
rm = true
shared = true

Project Config Keys in Container Filesystem


type = shm
name = {name}-configs
configs = cfg1/max_fds:/

image = postgres
volume_mounts = {name}/data:/var/lib/postgresql/data
rm = true
shared = true