Agent Cluster Configuration

Upon agent installation, the node is considered part of its own 1-node cluster.

A cluster.secret is auto-generated. And the default "default" is set.

Bootstrap a new cluster

If the node joins an existing cluster, skip this section.

Add Heartbeats

On a new cluster, the heartbeats configuration need to be applied only on the first node. The joining nodes will fetch this configuration from this joined node.

For example, the simplest heartbeat configuration would be

sudo nodemgr set --param hb#1.type --value unicast

Display the result

sudo svcmon

See also

Agent Heartbeats

Join a Cluster

The joining node can choose to join any of the cluster node already joined.

On the joined node node1

sudo nodemgr get --param cluster.secret

On the joining node node2

sudo nodemgr daemon join --secret <secret> --node node1


  • If the node was frozen before the join, it is left frozen after the join.
  • If the node was not frozen before the join, the join process freezes it. If the join is successful, the node is thawed. If not, the node is left frozen.