drbd storage driver


Drbd is a Linux kernel driver presenting shared block devices from pairs of local block devices. Replication data goes over the network and can be synchronous ou near-synchronous. It supports the active-active or active-passive operation modes. The former being a prerequisite for cluster filesystem.

OpenSVC does not configure the drbd framework. It just handles the actions needed upon service 'start' and 'stop'.

Node configuration

The drbd resource configuration is expected to reside in /etc/drbd.d/$res.res.

If a vg is layered above drbd, a specific LVM configuration is recommended (link)

Set write_cache_state = 0 in /etc/lvm/lvm.conf
Remove /etc/lvm/cache/.cache

Files contributed to sync#i0


This file is thus replicated from the node running the service to the other nodes and drpnodes.

Command set

The drbd driver is a member of the 'disk group' class.


Promote to 'primary' state


Demote to 'secondary' state


In this example the service drives an OpenVZ container installed in a filesystem (fs#1) build on a drbd (drbd#1, resource name 'data'). OpenSVC Also handles the svc/etc/init.d/foo start-up script inside the vz container.


root@deb1:/# om drbdsvc.opensvc.com start
DRBD#0  INFO    drbd resource data is already up
DRBD#0  INFO    drbdadm primary data
FS#1    INFO    e2fsck -p /dev/drbd0
FS#1    INFO    output:
/dev/drbd0: clean, 27663/131072 files, 161431/524263 blocks

FS#1    INFO    mount -t ext3 -o defaults /dev/drbd0 /drbdsvc
VZ      INFO    vzctl start 101
VZ      INFO    output:
Starting container ...
Container is mounted
Adding IP address(es):
Setting CPU units: 1000
Set hostname: drbdsvc.opensvc.com
Container start in progress...

VZ      INFO    wait for container up status
VZ      INFO    wait for container operational
APP     INFO    spawn: vzctl exec 101 /svc/etc/init.d/S10foo start
APP     INFO    start done in 0:00:00.068714 - ret 0 - logs in /var/tmp/opensvc/svc_drbdsvc.opensvc.com_S10foo.log


APP     INFO    spawn: vzctl exec 101 /svc/etc/init.d/K90foo stop
APP     INFO    stop done in 0:00:00.039901 - ret 0 - logs in /var/tmp/opensvc/svc_drbdsvc.opensvc.com_K90foo.log
VZ      INFO    vzctl stop 101
VZ      INFO    output:
Stopping container ...
Container was stopped
Container is unmounted

VZ      INFO    wait for container down status
FS#1    INFO    umount /drbdsvc
DRBD#0  INFO    drbd resource data is already up
DRBD#0  INFO    drbdadm secondary data