The daemons now announce their “compat version” through the heartbeats.

If a daemon notices the cluster members have different compat versions, it disables ha orchestration.

This is what happens during a rolling agent upgrade.

In this case, the logs contain this warning

cluster members run incompatible versions. disable ha orchestration

A orchestrate=ha service instance print status shows:

ha1                         warn       incompatible versions
`- aubergine                up         idle, started
   |- ip#0           ...... up
   |- ip#1           M....S stdby up

And svcmon shows:

Nodes                                  aubergine nuc
 15m                                 | 0.4       0.1
 compat    warn                      | 2         1
 state                               |

When the compat is restored, the logs contain this info

cluster members run compatible versions. enable ha orchestration