2.0-124-gfa77b96f Add advanced routing configuration option to routed_bridge
2.0-123-gff148863 Fix the resources logger name
2.0-122-gd0a7d57c Add cluster manager directory in rpm specfile
2.0-121-gb538b858 Add macaddr keyword in netns resource driver
2.0-120-ga0351b4b Fix cluster manager download url
2.0-119-g27b8f13b Fortify the ccfg class against 'name' kwarg passed
2.0-118-gf5f27058 Factorize rest markup removal code
2.0-117-g1f133d6b Update man pages with rest markup removal
2.0-116-ga8513835 Update ManPageFormatter to remove rest markup from man pages
2.0-115-g37bdba60 Update rest markup
2.0-114-g02fa5811 Add sphinx roles to nodedict
2.0-113-gb8084b95 Add sphinx roles to secdict
2.0-112-g14390a2b Add sphinx roles to clusterdict
2.0-111-g57ec0629 Add sphinx roles to cfgdict
2.0-110-g3cdefd6c Add sphinx roles to svcdict
2.0-109-g1eb1c845 Add usrdict to rst dump script
2.0-108-g2c57e1cb Add sphinx roles to usrdict
2.0-107-ge9f504ff Add "delete" to the service_action admin actions list
2.0-106-g3d17f539 Merge branch 'master' of
2.0-103-g8cb3261b Add missing properties in the keywords dump
2.0-102-g631ecf63 Fix the get_keywords handler for kind!="ccfg"
2.0-101-g97efdf85 Remove unused network[routed_bridge].subnet keyword
2.0-100-g2f881db6 Add 'om node updateclumgr' command
2.0-99-gbe886479 Include cluster manager to packaging scripts
2.0-98-g4f02bf3f Change to keywords dump format to avoid collision between rtypes
2.0-97-gc1b67f76 Add the keyword types to the keywords dump served by get_keywords
2.0-96-g9c558931 Add api version
2.0-95-g33ea9c2f Add the get_keywords listener handler
2.0-94-gc874693d Don't run boot on object kinds other than svc and vol
2.0-94-g3deefcbb Unset Node object cd and private_cd after register
2.0-93-g03eb23d5 Lowercase the keyword in the set/unset codepaths
2.0-93-g1b316002 Exit Linux fs resource realdev() early if self.device is None
2.0-92-g1cc1aee3 Move the elapsed computation and print from _wait() to wait()
2.0-91-g201090a2 Fix a cert janitor stack in the scheduler thread
2.0-90-g8fb3ba99 Remove task.task.command duplicate entries in
2.0-89-gfc780667 Merge branch 'master' of
2.0-84-g063d9d3f Add dedicated class for host tasks
2.0-83-g4ec51419 Remove duplicate disk.disk.size entry from
2.0-82-g28932eae Fix reST indentation issues
2.0-81-g28c60037 Fix duplicate rst container name
2.0-80-g859eccf8 Optimize the number of _daemon_status() calls
2.0-80-g614f5ccf Merge duplicate node.connect_to
2.0-79-g417c6329 Remove duplicate brocade password key
2.0-79-g258ea2ac Avoid downgrading from OrderedDict to dict on print_config_data()
2.0-78-g238f0fc7 Fix rst duplicate target names
2.0-78-g00a548a0 Avoid sorting json output for ordered dict
2.0-77-gf56a2e6f Classify EPIPE as retyable in the comm module
2.0-77-g70e3303e Fix cluster rst files pointing to service rst examples
2.0-76-gdcb12e17 Use appropriate command line options
2.0-75-g794bd2c2 Add option to display long commit id
2.0-74-ge89a9f9e Fix changelog to ensure current repository is used
2.0-73-g728288ae Fix a typo in a catched exception name
2.0-72-g1924a640 Log exceptions in the monitor thread pre-loop codepath
2.0-71-g741fd43f Search and create last_boot_id in <pathvar>/node/
2.0-70-g73b0f339 Replace a remaining occurence of Svc::svcname with Svc::name
2.0-69-g88ed8802 Py2 encoding fix in the set BaseSvc action
2.0-68-g3d1bba71 Fix encoding error on adding binary data to a cfg
2.0-67-g4a2fbc3f Implement a deepcopy method in Storage()
2.0-66-g5755c6d7 Change the internal --to arg name to "to"
2.0-65-g68058f3d Move verbose option management in wait() function
2.0-64-g91a9bc77 Add elapsed time to om node wait command
2.0-63-g5c535f34 Fix the h2 request multiplexing for list of nodes
2.0-62-g944f2ce4 Add "slave" and "scale" key to when opportune
2.0-61-g78edb210 Fix the aes listener socket
2.0-60-g118927e9 Honor the nodes@encapnodes keyword value when set
2.0-59-g37ce5bea Retry listener socket bind on in-use errors
2.0-58-g0b801bd5 Add a "synchronous service status eval" after cf fetch
2.0-57-g56dae82f om node wait optmization
2.0-56-g3ec511eb Return a deepcopy of DAEMON_STATUS on daemon_status()
2.0-55-gf239b340 Fix a stack in the daemon_status handler codepath
2.0-54-g2b04628e Fix scaling of services in the root ns
2.0-53-g3f162a88 Reconfigure the service before refresh the status upon set/edit/...
2.0-52-g97f4d3d4 Fix a pylint error on Node::log lazy masked by Crypt::log attr
2.0-51-g4977e2ac Fix the initLogger arguments in a call from svcBuilder
2.0-50-g1c783b62 Support create from template in the create_multiplex() lsnr method
2.0-49-g7d5bae98 Fix the "om svc1 print config --format json|om svc2 create" pattern
2.0-48-gb049c378 Use incremental patching in the "om node wait" codepath
2.0-47-g1cf720d4 Fix the service logger log routing
2.0-46-gd24e2958 Support non-namespaced objects in the api handlers router
2.0-45-gbbbe777d Fix the disk hb dev keyword value lost on reconfigure
2.0-44-g46dc6df5 Fix comments after line continuation introduced in the previous patch
2.0-43-g83271f48 Fix the pkg type detection for sles15
2.0-42-g5ce3c630 Use patch-event based updates in svcmon
2.0-41-g7bb7eff5 Add an id to the patch events dataset
2.0-40-g618adb5c Fix a spurious error message in the symmetrix driver
2.0-39-gaf377c36 Root patch-kind events to the root of the daemon status structure
2.0-38-g21cc1fdb Stop using Storage() in the hb drivers
2.0-37-g4b800a86 Accept the "template" option in the create handler
2.0-36-g462ec26f Refuse to create "dummy" service on "svcmgr create --template"
2.0-35-gaf40e7dd Preserve the comments in config files
2.0-34-gfc1713d3 Allow create --template to take env customization via stdin
2.0-33-g2e406cb2 Monitor thread fixes
2.0-32-g4f009da0 Avoid a stack on misnamed scaler slaves
2.0-31-g1b4a498d Fix calls to collector rest helpers from the Svc class
2.0-30-g0ccdf0fc Fix information leak on agg service status for ns-limited users
2.0-29-gb4f0c069 Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2.0-27-ge0294441 Classify the collector_cli action as runnable on any node
2.0-27-g37fabdd1 Add new handlers
2.0-26-gd82706e5 Fix a string wildcard substitution pattern in the listener codepath
2.0-25-g83644b70 Update docs, man, completion files
2.0-24-gf26d47d8 Adapt internal and exposed properties to the multi-kind reality
2.0-23-g9021cd4e Filter events based on user privs
2.0-22-gb1719fa0 Fix rbac denies of tls/raw connections requests
2.0-21-g770791f0 Add a __str__ method to the ClientHandler class
2.0-20-g954e1551 Check rbac before multiplexing
2.0-19-gc6cad80d Stop server-sending the index.css, as it will be bundled in the js
2.0-18-ge019db00 Fix the user_grant() bypass for raw socket protocol
2.0-17-g183c3df2 Add "fullpem" and "pkcs12" actions to sec and usr objects
2.0-16-g67785236 Fix and simplify rbac controls
2.0-15-g72f0d4a4 Add the /whoami api handler
2.0-14-ga09f7e09 Correctly wait for a stream request to finish sending its data before replying
2.0-13-gc22a7b65 Compute the Content-Length header in the client-side (get, post, stream)
2.0-12-gab0bafb5 Avoid short-looping the merge_hb_data on set_smon() always reporting a change
2.0-11-gf10b1090 Fix a pylint harmless error in the lsnr authentication codepath
2.0-10-ge0c61d94 Fix undefined variable uses in the node module
2.0-9-gdbc74c6d Fix the daemon_service_action() kwargs in the call from sync.rsync
2.0-8-g34aa14e6 Avoid running "svcmgr status" on init when there are no objects deployed
2.0-7-g396cbf94 Fix py2 compat in osvcd listener
2.0-6-g4a526268 Catch socket.error from h2_daemon_get:request()
2.0-5-gb18f72ad Fix the "om mon --stats" command
2.0-4-gcb1337e5 Add a http/2 listener to the daemon
2.0-3-gf9b854b9 Fix a stack on docker container start when environment has unresolved refs
2.0-2-g09031a6d Define a http/2 unix socket path
2.0-1-gf43683ca Add modules to implement a http/2 server and client