Release Notes

Internal changes

  • The agent source is now organized as a "opensvc" python package.
  • The om commands can be run using python -m opensvc <args>.
  • The daemon is launched using python -m opensvc.daemon.
  • Support out-of-tree drivers. They are looked up in a site-opensvc package installed in sys.path.
  • status.json and object configuration files are no long overwriten (write in a tempfile and atomic rename).
  • Provisioning code is now merged in the resource drivers, instead of in a separate file.
  • Move the resource drivers keyword definitions to the driver file.
  • On object build, prepare resource driver class arguments using only the keyword dictionnary.
  • Use pytest instead of nose for unit testing.
  • Discover available API handlers instead of hardcoding the list.
  • Allow drivers to register their own api handlers.

Policy changes

  • Python 2.6 is no longer supported as an interpreter.
  • Set pr status to n/a instead of undef when the resource handles no disks.
  • Report n/a for disk.raw devices with no evaluated devs.
  • Serialize volume creation cluster-wide.

New Features

  • Automatically reinstall files projected from cfg/sec keys into volumes upon content changes.
  • Support piping ini-format configuration files to om create.
  • Support om create --config <uri to json content>.
  • Auto provision disk.loop resources when hosted on shm.
  • Add the GET /object_status API handler.
  • Add --confirm to the run action.
  • Add user/group/perm/dirperm keywords to the volume resource driver.
  • Support the enter action on container.lxc resources.
  • Add a provisioner.
  • Add node capabilities detection on daemon startup.
  • Allow edit and edit --key on usr objects.
  • Add a provisioner to the disk.drbd driver.
  • Support drbd9 connection mesh and multi-slave.
  • Support volume path translation in app resource keywords.
  • Add the app.retcodes keyword.
  • Add a --format compact option to om mon, for clusters with many nodes.
  • Add a cluster.default_mon_format node/cluster keyword to define om mon default format to compact by default.
  • Display the daemon init progress in om mon.
  • Support ubuntu 20.04 CNI location.
  • Dump daemon threads stack on SIGUSR1.
  • Support piping binary data to om <sec> add --key <key> --from -`.

New Drivers

  • drbd pool

New Commands

om node drain

Agent Migration

Live migration from 2.0 to 2.1 requires no particular precaution.