Rosetta Stone


OpenSVC Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) PowerHA (HACMP)
nodemgr daemon start hastart clstart
nodemgr daemon stop hastop clstop
svcmon hastatus clstat
nodemgr daemon join hasys -add  
nodemgr daemon leave hasys -delete  
nodemgr freeze hasys -freeze  
nodemgr thaw hasys -unfreeze  
svcmgr -s <svcname> create hagrp -add  
svcmgr -s <svcname> delete hagrp -delete  
svcmgr ls hagrp -list cllsgrp
<svcname> start hagrp -online <group> clRGmove -g <RG> -n <node> -u
<svcname> stop hagrp -offline <group> clRGmove -g <RG> -n <node> -d
<svcname> switch --to <node> hagrp -switch <group> <sys> clRGmove -s <RG> -n <node> -m
<svcname> freeze hagrp -freeze <group>  
<svcname> thaw hagrp -unfreeze <group>  
<svcname> start --rid <res> hares -online <res>  
<svcname> stop --rid <res> hares -offline <res>  


Creating Objects

OpenSVC Kubernetes
Creating Objects
svcmgr -s <svc> create --config <cf> kubectl create -f ./my-manifest.yaml
cat <cf> | svcmgr -s <svc> create cat <cf> | kubectl create -f -
nodemgr collector cli -- safe --upload --file <f> --name mysecret kubectl create -f secret.yml
Viewing and Finding
svcmgr ls kubectl get services
svcmgr ls -s container.type=docker kubectl get pods -o jsonpath=...
svcmgr -s <svc> print config --format json kubectl describe svc <svc>
svcmgr -s <svc> set --kw ip#0.expose=80:8080/tcp kubectl expose rc nginx --port=80 --target-port=8000
svcmgr -s <svc> set --kw env.icon_url= kubectl annotate pods my-pod icon-url=
svcmgr -s <svc> get container#0.run_image | sed 's/(.*):.*$/1:v4/' | xargs svcmgr -s <svc> set --kw container#0.run_image kubectl get pod mypod -o yaml sed 's/(image: myimage):.*$/1:v4/' kubectl replace -f -
svcmgr -s <svc> edit config kubectl edit svc/docker-registry
svcmgr -s foo scale --to 3 kubectl scale --replicas=3 rs/foo
svcmgr -s foo,bar scale --to 3 kubectl scale --replicas=3 rs/foo rs/bar
svcmgr -s foo,baz delete --unprovision # set unprovision=false to resources that should # persist (example: data) kubectl delete pod,service baz foo --all
svcmgr -s delete --unprovision kubectl delete pods,services -l name=myLabel
Interacting with Resources
svcmgr -s foo logs svcmgr -s foo logs --local kubectl logs my-pod
svcmgr -s foo -f logs kubectl logs -f my-pod
svcmgr -s foo docker run -it busybox sh kubectl run -i --tty busybox --image=busybox -- sh
svcmgr -s foo docker attach -i {container#1} kubectl attach my-pod -i
svcmgr -s foo docker exec {container#1} ls / kubectl exec my-pod -c my-container -- ls /
Interacting with Nodes and Cluster
nodemgr freeze --local nodemgr freeze --node my-node kubectl cordon my-node
svcmgr -s '*' stop kubectl drain my-node
nodemgr thaw --local nodemgr thaw --node my-node kubectl uncordon my-node
nodemgr daemon status --format json kubectl cluster-info dump
nodemgr set --kw env.dedicated=special_user # plus constraints in services kubectl taint nodes foo dedicated=special-user:NoSchedule