Verify file content. Alert if a pattern is present but never fix. The variable format is json-serialized.

Example rule

    "path": "/some/path/to/file",
    "com": "comment to correct manualy",
    "check": "some pattern into the file"

Form definition

Desc: |
  A fileinccom rule, fed to the 'fileinc' compliance object to verify a line matching the 'check' regular expression is present in the specified file.
Css: comp48

    Dest: compliance variable
    Class: fileinccom
    Type: json
    Format: dict

    Id: path
    Label: Path
    DisplayModeLabel: path
    LabelCss: hd16
    Mandatory: Yes
    Help: File path to search the matching line into.
    Type: string

    Id: check
    Label: Check regexp
    DisplayModeLabel: check
    LabelCss: action16
    Mandatory: Yes
    Help: A regular expression. Matching the regular expression is sufficent to grant compliancy.
    Type: string

    Id: com
    Label: Comment
    DisplayModeLabel: com
    LabelCss: action16
    Help: Give indications to fix manualy.
    Type: string