• Setup and verify the Linux native multipath configuration

Example rule

        "value": 20,
        "key": "defaults.polling_interval",
        "op": ">="
        "value": "alua",
        "key": "device.{HP}.{HSV210.*}.prio",
        "op": "="
        "value": 600600000001,
        "key": "blacklist.wwid",
        "op": "="

Form definition

Desc: |
  A rule to set a list of Linux multipath.conf parameters. Current values can be checked as strictly equal, or superior/inferior to their target value.
    Dest: compliance variable
    Type: json
    Format: list of dict
    Class: linux_mpath
    Id: key
    Label: Key
    DisplayModeTrim: 64
    DisplayModeLabel: key
    LabelCss: action16
    Mandatory: Yes
    Type: string
    Help: >
     The multipath.conf parameter to check.
     ex: defaults.polling_interval or
         device.device.{HP}.{HSV210.*} or
         multipaths.multipath.6006000000000000 or
         blacklist.wwid or
    Id: op
    Label: Comparison operator
    DisplayModeLabel: op
    LabelCss: action16
    Mandatory: Yes
    Type: string
    Default: "="
      - "="
      - ">"
      - ">="
      - "<"
      - "<="
    Help: The comparison operator to use to check the parameter current value.
    Id: value
    Label: Value
    DisplayModeLabel: value
    LabelCss: action16
    Mandatory: Yes
    Type: string or integer
    Help: The multipath.conf parameter target value.