• Verify a local system group configuration
  • A minus (-) prefix to the group name indicates the user should not exist

Example rule

    "tibco1": {
        "members": [
    "tibco": {
        "members": [

Form definition

Desc: |
  A rule defining a list of Unix groups and their user membership. The referenced users and groups must exist.
Css: comp48

    Dest: compliance variable
    Type: json
    Format: dict of dict
    Key: group
    EmbedKey: No
    Class: group_membership
    Id: group
    Label: Group name
    DisplayModeLabel: group
    LabelCss: guys16
    Mandatory: Yes
    Type: string
    Help: The Unix group name.
    Id: members
    Label: Group members
    DisplayModeLabel: members
    LabelCss: guy16
    Type: list of string
    Help: A comma-separed list of Unix user names members of this group.