• Checks timedatectl settings
  • Module need to be called with the exposed target settings as variable (timedatectl.py OSVC_COMP_TIMEDATECTL_1 check)

Example rule

    "timezone": "Europe/Paris",
    "ntpenabled": "no"

Form definition

Desc: |
  A timedatectl rule, fed to the 'timedatectl' compliance object to setup rhel/centos7+ timezone/ntp.
Css: comp48

    Dest: compliance variable
    Class: timedatectl
    Type: json
    Format: dict

    Id: timezone
    Label: Timezone
    DisplayModeLabel: timezone
    LabelCss: action16
    Mandatory: No
    Help: 'The timezone name, as listed by "timedatectl list-timezones" command. Example: Europe/Paris'
    Type: string

    Id: ntpenabled
    Label: NTP Enabled
    DisplayModeLabel: ntpenabled
    LabelCss: time16
    Mandatory: No
    Default: "yes"
      - "yes"
      - "no"
    Help: "Specify yes or no, to request enabling or disabling the chronyd time service, driven through timedatectl command."
    Type: string