• Setup and verify a xinetd service configuration

Example rule

    "gssftp": {
        "server_args": "-l -a -u 022",
        "disable": "no"

Form definition

Desc: |
  A rule defining how a xinetd service should be configured

    Id: xinetdsvc
    Label: Service Name
    DisplayModeLabel: service
    LabelCss: action16
    Mandatory: Yes
    Help: The xinetd service name, ie the service file name in /etc/xinetd.d/
    Type: string
    Id: disable
    Label: Disable
    DisplayModeLabel: Disable
    LabelCss: action16
    Help: Defines if the xinetd service target state is enabled or disabled
    Type: string
    Default: yes
      - "yes"
      - "no"
    Id: server_args
    Label: Server Args
    DisplayModeLabel: args
    LabelCss: action16
    Help: Command line parameter to pass to the service's server executable
    Type: string